Where to Buy Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad

With the temperature already dipping to freezing levels, we must keep ourselves warm to survive the winter. There are plenty of things that become quintessential for winters like blankets, hot drinks, soups, and more. But there’s one more thing that doesn’t get the credit as much as it does. We’re talking about heated mattress pads. Heated mattress pads are one of the best things you could opt for in winters. They’re designed like comforters that can be used to cover your body throughout the night. The heated pad will stay heated for the entire night and will keep you warm while you sleep. Heated pads are available through different modes and platforms. You can easily get them to help you snare away from the chilly winter. We will here take a look at the twin XL heated mattress pad variant and see where you can find them. Read along. 

Where To Buy Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad?

Heated mattress pads come in different shapes and sizes of which Twin XL pads are one variant. It is designed for the twin XL mattress which comes with a dimension of 38” x 80”. These pads come with the same dimension or in some cases with a dimension of 39” width too so that they snuggly fit. The twin XL heated mattress pads are perfect for anyone with a twin XL mattress. These heating pads are available via both online and offline ways. For online, you can easily look for e-commerce websites and even the websites of the manufacturing companies to find them. Or else you can simply visit the stores and get them via offline mode. But that’s the place where you can buy, but which brands should you focus on while buying the mattress heating pad? We’ll answer that down below. 

Top 5 Brands of Heated Mattress Pad

There are plenty of brands offering heated mattress pads and it can often get quite confusing filtering out the best among them. The stakes for the best tag is not merely a ranking but a bonafide stance of their quality product, offering, service, and more. That’s how the brands earn their money. So we did a bit of profiling of our own to find out the best brands in the market and came up with a list. Here’s the list for you. We will further brief you about these brands down below. 

#1. Sunbeam 

Sunbeam is one of the best brands for heated mattress pads in America. Their product lines are something that speaks of quality offerings with superior performance to their counterparts. That’s a reason why they always seem to occupy the top spot in the rankings. Their heating pads come in cotton build and features over 10 different heat settings. It has ThermoFine technology that keeps the pad at a consistent heat for the entire night. It comes with an automatic switch-off feature after 10 hours which is great since you end up sleeping with the pad still on. They offer their product via both online and offline mode and club their product with 5 years of warranty. Check out sunbeam heated mattress pad reviews by expert

#2. SoftHeat

This is another of the top-ranked brands in the market when it comes to heating mattress pads. It offers quality products that are much loved by the customers. Their product offerings are loaded with features like intensity level controller, 10 different settings, and more. It offers its product in a polyester and cotton mix. Their heating pads come with zero per cent electromagnetic radiation emission. Just like the one from Sunbeam they also offer the automatic cut-off option after 10 hours. You can find these pads easily in your supermarket and stores and can also purchase them via online platforms. 

#3. Serta

Our third pick in the list is Serta with one of the top sales numbers among the heating pads. They have quite a good variety of options under their hood and are known for their great quality. Their mattress pads come with 80% polyester and 20% cotton combination for better heat retention. It also has 10 settings controller for heat and temperature. The pads have automatic switching off of the power button after 10 hours of usage. It has zero electromagnetic radiation and also offers a dimming feature that decreases the intensity of the heat gradually over time. Check out serta heated mattress pad reviews by expert

#4. Biddeford

Now at fourth place in our list is Biddeford with their mattress heating pad offerings. Their mattress heating pads constitute a high-quality polyester build that allows the pads to retain their shelf life for a long period. They have options like heat retention, automatic power-off buttons, and more in the heating pads. They offer their products with a bag so that you can store the pads when not in use. They have a policy of 5 years of warranty for the heating pads.

#5. Beautyrest

Now closing our list of best mattress heating pad brands is Beautyrest. They have been a known name in the industry for years due to their standard product measures. Their products come in 100% polyester build and have great heat retention levels. It has 5 different settings that allow for the heat to adjust. It comes with automatic switching off after 10 hours of use. They are easily available across for buyers.  Mattress heating pads are one of the quintessential things for winter and with so many great options around, it’s always great. You can easily find your best-suited twin XL heated mattress pad with ease from these aforementioned brands. 

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