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#1 Classic Brands #2 Zinus #3 Furniture Cove
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Sound sleep is a part of good health and it is very essential. Lack of sleep can cause major and minor diseases. And your sleep mainly depends on the type of mattresses you sleep and also types of bunkie boards that you use.  The mattress that you use irrespective of its size and type the support the mattress gets from the bunkie board always offers you a comfortable sound sleep. As the mattresses are of different sizes so are the mattress support boards.  As the mattresses are needed to fit the size of the wooden box, similarly, the mattress support boards are needed to fit the mattress sizes.

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The uneven mattress with a visible sag or weak spots can be repaired depending on the depth and size of the sag. The foam planks are used to fix the uncomfortable sags in the bed and restore the beauty and comfort back into the mattress. Replacing the saggy mattress is very costly and but mattress support board can be easily replaced at a reasonable cost. The mattress support board fit easily between the box springs and the mattress. It allows the padding to the mattress and brings the firmness back into the spoiled mattress. there is a choice for you to choose the best and highly popular product to choose from the market, once you make your mind. Below are the 10 Bunkie Boards that you can find online.

#1. Classic Brand Solid Wood Bunkie Board

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The mattress helper board looks firm and remains long durable and it can easily bring changes into an old, warn-out and saggy mattress and turns it into the soft mattress with no sagging areas. The use of high-density foam and the solid wooden board can become highly effective when dealing with mattresses having saggy patches all over. The mattress remains stronger and doesn’t bend even under heavyweight and remains in proper shape.  The lightweight wooden board are easily washable and are waterproof. Instead of buying a new mattress, you can try using the mattress helper board by placing it under the mattress for better results.

The wooden board are easy to use and can make the bed comfortable to have sound sleep at night and to overcome the back pain completely.  The company offers one year warranty on the product which brings a positive change in life. It is a wonderful product that one should try to get rid of all the mattress issues.


  • It makes Sagging mattress comfortable for a nice long sleep.
  • Easily to handle and to keep it clean.
  • It offers one year warranty.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t fit exactly and needs to adjust while using.

#2. The Furniture Cove Bed Slats Bunkie Board

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For a mattress which is full of uncomfortable sags and having an uneven thickness. The furniture cove made of strong solid wood which gets adjusted under your mattress. The slats need to be placed in between you’re the mattress and the box spring or the Bunkie board. The mattress generally sags on one side. The bed requires more padding under the damaged area of the mattress. Instead of buying a new mattress which is expensive, you can save money by getting the support of wood slats and allows it to restore the sagging mattress easily. It is a cost-effective solution and very effective for a longer duration of time. 

The military-grade highly useful foam is the best when used under the mattress which makes your bed comfortable and flat. You can sleep over the mattress for a long time and have undisturbed sleep. The foam remains soft but firm and remains clean and do not deteriorate. It always gives you a feel of the brand new mattress, whenever you sit or sleep over it.


  • Remains firm underweight for a long time.
  • Does not deteriorate after longer usage.
  • Reduces back pain completely.


  • It needs to be firm to hold the mattress well.

#3. Zinus Mattress Support Bunkie Board

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The sagging mattress can be treated effectively with the help of a heavy-duty folding bed board. The strong and firm bed board provide comfort and offer complete rest during the night.  Make use of the folding board and place them properly under your sagging mattress. Before you think of buying a new mattress, try the most useful and highly effective bed board that will bring a better change in your life. Even when you find the saggy mattress giving you backaches, the use of folding board will definitely reduce your back pain in a short time.

The soft-touch plyboard which is firm and lightweight can be easily placed between the mattress and the sturdy box springs. It removes the thick patches of saggy areas of the mattress and makes the mattress look soft and smooth, ready to have a nice long sleep. The board is waterproof and it is easy to use and easy to clean.  


  • The waterproof board are easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • It is made up of high quality, lightweight material.
  • Reduces saggy areas of mattress to make it soft.


  • Sometimes it moves when placed under the mattress.

#4. SagsAway Ultimate Bed Bunkie Board

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The mattress with advanced technology is mainly designed to get the worn-out and saggy mattress into a better design by giving the original look and feel. The mattress gets firm and looks brand new. The support board helps in fixing the sagging mattress and offer firm support which relieves back pain. The mattress is medically approved and doctors refer the mattress for any health issues regarding back pain.

The mattress support remains firm even after using it for a long time. The uppermost layer of the mattress is soft and remains sag-less even under the huge weight.  The mattress restores the firmness of the mattress and increases the productivity of the mattress. You will enjoy sleeping over the mattress, turning and tossing while enjoying the softness of the bed. In order to use the mattress s effectively, make use of the firm soft and spongy mattress by placing the mattress board exactly under the saggy area.


  • The brick shape supports the mattress to fit properly.
  • It is easy to wipe and clean. 
  • Medically approved for health issues.


  • It supports box spring mattress and not platform bed frames.

#5. DMI Folding Bunkie Bed Board for Mattress Support

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You can save your money, while you repair your costly bed furniture with the help of cushion support which can be easily used while restoring the damaged furniture. The firmness of the seat can be installed by fitting the bed in proper position with the help of engineered wood board. DMI Folding Bunkie has offered many useful products such as table pad products, chair eat protectors, various items of furniture which are of high quality, long durable and trusted brands. The old sofa can be repaired at a lower cost along with many other parts of the old and dented furniture. 

The products of superior quality which are having vinyl covering are highly preferred. The customers find complete satisfaction when all the damaged parts of furniture not only got repaired but looked perfect with a brand new look. The high-quality bunkie board also support the sagging mattress and turn them into well-polished stuff that everyone appreciates.  


  • High quality, long durable and trusted brand
  • Restores swagging mattress easily.
  • Available in various parts which is taken care of many problems.

#6. Zinus Gulzar Metal Bunkie Board


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Zinus is a renowned brand for making bed frames, sofas, and boxes with easy assembling features. The products of this brand provide high relaxation to people. You can sleep comfortably on the bed frames and sofas designed by Zinus. This Bunkie board is made of steel material and can offer long-lasting performance. It is a slim cum sturdy Bunkie board for supporting your mattresses. By using this Bunkie board, you can keep your mattresses at the correct position and experience high-quality sleep. It has a non-slip surface so that your mattresses won’t move on the bed. If you find your mattress out of its position every morning, then this Bunkie board is a must-buy product for you. With this Bunkie board, you can have an improved lifestyle. 

It is a 1.6 inches Bunkie board from Zinus to hold memory foam, spring as well as hybrid mattresses conveniently. Because of premium quality steel construction, this mattress support board can offer high durability. This Bunkie board also has a quick lock design to allow you to assemble it effortlessly. This mattress support board is available in multiple sizes. You can use this Bunkie board with day beds, bunk beds, and sit-in platform beds. Because of the compact size, this Bunkie board can fit in small places conveniently. If you need permanent support for your mattress, then the Zinus Gulazar Bunkie board is the perfect option for you. With a sleek design, this mattress support board can make your lifestyle simple. 


  • The Zinus Bunkie board has a quick lock design for easy assembling.
  • This mattress support board comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It can provide maximum support to your mattresses. 


  • Some users reported a dimension issue, so you should check the size before buying. 

#7. Mattress Solution Mattress Support Wooden Board

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This mattress support board contains unique wooden slats for a better performance and luxury look. If you prefer a wooden Bunkie board for your bed, then you can go for this product. The wooden slats are made of premium spruce lumber for high strength and durability. This Bunkie board fits the standard beds perfectly. However, you need to check the size before buying this mattress support board. The Mattress Solution Bunkie board is available in king, queen, full, and twin sizes of beds. It comes pre-assembled so that you can use it directly on your bed frame. This mattress support bed is ideal for use with platform beds, daybeds, and bunk beds. Because of excellent construction, this Bunkie board can provide proper support for your mattresses. 

The best thing about this mattress support board is it has a perfect size for standard bed frames. This durable Bunkie board can hold your mattresses strongly to avoid unnecessary movement during the night time. As this Bunkie board is available for all the sizes of beds, anyone can use this product. The wooden slats come connected so that you can install this Bunkie board on your bed frame effortlessly. This Bunkie board has a total of thirteen wooden slats to offer extra support to your mattress. Because of wooden construction, it is a lightweight Bunkie board. It can be lifted by anyone easily. As it is made of solid wood, this Bunkie board can provide solid support to your mattress. 


  • This Bunkie board is made of wood for lightweight and durability.
  • It can increase the life of your mattresses. 
  • This mattress support board is available in multiple sizes. 


  • You need to check the size before buying this Bunkie board. 

#8. Zizin Metal Bunkie Board


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It is a metal Bunkie board designed by Zizin. It can provide firm support to your mattress. This mattress support board is made of high-quality steel material for high strength and durable performance. It has an embedded construction, so the corners are more durable compared to other Bunkie board in the market. Also, it has a lightweight design to allow you to carry it conveniently. This Bunkie board is available in king, queen, twin, and full sizes so that you can use it with your bed comfortably. The Zizin metal Bunkie board is suitable for those who are experiencing uncomfortable sleep because of the moving of the mattresses. As this Bunkie board is made of full steel material, it is one of the most durable products in the market today. 

Another unique thing about this Bunkie board is it is easy to assemble. It has an easy lock-in design so that you can assemble the slats effortlessly. With the extra fixed structure, this Bunkie board provides stable performance. The parts of this Bunkie board are labelled so that you can fix the right part in the right place. Also, the Zizin Bunkie board comes with the required tools for assembling. As instructions are provided for installation, installing this mattress support board is very easy. It has an anti-slip, noise-free tape as an extra accessory. Because of this tape, this Bunkie board can hold your mattress in place firmly and doesn’t produce unpleasant noise. You can use this tape as per your preference while installing this Bunkie board. 


  • Zizin Bunkie board is available in multiple sizes.
  • It is made of full steel material for maximum support and durability. 
  • This Bunkie board can offer a comfortable slipping experience. 

#9. Greaton Mattress Support Wooden Bunkie Board

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It is a vertical slat Bunkie board for excellent support for the mattresses. You can go for this product if you need high support for your mattress. It is suitable for daybeds, platform beds, bunk beds, etc. Also, this Bunkie board has a unique style because of vertical slats. This board comes at the perfect size so that it doesn’t exceed the area of the bed frame. This mattress support wooden board comes pre-assembled, so you can install it on your bed frame after unboxing the package. The slats are made of premium spruce lumber for durability. By installing this Bunkie board, you can prevent the slipping of your mattress on the bed conveniently. As this vertical wooden Bunkie board offers maximum support to the mattress, the mattress life will increase. 

The Greaton wooden Bunkie board is made of strong wood for long-lasting performance. You can directly use this Bunkie board on your bed as you no need to assemble it. This mattress support board can hold spring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses effectively. If your current Bunkie board on the bed is broken, then this Bunkie board is ideal for you. Because of vertical slats, it can hold your mattresses effectively. Because of quality wood construction, the slats are very strong compared to other Bunkie board in the market. This mattress support board has a lightweight design to allow you to carry it effortlessly. By using this Bunkie board, you can experience maximum comfort. 


  • The Greaton Bunkie board has vertical slats for improved support. 
  • This mattress support board is available in multiple sizes. 
  • It can be installed on your bed directly. 


  • Some users are disappointed with this Bunkie board. 

#10. Mattress Solution Metal Bunkie Board

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This metal Bunkie board is designed by Mattress Solution. With sturdy construction, this Bunkie board is ideal for providing additional support to your mattresses. If your mattress slips on your bed during the night, then this mattress support board is the perfect choice for you. It is 2 inches thick and raises your mattress height for your comfort. This mattress support board has a perfect size so that it will fit into the bed frame conveniently. The Mattress Solution metal Bunkie board is made of premium quality steel material for durable performance. It is suitable for use with sit-in platform beds, day beds, and bunk beds. Because of quick lock-in design, the Mattress Solution Bunkie board is easy to assemble. 

Whether you use memory foam, hybrid, or spring mattress, this Bunkie board can offer extra support for that. It comes in simple packaging so that you can unpack it easily and install it on your bed frame. This Bunkie board comes with a foam-padded tape to stop your mattress from moving. Because of this foam-padded tape, you can experience noise-free and non-slip performance. By using this solid mattress support board, you can keep your mattress stable on your bed. With this Bunkie board, you can fall asleep quickly. Also, it can provide maximum comfort on your bed. As this Bunkie board keeps your mattress at a height firmly, the life of your mattress will increase. If you are looking for a durable cum strong metal Bunkie board for your bed, then the Mattress Solution steel Bunkie board is ideal for you.     


  • This metal Bunkie board has a durable steel construction.
  • This mattress support board can be assembled quickly and easily. 
  • It lifts the mattresses 2 inches for maximum support. 


  • NA

Buying Guide To Choose Best Bunkie Board

If you want to buy the best bunkie board, then you need to study the features of the product – When you read and understand the features which give you more information about the product you are interested in. Most of the features are satisfying and it offers the complete functionality of the product. It is essential now that the functionality of the various products should be compared and the best one should be chosen. The buying guide will offer you the features of the product which are useful in deciding your mind regarding the products. Following are the specific features of the bunkie board, let us discuss one by one:

Usefulness: the mattress supporting ply bunkie board are the best to overcome the unwanted feel of sagging mattresses. As the mattresses get older, it starts getting saggy but the firm mattress bunkie board which are of the same size can be placed between the mattress and the box springs. The support board changes the look & feel of the mattress.

Remedy for Back-Pain: the worn-out and saggy mattresses are not easy to sleep on. Many times the saggy patches appear over the mattress and it can disturb your sleep in the night by giving mild to severe back-pains. But the well-supported lightweight and long durable foam board easily cure the back-pains.

Easily Adjustable: the mattress supporting lightweight board which are clean, shiny and easily fixed under the mattress. The dented part of the mattress can be easily covered using the supporting board. The board can be fit easily under the mattress and well-adjusted for better results. The board are available in different sizes and you can choose the most suitable for the mattress in use.

Waterproof: The mattress ply bunkie board is made up of smooth foam which is shiny and remains waterproof. The board can be easily washed underwater or wiped clean using a damp cloth. It can be easily cleaned and placed under the mattress while using it every day. The board can be cleaned once in a while by removing any dirt or dust present on it.

Have Sound Sleep: The mattresses are scientifically manufactured and have sophisticated technology used which helps in relaxing the body when you sleep over the mattress. But the older mattresses are having sagging portions and dented patches which are difficult to manage and will not be suitable to sleep for long. It might cause body pain. But the nicely designed supporting ply bunkie board help in covering the damaged old mattress and make the mattress look soft and ready to sleep for long to have sound sleep.

Warranty: the warranty is part of a business deal and it is not available on every product that you buy. Giving a warranty to the customers is a business policy and it becomes valid the moment you purchase the product.  Warranty is useful in getting a replacement of the product if it gets damaged within a specific time period. Warranty plays a vital role in choosing a product.

Reviews: In order to get more information about the products, their features and the usefulness of the product one should go to the various websites supporting online shopping and displaying the product information. These sites also display reviews by the users.  Most of the reviews are written by the users who share information about the products and also the experience of using such products. These reviews help you to know more about the product and get the real picture. 

Bottom Lines:

Read the features of the product – bed bunkie board, which are discussed above. The list of similar products manufactured by brand companies is displayed in details. It undoubtedly helps you to know about each of the available product in the market and also about plus points and the minus points.  Also, you have the purchase guide in details which talks about various aspects of the product mattress supporting plyboard and its features. Though the products are in variety, most of the features of the products are similar in nature.

The buying guide will help you in knowing the various products and the list features each of the product offers. You can study the product list and also refer to the purchase guide which will help you to make up your mind and choose the product which best possible for you, satisfying all your needs. 

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