Best Floor Mattress 2020 – Roll Up Mattress For Sleeping on Floor

Floor mattress is one of the most modern ways of living for make-shift people. If you are looking for minimalism in life, you should opt for floor mattresses as it helps in optimizing the living standards as well as enabling a comfortable sleep. There are various good effects of sleeping on the floor compared to sleeping in bed.

Top 5 Best Floor Mattress – Thick & Comfortable

The benefits of sleeping on the floor include, but are not limited to:  If you are suffering from sciatica, you can get the best relief from it by sleeping on the floor. As you sleep on the floor, the backbone gets rested completely, hence your bone gets straightened and receives a lot of support.

It helps in improving the posture of the body. As you sleep on the floor, the body gets placed against the rigid floor, which helps in improving the posture of the body, hence the sleep becomes beneficial. It has often been understood by research that sleeping problems like insomnia are the results of sleeping on the mattress. As one sleeps on the mattress, the discomfort can result in causing lack of sleep which can be cured by sleeping on the floor.  

#1. Hazli Most Comfortable Memory Foam Floor Mattress

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Hazli Most Comfortable Roll up Floor Mattress is one of the finest mattresses available, which makes it one of the most loved ones. The mattress can be folded easily and it is highly durable since the foam within the mattress is of the best quality. The mattress can be folded and easily stored in the cupboard or in your bag, hence, the mattress is the best fit for camping too. One of the most portable and commendable mattresses available, which provides maximum comfort. Let us look at a few of the best features of the mattress:

  •  The mattress is light in weight hence, it can be carried easily.
  • Perfect for the camping and tenting as it serves protection against dust and mites.
  •  The quality of the mattress is very good and has certifications too.


  • The mattress saves a lot of space, hence, best for houses with less area.
  • The mattress doesn’t slip on the floor when you sleep on it, hence giving an excellent sleeping experience.
  •  It can be used for different purposes, hence multi-functional mattress.


  • The firmness of the mattress is similar throughout the surface, lacks dual-firm turf. 

#2. BetterHabitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam Floor & Camping Mattress

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BetterHabitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam Folding & Camping Mattress is one of the quickest and fastest mattresses which can be used for the best by just flipping open the mattress and taking a rest on it. The mattress is light in weight, hence easy to carry even during your outings. Available in different varieties, the mattress is resistant to any form of liquid, hence, it is also perfect to be used for kids. The water-resistance and space-saver make it a strong competitor for the bed mattresses. Let us grab attention to the features of the mattress:

  • The size of the mattress is no more than 36 inches X 18 inches, which is big enough.
  • The mattress can be easily folded and kept in the cupboard, hence portable too.
  • The packaging of the mattress allows it to be delivered in a very handy manner.


  • Easy to use and easier to clean, the mattress is best for domestic purposes.
  • Resistant against water, which makes it very reliable even for the kids.
  • The absence of fibreglass in the mattress makes your sleep soundless.


  • The mattress doesn’t come in different sizes currently. 

#3. Fuli Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Mattress

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FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon is a lightweight mattress which is best used for sleeping on the floor. Sleeping on the floor is one of the best experiences, yet it can be enjoyed more when you remain protected against the dust and mites. The mattress gives you protection against the dust and mites as well as the mattress is packed in one of the most compact ways, which makes it unique and highly reliable. Let us look at some of the important features of the mattress:

  • The mattress is completely made up of cotton, hence it is free from any allergens
  • Handmade in Japan, this gives you the authentic flavour of Japanese fabric.
  • The mattress can be folded easily and stored in compact places, hence easy to carry.


  • The mattress absorbs a lot of heat from the body, hence the temperature gets well regulated.
  • Sweat absorption by the mattress helps in giving you a comfortable sleep.
  • Small and compact in size, hence the mattress can be carried easily from one place to another. 


  • The mattress has been the cause for back pain for quite a few customers.
  • Very soft in nature, hence the lovers of a firm mattress won’t enjoy it. 

#4. Sleeping Tatami Roll up Floor Mattress

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 Sleeping Tatami Floor Mat is one of the most consumer-friendly roll up mattresses which can be used as and when you require it. The mattress is very thick compared to the other mattresses and since the material of the mattress is very easy to be stored and ported from one place to another. It is made up of fibre of polyester which adds to the strength of the mattress. The durability of the mattress is very high, hence it is regarded as one of the best mattress by the user. Let us have a look at some of the best features of the mattress:

  • Since the mattress is very easy to be used, there are multiple purposes for which the mattress can be used.
  • The mattress saves a lot of space in the home since it can be folded and easily kept.
  • Warmth and comfort provided by the mattress is unmatched which makes it the most reliable one.


  • The durability of the mattress is very high, making it lasts for more than a year.
  • Packaging of the mattress is done in one of the most economic ways hence can be folded too.
  • The mattress doesn’t slip while you lay down on it since the anti-slip substance is present at the bottom of the mattress.
  • The thickness of the mattress is such that it is easy to be carried in your suitcase while on the camping. 


  • Failure to wash the mattress using water might give an unhygienic feeling
  • Packaging of the mattress leads to the formation of a mark, hence the mattress never fluffed on that side.  

#5. AONESY Memory Foam Camping Mattress

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 AONESY Memory Foam Camping Mattress can be used for multiple functions since the mattress can be washed as well as ported easily. One of the best mattresses to be carried during the camping, the mattress helps in fighting against any form of dust and mites. Made of organic cotton, the mattress is recommended to be the most durable one, as it is the most durable and skin-friendly mattress.

The mattress has an anti-slip body present on the rear, which prevents it from slipping as you lay your body on the mattress. The mattress can be used for multiple purposes, hence one of the most versatile mattresses. Let us look at some of the features of the mattress: 

  • The mattress absorbs a large amount of sweat, hence keeps the body regulated and maintains the osmotic balance of the body.
  • The temperature regulation of the mattress helps in keeping the body well maintained and energetic.
  • The pillow of the mattress can be removed, functionality for adding extra mattresses in the corners since it has Velcro too.


  •  Due to the flexibility of the foam that is present in the mattress, it provides excellent elasticity, which enhances the sleeping experience
  • Since the mattress is light and easy to carry, the mattress can be used even for camping and picnic activities.
  • The mattress comes along with a wonderful return policy, as well as the durability of the mattress, is very high since it comes with a warranty.
  • You can increase the sleeping area as the mattresses can be attached side-by-side which can a large sleeping space for the mattress, making it easier to sleep.
  • The mattress is resistant to water; hence it is best even for the infants and kids too.


  • Issues with the pillow have been reported by few of the users, that need to be looked into.
  • The zipper of the mattress is not very strong. Issues of the breaking of the zipper have been reported.
  • Issues of back pain have been reported by the users too. 

Buying Guide To Choose Best Floor Mattress 

Selecting the right floor mattress is always difficult. Though there are many options available, it is recommended to go through the following checklist, that helps you in finalizing the perfect sofa, as per your needs and requirements. 

Thickness: Thickness of the floor mattress is essential in deciding the utility and the efficiency of the mattress. It helps in giving a wonderful relief while sleeping, hence can be used to optimize the health of the individual.

 Convertibility: Can the mattress be converted into a sofa? Well, this is the most concerning question. You can look forward to a convertible sofa to bed which can enhance the sleeping experience.

Washable: The floor mattress should be such that it can be cleaned and washed easily. You should not have to invest a large amount of energy and time in cleaning and washing of the floor mattress.

Firmness: You must take proper care of the firmness of the sleeping mattress. A well-maintained firmness can help in you suiting your back pain, whereas a soft mattress is useful for giving a comfy sleep. Choose as per the needs.

 Warrant: Always look forward to the return policy and the warranty on the floor mattress. You should be aware of the delivery as well as the return policy of the mattress, such that you don’t have to worry about it later on if required. 

Benefits of Floor Mattress

Now, would you like to sleep on the bare floor? No, right? A floor mattress helps in making the sleep very comfortable for the users. Let us look at a few benefits of sleeping on the floor mattress:

Space: The sleeping mattress helps in reducing the space which is required while you use a bed. A bed carries a lot of weight around while sleeping on the floor saves a lot of space, thus the efficiency increases.

Portability: All you need to do with a floor mattress is tow wrap it up, fold it and move on to another place. The extreme portability of the mattress makes it one of the best choices for the people living a makeshift life, thus makes it handy too.   

Emergency: If all of a sudden, the number of guests in your home becomes more than the capacity of the room, you need to have the floor mattresses for guests ready. It helps in escaping such humiliating situations, thus counters the situation of emergency very well. 

 Thermal Conduction: The thermal conduction from the floor to the body, directly might lead to different health conditions which can affect you in the long term. Using a mattress that can reduce the impact of thermal conduction is very helpful for the development of the cells of the body.

Safety: Sleeping on the bare floor can be very detrimental and dangerous. There are various types of insects, dust, and mites that can be present on the floor. If you sleep on the floor, chances of any form of unwanted accidents might hamper your well-being for the long term. It is therefore suggested to sleep on a floor mattress.

Cheap: Compared to a completely new bed, a floor mattress is always cheaper and more affordable. You can enjoy the sleep as it offers a wonderful sleep remedy for most of the people.

Bottom Line:

Selecting the right floor mattress for your baby can also be a concern. Hence, it is suggested to make a good comparative study about the various qualities of the floor mattress, which helps in making you choose the best and leave out the rest.

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