Best Pack and Play Mattress 2020 – Memory Foam By The Yard

Our Top 3 Picks

#1. Hiccapop  #2. Dream  #3 NapYou 
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Mattresses are made for comfort sleep that allows your body to relax and sink into the bed as you sleep. It is supposed to bring you all the joy in the world because you deserve every bit of it. This joy can now be spread and given to your adorable children with the pack and play mattresses. Pack and play mattresses are usually 1 to 3 inches thick. They are different from the usual crib mattress, which can be as thick as 6 inches. Your child deserves all the love and comfort he or she needs, especially when they are infants. Sound sleep is a necessity for allowing infants to have proper development and growth not only physically but mentally also. Most of these pack and play mattresses are made up of latex foam or polyurethane foam that consist of inner springs. This technology of the mattresses allows your child to feel the softest touch like its mother. 

Top 5 Pack and Play Mattress For Toddlers

The mattress tends to take the shape of the baby that hugs the child and provides the perfect comfort and love during its sleep. Let your child get sound and a non-disturbing sleep every night and let him or her feel nourished and cared for throughout his or her infancy. Some of these pack and play mattresses have a cotton mattress cover, and some others have a vinyl cover, and you can choose what is best for your child from this range of mattresses. Are you wondering how you will be able to choose which pack and play will be the best mattress for your baby? Come and take a look at this article that will allow you to choose nothing but the best mattress of the lot for your baby! 

#1. Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad

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It is one of the best selling mattresses today. It has a soft memory foam on the sides for your toddler that provides the best support for him or her. Allowing you to be tension free when you let your kid sleep, Hiccapop’s special Memory foam fits most of the playpens available today in America. It comes at an affordable rate of $46 American dollars for a size of 38 inches by 26 inches. It is built to provide support for both toddlers and infants; it is the first dual side mattress introduced in the USA market. It keeps your child safe and is even easy to clean. The soft and plush cover can also be easily removed and washed. It is made of a water-proof Jacquard technology that has zips all around for providing long-lasting protection. 


Let your baby get the silent and healthy sleep that he or she deserves. The Hiccapop mattress has exceeded all the US safety regulations and has passed all the rigorous tests of performance, durability, and emissions. The mattress has a perfect gap-free fit for the crib you have for your baby with the firm and rounded corners and also has a thicker foam snug.  The mattress is fit to resist odours and mild dew and toxins. It has a CertiPUR-US seal that guarantees high-quality performance and resistance to toxic chemicals and its durability through the rigorous safety checks.  The top layer of the mattress is 100% memory foam for guaranteed protection and healthy deep sleep for your baby. 

Why should you buy it?

 Although you must keep in mind that not all players are of the same size and hence, you must always measure before you place the order.  The hiccapop pack and play mattress have received 4.9 out of 5 stars from customers who have bought and used it.  This mattress acts as a lifesaver for your family as it provides all-around protection. 

#2. Dream on Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress

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The Dream On Me crib mattress is one of the top choices of many online sellers and online shopping portals. The experts and professionals at Dream on Me know what it takes to keep your babies safe and make them feel secure and cared for. Provide your children with a healthy sleep environment with the Dream on Me pack and play mattress that has passed all 16 CFR 1632 /1633 Federal Flammability Standards. This mattress is phthalates and lead-free that makes it the top product free of chemicals and toxins. 

The Dream on me mattresses are all spring-coil based or foam-based, and each of these products are specially manufactured and built to provide comfort and support for your baby’s developing body. The sides of the mattress ensure that the mattress does not sag and air-flow pockets keep the pack and play mattress fresh and clean. 


These mattresses have laminated waterproof covers that are stain-resistant, which protect the bedding against the liquids that tend to get soaked up into it and also protect against the formation of moulds, mildew, and other odours. These features of the mattress will protect your baby from getting affected by all the harmful infections in any way and allow your baby to sleep peacefully and comfortably.  The borders of these mattresses are kept firm and intact by the wires present, which keep the sides, edges, and corners of the mattress intact and maintain their shape in the best way possible. 

The binding used in the mattress is a lock-stitch that helps in keeping edges from unravelling and creating a safety issue. These mattresses are made to perfection after continuous testing for low chemical emissions and have received Greengard certification for it as well. The Dream on Me mattress provides an indoor environment that is safe and secure for your baby’s health and sound sleep.  Make an amazing deal and buy this mattress at an affordable rate of $50 today! 

Why should you buy it?

Dream On Me mattresses is available in various sizes to comfortably fit the various Dream On Me baby sleep furniture like Cribs and Playpens.  You can choose the best suiting and best fitting mattress for your baby’s crib or playpen and buy the best deals now!  These mattresses consist of hypo-allergenic components and air-flow systems, and the perfect insulation that makes it a perfect companion for your child in its sleep. This mattress is made up of water-proof components that help in making the child’s sleeping area as clean as it possibly could! 

#3. Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play Bamboo Mattress

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This product is one of the top choices for many sellers today. You can buy a firm mattress for babies and soft side mattress for toddlers. The tri-fold bamboo mattress is a portable and foldable Playard mattress that can be perfectly fitted into a playpen or a crib, whichever one you have in your house for your child.  Let your child relax and get the comfort he or she deserves with the soft touch of this firm and extremely comfortable mattress. This trifold mattress comes at an affordable price of $45 USD, which is a fantastic rate for a product with such a grand range of features! 


You can carry this mattress on every tour you plan, for it is extremely convenient to move around with.  It has a soft and plush washable cover with zippers so that you can easily remove it and give it for washing.  The cover provides for longer life to the mattress as it is made of high-quality materials that have successfully passed all US safety regulations, guaranteeing that it is free from toxins and other chemicals. 

It is 100% durable and emission-free and has been thoroughly tested for its performance.  The mattress is made with comfortable Dimensions of 38 x 26 x 2.25, and its rounded and firm corners provide for better protection to your child.   It has a thick foam that guarantees a snug, gap-free fit in all the major standard sizes (38 x 26) of play yards, although it is recommended that you get proper measurements of the mattress as well as the crib so that you can get the perfect mattress for the crib or playpen for your baby or toddler.

Why should you buy it?

The manufacturers have come up with guaranteed protection and safety and have shown the utmost commitment towards achieving the standards of excellence.  The dual firmness system makes it perfect for both infants and toddlers today. It consists of lock-stitched binding that is flawlessly made for preventing any type of contaminants from entering the foam. It is water-proof, so any kind of leakage will keep it unaffected in its performance. Cleaning and maintaining the Hiccapop Trifold mattress is extremely easy, making your life around babies as smooth as possible! 

#4. NapYou Pack and Play Mattress

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Another very famous trifold mattress in America is the NapYou Pack and play mattress. Give your babies a chance at sound sleep and ultimate satisfaction during their time on their bed in this best quality foldable mattress with firm rounded corners. 


This mattress is made with the perfect blend of organic cotton and polyester, hence making it not only durable and long-lasting, but extremely soft and huggable for your baby to feel the touch of love and warmth.  You will get an extra carry bag with a handle with this mattress so that you can carry it around with you conveniently and effortlessly.  Once bought, all you have to do is allow it 24 to 48 hours to expand and fit into your crib or playpen gap-free and perfectly. Get this mattress for your baby today!  


#5. DreamCountry Foldable Memory Foam Pack and Play Mattress


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At a super affordable rate of $48 USD, the DreamCountry foldable pack and play mattress is one of the best products for you if you are looking for a mattress made of Certi-PUR-US memory foam for your baby or toddler. 


The foam is non-toxic, phthalate, and BPA free and is extremely safe for your baby.  The memory foam is made up of the perfect amount of softness and firmness and helps the vertebral column of your baby stay protected.  The DreamCountry mattress relieves your baby of all the bodily tensions and discomfort and allows him or her to sleep peacefully in bed. 

Why Should You buy it?

This perfect fit between the mattress and the crib or playpen makes it the most comfortable and suitable mattress for your baby. It is easy to clean as the cover is removable and washable.  It is made of a unique foldable technique so that you can carry it around conveniently when you want to travel with your baby! 


Buying Guide For Best Pack and Play Mattress

When it comes to buying the perfect pack and play mattress for your babies and toddlers, you must make thorough and detailed considerations and research before making any solid buys. There are several things that you must keep in your mind before buying a pack and play mattress. 

Type of Mattress

When you are looking for a pack and play mattress, you must make sure that the mattress is made of a material that is soft and durable and perfectly fits your child’s crib or playpen. Whether it is made of memory foam all around or the sides, whether it is made of cotton and polyester blends, all of it must be checked. The best kind of mattress for babies is usually memory foams as it provides the perfect support and comfort to young developing bodies. 

Level of Firmness

The pack and play mattress you choose must have the perfect amount of firmness. It should not be too hard that it hurts your baby or too soft that risks his or her safety while he or she moves around on it. Features- you must make sure that the features of the mattress match your crib for a gap-free look. 

Anti-skid- the Mattress

You buy must be anti-skid that is, it shouldn’t slip off the crib or playpen that you have at home.  There are many companies today that manufacture and sell some of the best pack and play mattresses, each made up of different quality and material that allows you to shower your child with all the love and care he or she needs. 

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