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#1 Ultimate Sleep #2 Khantho Foam #3 Subtrex
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There are a few things as satisfying as a good night’s sleep. Humans need to complete their sleep cycles to ensure that their body and mind are well rested to be able to function at optimum capacity. Not sleeping well will make you moody, grumpy and affect your work and personal life. Sleep is one of the most important things and thus it makes sense to look for a mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably and peacefully.  For people suffering from back and joint pain, sleep can be even harder to come as the pain makes it very unbearable to lie down as the pressure in the joints and the back makes them ache even more.

Top 8 Orthopaedic Mattress Topper 2021

The people with joint pains and back pain complain the most about how they are unable to fall asleep and even though they eventually fall asleep, they wake up next morning feeling terrible pain in their joints and back and are unable to leave the bed immediately. The pain really puts a stop to normal life and activities and even something as holy as sleep is taken away from people. The best orthopaedic mattress is designed to give your back the best possible support and comfort which relaxes your body and allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Here are 8 orthopaedic mattresses topper which you can consider for your bedroom:

#1. Subrtex Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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The 4-inch mattress topper and the mattress are designed as memory foam with the help of gel infusion to make your body as comfortable as possible. Memory foam provides softness and protects your body by preserving your posture the way it should be without putting any pressure on your joints and back making it the perfect place to fall asleep. The mattress has a blue sponge which infused with gel regulates the temperature of the mattress and avoid overheating to give you a cool and bed for a more comfortable sleep. You can choose from a variety of options wherein you can just buy the gel-infused mattress or you can buy a mattress topper with it. The mattress topper is suitable for all kinds of beds and provides you with comfortable sleep and relieves the pressure of your back. The mattress weighs 33.2 pounds and is available in twin (39x5x4), full (54x75x4), king (60x80x4) and queen (76x80x4) bed sizes. So you can buy the one which suits your bed and don’t have to worry about whether the mattress and topper would fit.


  • This memory foam topper is designed keeping your utmost comfort in mind. The gel-infused foam topper will relieve pressure and relax your body to allow you to recover and refresh your body and mind.
  • This memory foam topper and mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The gel-infused 4-inch thick 3.5-pound density memory foam topper regulates the temperature to provide you with maximum comfort. It extends the life of your mattress and allows you to experience premium mattress experience at the fraction of the cost.
  • The topper has a ventilated design to let your body and the mattress breathe and keep the temperature cool and comfortable for you to sleep in.
  • The topper is made from quality resilient materials which ensure that the topper preserves its shape throughout its lifetime. The memory foam will always recover its shape so you don’t have to worry about your comfort.

Why Buy

  • Subrtex provides you with a guaranteed 10-year warranty and lifelong customer service.
  • It is made up of the best materials available and is comfortable as well as safe for sleeping. 
  • It will provide you with the best sleep because of its comfortable contouring mechanism which relieves pressure and stress from your body.

#2. Saturey Thicken Orthopaedic Coir Mattress Topper

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The Saturey mattress pad does zero compromises when it comes to your comfort and sleeps quality. The folding mattress pad is designed to give you home-like comfort and allow you to relax completely. The mattress is made using the best quality materials and is incredibly soft and safe to use. The mattress has gone through numerous tests which have certified it for its durability, comfort and ease of transport. The mattress is firm enough to support you and soft enough to provide your body with the comfort it deserves. The mattress topper is soft and breathable and can be stored easily. You can roll it up and store it in your closet to use your living space to its optimum capacity. This futon mattress evenly spreads your body weight, fixing your sleeping position and relaxing the spine. The topper is available in a variety of thickness (2.4/3.2/4 inches) and bed sizes (twin/full/king/queen) providing you with ample options based on your needs.


  • This is a portable folding mattress excellent for hotels and for small places with limited living space. Easy to store and transport.
  • Equipped with removable and washable cover with zipper for easy maintenance.
  • Made using jute plant fibre, coconut palm fibre and has strong wear resistance.
  • The mattress relaxes the spine and has excellent orthopaedic functions which relieves pressure and stress from your spine.
  • Made using breathable and skin-friendly cotton fabric.

Why To Buy:

  • The mattress is made using durable material and knitted with skin-friendly cotton with a soft and fluffy cushion pad.
  • The outside layer is easy to wash and dry. It has to be washed in cool water with a delicate cycle and tumble dried in low.
  • This mattress is incredibly versatile and can be used for sleeping, yoga, picnic and is suitable for guest room, dormitory, hotel or while travelling.

#3. Khantho Foam Mattress Blue Orthopedic Mattress Topper

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The Khantho mattress topper is infused with gel to give your body the perfect fit while you sleep. The mattress provides support to your spine and relieves pressure. It takes extra care of your comfort and the firm surface provides you with more support than a memory foam mattress. The mattress is designed to provide you support where you need it the most by distributing your weight within its 5 zones. The biggest issue with a topper is that it gets too hot and you become uncomfortable while you sleep and it breaks your sleep. The Khantho mattress is cooled by the infused gel and keeps the temperature of the mattress and your body regulated to provide you a sound sleep. The topper is available in a number of sizes namely Twin (72x36x2), Twin XL (77x36x2), Full (72x50x2), Queen (77x56x2), King (78x74x2) and California King (81x68x2). Also, check Egg Crate Mattress Topper for soft comfort.


  • This mattress has a 2-inch thick bed pad to provide your back with support and comfort.
  • The mattress uses a 5 zone contoured design to provide support where it is needed the most.
  • It is made using breathable material which stops it from overheating. 
  • The mattress is odour neutralised for a consistent fresh smell.
  • The material used is plant-based to minimize the environmental impact of the mattress.

Why to Buy

  • The mattress provides more support than memory foam and in areas where you need it the most.
  • Made using plant-based material which make it incredibly environmentally friendly.
  • The material ensures that the mattress does not overheat and remains cool.
  • Suppresses bad odour as the mattress is odour neutralised.

#4. Comfort Rx 2 inch Gel Foam Orthopedic Mattress Topper

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The comfort Rx mattress topper is infused with gel which gives the foam the required firmness to support your body and posture to relieve pressure on your spine. The orthopaedic mattress retains its shape thanks to its excellent design and the quality materials ensure that it does not lose shape over time. The gel keeps the temperature of the topper and mattress regulated to give you a comfortable and nice sleeping experience while relieving the stress in your spine. The breathable material is designed keeping in mind the comfort of your skin. This gel mattress topper has approved by the government and has all the necessary features to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep without overheating.


  • The topper is designed keeping the orthopaedic needs of the customers in mind.
  • It has 2 inches of gel-infused foam which allow it to remain cool and ventilate while also preserving its shape.
  • The firmness allows it to support your back while sleeping to help you sleep with great ease.

Why to Buy:

  • The topper is designed for your orthopaedic needs.
  • It is easy to wash and store and very light.
  • The topper keeps the temperature down for comfortable sleeping temperature.


#5. ViscoSoft Memory Foam  Orthopedic Mattress Topper


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The Coir mattress topper is made using breathable and skin-friendly cotton fabric filled with organic coconut palm fibre which provides the required firmness and support for your body. The palm fibre filling provides enough support to relieve stress and retains its shape even after a good night’s sleep. The mattress topper is made to last you years and provide support to your spine. The fabric is hypoallergenic and is safe for your skin and the soft and fluffy polyester provides enough cushion t provide comfort and softness for your body. The mattress topper spreads the weight out evenly, relieves pressure from your spine in the true orthopaedic manner and the breathable surface allows your body to breathe even when in contact with the fabric. The mattress topper has a weight of near about 13 pounds and differs based on the size of the topper you order. The various available sizes are, twin, full, queen and king all with 5cm thickness.


  • The mattress is made of resilient materials which are also sound absorbers and thus reduce noise. You can sleep peacefully without being bothered by noises.
  • The material is well ventilated so that your body can breathe at night and does not feel the pressure when breathing even facing downwards. 
  • The mattress is equipped with a washable and removable cover to allow for easy maintenance.
  • This mattress is made up of plant fibres which make it environment friendly and minimise its environmental impact.

Why to Buy:

  • This mattress filling is firm and the cushion allows for maximum comfort while still keeping the surface firm enough to support your body and spine. 
  • The top layer is easy to wash and maintain.
  • The mattress is versatile and portable and thus can be used on your bed, on the floor, on your sofa topper, for yoga and even taken along for travels and picnic.

#6. Dreamfoam Bedding Orthopedic Mattress  Topper




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The Ultimate sleep soft green mattress topper is made using natural white latex which gives the topper the required firmness to support your body and posture to relieve pressure on your spine. The orthopaedic mattress retains its shape thanks to its excellent design and the quality materials ensure that it does not lose shape over time. The memory foam combined with natural latex gives you greater orthopaedic support and is as eco-friendly as it is ergonomic. The mattress comes in a wide variety of softness/firmness and you can get one which suits your needs. The air pockets keep the temperature of the topper and mattress regulated to give you a comfortable and nice sleeping experience while relieving the stress in your spine. The breathable material is designed keeping in mind the comfort of your skin. The package weighs 40 pounds while the twin topper itself is 38x75x3. There are a lot of sizes available and you are free to choose whichever size suits your needs. You can choose from 2 inch or 3-inch thickness options with the topper available in twin, twin XL, full, king, queen and Cal King sizes.


  • The mattress topper is made from 2-3 inches of natural latex infused foam.
  • The standard topper comes in at 3.7 lbs density and with 10-12 ILD rating
  • The topper provides superior orthopaedic support for your back.
  • There is a wide range of densities, firmness and softness to chose from.

Why to Buy:

  • The mattress topper is eco-friendly being made from natural latex and thus has the least environmental impact.
  • The firm latex provides superior orthopaedic support as opposed to anything else on the market.
  • The ergonomic mattress provides support and relieves pressure from your spine.
  • The mattress is available in different softness/firmness ratings to help you find the right mattress for you.

#7. Vlaven Plus Orthopedic Mattress Topper


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The latest mattresses toppers from Vlaven take forward their commitment to providing your family with safe mattresses made from skin-friendly materials which will keep your family members safe. The diamond cell structure provides superior support for your back and the firmness keeps your posture correct to relieve any and all pressure and stress from your back. The mattress topper uses adaptive memory foam which while adapts to your body, pushes back with enough firmness to ensure there is minimal pressure exerted on your body. The resilient structure and material provide comfort and bounces while still maintaining that luxury feeling you want. This specialised orthopaedic mattress topper is the perfect gift for your loved ones who suffer from neck and back pains and have trouble falling asleep at night and are in great discomfort even in their sleep. The Vlaven mattress topper allows you to take a good night’s rest and relieve pain. The topper weighs 20 lbs and is available in king size (79x75x3) and has a faint lavender smell to help you relax.


  • The mattress topper is designed ergonomically to provide the best orthopaedic function possible.
  • It relieves pressure from head to toe and helps you maintain proper posture when you sleep and aligns your spine the way it is supposed to be.
  • The new diamond cell adaptive memory foam is resilient, firm and provide ample support while providing comfort and softness you expect from a luxury mattress.

Why to buy:

  • The topper is made using safe materials which are unharmful and skin-friendly.
  • The topper is ventilated to allow your skin to breathe.
  • The bamboo charcoal infused topper is made using natural materials making it environment and skin friendly.
  • This topper is an excellent gift for your loved ones suffering from neck and back problems.

#8. LUCID Lavender Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress Topper

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The LUCID memory mattress toppers are designed keeping in mind 5 body zones to maximise comfort. The memory foam is infused with a lavender scent to ease your mind and body along with air pockets to improve breathability. The skin-friendly fabric allows your skin to breathe whilst you are sound asleep in the comfort of the mattress topper. The special orthopaedic design helps you sleep without any pain and discomfort and wake up refreshed and without any pain. The softcover is airy and responsive and allows you to relax naturally thanks to its lavender scent. The special design evenly distributes your weight and take the pressure off your hips, spine, ankles, shoulders and feet. The 5 zoned design gets rid of common pressure points to minimise unnecessary tossing and turning to find the optimum sleeping position. This mattress topper is available in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king and California king sizes weighs 6 pounds.


  • The mattress topper is delivered directly from the manufacturer which ensures that you get authentic mattress topper and you can be assured of the quality of your mattress topper.
  • LUCID uses premium materials in its toppers which makes it durable and comfortable.
  • This is a memory mattress topper which ensures that it has the firmness to support your body.

Why to Buy:

  • There are a lot of options to choose from size to what material infusion you want in your topper foam.
  • The topper is airy and responsive and helps you correct your posture while you sleep.
  • The topper is made from premium quality materials which make it durable and comfortable.
  • The foam is firm relieves pressure from your joints and pressure points.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Orthopaedic Mattress Topper 

When looking for an orthopaedic mattress topper, you must keep in mind the kind of firmness and softness you want. Different people require different types of firmness. Then you must look for the size you want. You must also check for what kind of material you want. Whether you want something made of natural fibres or materials like latex or coconut palm fibre. You can also go for foam which is gel-infused or which has scent infused into it. You want a topper which has air pockets to let your skin breathe, does not overheat and maintain coolness throughout the night. Whether you plan to travel with your topper and the functions you want it to perform also matter as the weight of the topper will then become a factor.

Choose wisely based on your needs and get yourself an orthopaedic topper that relieves pain and pressure and allows you to get a peaceful night of sleep. The best orthopaedic topper will disperse your weight and relieve stress from your joints which will make your sleep much more comfortable. You will be able to fall asleep much faster and sleep comfortably. Your mornings will be free of pain as your joints and spine will be well-rested and not made to go through intense pain and stress overnight. When looking for the mattress topper you want, make sure that it fulfils all your needs and the support is firm enough to hold you incorrect posture and relieve stress and pressure from your body.


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