Best Bamboo Pillow – Price & Review

Bamboo is nature’s most fast-growing trees – rather they are technically from the grass family. Bamboo is a very strong grass and has many usages to humans. From a long time, humans have taken advantage of the strength of the bamboo by using it to build houses, it is also used as support pillars for temporary structures.  There are also many other uses of bamboo-like they are used to building roads, build houses, for medicinal purposes, making clothes, accessories and many more. As I mentioned they are also used for medicinal purposes it also is used in making pillows. Now, these pillows are said to be anti-bacterial for kids and also anti-dust making it safe and healthy to use. They are also usually used for people who have neck pain, back pain and also for people who have a snoring problem. 

Most of the people in the present world mainly look for a bamboo pillow. It is such a pillow that comes with several advantages and all these unique things make it unique in all respects. The foam that is present inside the pillow allows the air to circulate freely inside the pillow. It provides comfort not only to the head but also to the neck and back portions of the body. It also provides hygiene at the same time.  However, the most amazing thing about this pillow is that it is machine wash friendly. You can easily put it inside the machine and it will get washed very easily. It also runs for a long time without any type of issues. So, now your entire search comes to an end with the introduction of the bamboo pillow. 

Top 10 Bamboo Pillows – Best For Neck Pain

There is a zipper on the pillow that enables the user to fill in and push out the foam as and when required. Due to all these amazing features, this pillow has a great demand. It is expected that in years to come maximum people will start using such pillows to get ultimate comfort and durability at the same time. Now we will get to know about some of the best bamboo pillows.  It will help you to buy the right one for your home. In the below section we will be talking about these pillows that are made from bamboo fabric which is actually the extracts from the Bamboo. American people have found this to be a very useful fabric and have seen improvements in health and also reduced neck and back pain by simply using it regularly. Now let us go ahead and look into a few of them.

#1. Goldenlinens Bamboo Pillow

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GoldenLinens are the manufacturers of the bamboo pillows which have many health-related advantages using them. The pillow on the outer looks is white in colour and the texture is quite smooth giving the pillow a soft feel.  It has the design of a bamboo tree and also bamboo wrote around. This upper layer is made of the breathable material making it most of the times fresh and clean. The pillow inside is made of 40% bamboo and 60% Polyester. It is also made of memory foam that will retain its original shape after some time. Unlike the traditional cotton pillows after continuous usage, it used to form a crater-like depth formation where we place the head on the pillow this pillow remembers its original state and hence it will grow back. 

It also does not have any hardness that really hurts when you sleep on it. The usage of this pillow for a regular basis will help you get rid of various issues like migraine, neck pain, back pain and also is ideal to be used just below the back to avoid any back-related issues. The outside cover is made of bamboo extract. This is washable in the machine and to make it easy for washing the cover is removable with a zipper on one side. It comes in 2 sizes, one is 19” x 28” and the other one is 19” x 36”. The first one is the queen size and the bigger one is the king size. 


  • Comes in Queen and Kingsize
  • Washable material to make sure you get a longer life
  • Cures many issues like the neck, back pain and many more sleep-related issues
  • 40% Bamboo material & 60% Polyester
  • It comes in a bag of its own


  • The product might have a smell when opened after receiving the package
  • Might take up to 24-48 hours to come back to original shape after receiving it

#2. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Pillow

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This pillow from Snuggle-Pedic comes with the covering made of the bamboo extract which has many healing properties. This pillow is contoured to give the neck and spine the best shape while sleeping with less stress to them. This is a pain relief Orthopaedic pillow that maintains the health of the spine and the neck and reduces any previous pains or issues with them. The shape of the pillow is designed so well that it promotes correct sleeping.

It comes in one size, king size with 21 x 13 x 4 inches of dimensions. The inside material is a high-density memory foam that does not change its shape and also at the same time is sift enough o cushion you sleeping head. The memory foam is also a premium ventilating material. This material and the foam are also anti-dust mites. Which means it repels all the dust away and does not retain any. The colour of the pillow also goes with every kind of bedsheets. As it repels dust good for people with allergy to use it.


  • Promotes correct sleeping due to the contour that is designed in.
  • Ultra-soft foam that is also ventilating to avoid any bad smell
  • No Chemical odour in the pillows
  • Colour of it goes along with any types of bedsheets


  • Packaging could have been better

#3. Pillows for Sleeping – 2 Pack Bamboo Pillow

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Pillows for Sleeping – 2 Pack Memory Foam has certified foams being used that means it is environmentally friendly. The cover is made of the bamboo material extract making it safe and hygienic to use. It is useful for people with allergy, neck and back pain. The shape of this pillow will make sure that you have a correct posture when you sleep. Each pillow is 16 x 24 inches in size which is sufficient for any person. 

The foam is certified Polyurethane foam which is very soft and also at the same time gives proper posture to the neck, spine and shoulder. The cover is made of Bamboo fabric which is helpful health-wise. The pillow is said to be not too firm but good enough to make sure when you place your head it does not sink in. The outer cover is removable, which means if you feel it looks dirty you can remove it and wash to get a better life for the pillow. The texture of the upper cover is white in colour and goes with any colour of bedsheets. The company is so confident about its product that 30 day’s trial for the product and if not satisfied will be provided with a 100% refund. That is a good deal to have. So you can be worry-free and buy it anyways.


  • Certified foam is used inside the pillow making it environmentally friendly. 
  • 30-day trial else 100% refund


  • Customers have complained about the shape of the pillow not being practical


#4. Bamboo Pillow – Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

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Bamboo Pillow is the company that produces the soft foam pillow which is mainly for neck support. The cover material used outside is made of the Bamboo extracts and the picture and the name Bamboo is also imprinted on the top. The feel of this material is also very soft and gives a gentle softness to the skin when you sleep on it.

This pillow comes in a couple of types. One is a contoured one which gives the neck and the spine the support to have the right position while sleeping. The other one is normal which is made so well that it sinks in only as much required and it is not too hard. The cover is white and is washable. The pillow is safe and healthy, in the sense that it does not have any odour or chemical smell. It has freshness smell making it good to have. It is also antimicrobial making sure no microbes are trapped within. No dust mites can get attracted to it. 


  • Made of bamboo extracts making the pillow safe and healthy to use. 
  • Comes in large size and usable by everyone
  • Neck and spine support making it very comfortable for sleeping
  • It is antimicrobial and hence does not cause any allergies


  • No cons available to mention at this time

#5. ik Bamboo Pillow – Adjustable Loft

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ik Bamboo Pillow has manufactured this memory foam pillow that gives the best sleep of the night. This comes in a bag with a handle to make it easy to carry around. This cover of this pillow is made of the bamboos extract and has very good health benefits. It reduces neck pain and back pain with regular usage. 

The bamboo fabric is washable and can have a longer life if you keep washing it. As this is white in colour, maintaining the colour becomes difficult and might get dirtier. The foam used inside is the memory foam and can be of very good help for the pillow to work properly. The foam is not too hard but soft enough to make sure the head does not sink in too deep. This kind of foam is called that bounces. The foam also of good quality to make sure there is no crater formed even after long usage.


  • The bamboo fabric used to give a good feel and its medicinal benefits to the person sleeping on it.
  • The fabric is removable and washable, can make sure to keep it clean
  • The foam provides fast bounce back
  • It comes I large size and compatible with everyone


  • No cons could be seen at this moment

#6. Coop Home Goods Big Loft Pillow 

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If you are tired after a hectic day and looking for some restful sleep then you should always use this type of pillow. It may happen that sometimes the pillow becomes so thick or thin that it might hamper your sleep. But with the help of the bamboo pillow, almost everyone can sleep comfortably for a long time. You can easily adjust it as per your requirement. The more you will use these pillows the more you will get habituated to it.


  • It can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user. If you want a thick one then you can add extra foams. On the other hand, if you prefer thin pillows then you can eliminate some foam. There is a zipper that allows the user to do the work.
  • The fabric is of high-quality and it can give you ultimate comfort. You can sleep peacefully at night.
  • It is absolutely safe for you and your baby.
  • It gives full support not only to your head but also to your neck and shoulders.


  • The price of the product should have been lowered to some extent.

#7. Avenco Side Sleeper Bamboo Pillow


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If you want to get good relaxation and comfort at the time of sleeping then it is the best one that can give you the same service. It is made with high-quality materials and thus you can be absolutely sure about its longevity. It is designed in a special way. The adjustment can be made simply. Apart from this, the pillow is very soft and fluffy. If you have back pains or neck pains then it can be the perfect pillow at the time of sleeping. It is also said that this pillow is just awesome for pregnant women. It gives them good comfort at the time of sleeping and relaxation. The HD foam provides the ultimate support.


  • The uniquely designed pillow can give you good support to your neck and head.
  • Premium quality fabrics are used to manufacture this type of pillows.
  • It is safe for the body and skin-friendly at the same time. You can use it freely.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with the product then the money is given back to them. In fact, you can enjoy the money-back guarantee of this product. 
  • It does not contain any type of harmful substances so that it can affect the body.


  • There should be more colours from the pillow.

#8. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam


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It is clear that if you do not have full sleep at night you may face several issues. Thus you should always look for a comfortable pillow that can help you out of this problem. Most of these types of pillows are made by keeping in mind about the basic comfort of the people. It is such a pillow that can support you orthopedically. You can easily adjust the pillow according to your flexibility and requirement. This is perhaps the best thing. This pillow is said to be a perfect blend of style and comfort. So, the whole thing is just too good.


  • This pillow is soft, luxurious and breathable to a great extent.
  • The zipper can be removed very easily and the pillow can be adjusted accordingly.
  • It is an eco-friendly product that is preferred by most of the people.
  • The ingredients of the product are checked and tested several times.
  • The product can be washed very easily by machines.


  • There should be some colour variations of the product. It is only available in natural white colour. Variations in colour will allow more and more people to buy the product. 

#9. Sable Pillow for Sleeping 


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It is one of the pillows that are manufactured without the use of ozone depletes. It is also made without the use of any type of metals like the lead, mercury or any other heavy metals. It is the only pillow that can give you ultimate comfort at the time of sleeping. It also provides good relaxation to your neck and shoulders. After a stressful day it is very important to see that your body gets complete relaxation. It is only possible with the help of a bamboo pillow.


  • It is a customizable pillow that can be adjusted as per the height of the user.
  • It contains 20% foam that can be adjusted according to the use.
  • It gives you ultimate comfort.
  • It can be maintained very easily and the user can also clean it very smoothly.
  • It lasts for a long time. Even the zipper is of high-quality.


  • There is no such warranty of the product.

#10. My Pillow Classic Series 4 Loft Levels

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Can you imagine that a pillow can do wonders? Yes, it is absolutely right to say that pillows can give you good comfort during your sleeping time. The interlocking foam pillow is just an amazing concept. It also helps you to get a custom fit and a wonderful sleep. They are made with high-quality fabrics and so the customers can use it conveniently. This is just a great thing. These types of pillows can be easily washed on machines. 


  • It can give you a very comfortable sleep for the whole night.
  • It can also help you to reduce snoring and also reduces daytime fatigue.
  • It can also help you to improve the quality of sleep.
  • It can be washed on machines. 


  • There should be a proper warranty period for the said product.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Bamboo Pillow

Before you decide to buy a good bamboo pillow for your home there are certain things that should be considered at the time of buying. It is very important to follow the tips so that you can buy the perfect product for your home. There are many types of pillows available in the market but when it comes for the home or personal use you should go with the best one. It must be always kept in the mind. Let us try to explore some of the important tips. 

These Bamboo pillows have become popular due to its various benefits. However, it becomes very important that you know what you are looking for. What are the features you are looking for? Let us go through some features that you can consider when you buy it.

Check the Cover:

It is very important to see that you check the actual cover of the pillow. Most of the people ignore it and simply buy the product. You should always give proper stress on the quality of the fabrics that are used to manufacture the cover of the pillows. It is better to choose ventilated cover for the pillows. That can run for a long time without any issues. The cover should be washable in nature. Just enquire about it at the time of purchasing.

The Adjustability of the Loft:

You should also check the matter that the loft inside the pillow must be adjusted from time to time. If you want a thick pillow then you should have the option of adding more foams. On the other side, if there are fewer requirements of foams then you should eliminate the extra ones. This is a very important thing and should be checked before buying the pillows. In fact, these types of pillows are significant for this issue. 

Check the Firmness:

The firmness of the pillow should also be checked from time to time. You should always prefer to sleep on pillows that are firm. It will support not only your head but will provide support to your neck and shoulders at the same time. Check it practically if possible. Most of the people ignore this subject and ultimately purchase the wrong one. The more firm the pillow the ore support you will get. Always stick to buy firm pillows that can provide you with amazing comfort and relaxation. It will be a wise decision. 

Importance of Zippers:

A zipper always plays a very important role in this case. You should look for the zippers that are made stronger. It is the zipper that will allow the user to add or remove foams. So, it should be made strongly. If required you should check it several times. The modern pillars without zippers are just an incomplete one. It can make the work much smoother and easier for the user. 

Check the Warranty Period:

The warranty period of the pillow should be checked. In fact, the buyer should not buy a product that does not have any type of specific warranties. It should be avoided as much as possible. If there is no such clear mention about the warranty period then the same should be enquired from some relevant source. 

Enquire about the Price:

On the other hand, it is quite vital to check the price of the pillow from several places. It may happen that the company may charge unnecessary charges from the buyer. So, it should be checked from some relevant places. That would be always a right decision at the time of purchasing a pillow.

Visit the Reviews:

Above all, the reviews should be checked as much as you can. The review is the only place where you can get a complete idea about the product. Thus you should always go through the reviews. Most of the reviews are written by people who have gained good knowledge and experience at the time of using the product. So, a small review or discussion about a product makes the conception clear to a great extent. Try to follow the reviews and you will be the real gainer or winner in buying the right pillow for your house. 


Foams are said to be manufactured in ways that are harmful to the environment. Some foams can also be harmful for the user itself. Hence it is important to understand if the foam that is used is the one certified with the standards. 


The cover used for this pillow should be made of Bamboo fabric, you should be careful while buying this product. You should be sure that it is the bamboo fabric that is used as it has health benefits. Also, the cover should be anti-microbial and anti-dust so that it is healthy and safe for the user.


The price is also an important feature, as some are highly-priced for similar pillows. You should be smart enough to compare all other features and see which best fits in your budget. If you do not have any preferences on the price then go for other features that would be your requirement.

Users of these Bamboo pillows have seen the benefits of them and have been trying it out to resolve their back pain and neck pain issues. Now there are many such brands who offer these pillows, there are also some who can be fake. Hence be careful when buying this product. Some pillows also provide 30 days trial period which can be worth trying. Happy buying!

Final Verdict:

Pillows are a very important accessory for sleeping comfortably. You cannot imagine your sleep without a cosy and fluffy pillow. It plays many vital roles and one of the most important of them is providing complete relaxation. With the invention of these types of pillow, you can convert your sleep much more peaceful and luxurious. They come up with some specific advantages that make it more unique in all aspects.

Try the newly invented pillow and it is for sure that you will get a unique experience. Time has changed a lot and with the changing time, there have been some prominent introductions. Most of the people in the modern world prefer to use modern accessories to lead their livelihood. In such a situation these type of pillow can solve your issues to a good extent. Just try it and you will never forget it in your whole lifetime. 

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