Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress Review: A Crowd-Pleasing Hybrid for Restful Nights




When it comes to choosing a new mattress, one of the most popular online brands is Casper. Known for its innovative designs and commitment to quality, Casper has quickly made a name for itself in the crowded sleep industry. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, a mattress that combines the benefits of pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive innerspring coils. We’ve based our review on user experiences and feedback from customers to give you an unbiased and comprehensive look at this popular hybrid mattress.

Construction & Materials


The Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress features a multi-layer design that combines various foam materials and pocketed coils. The mattress is 12 inches thick, and its construction consists of four layers:

  1. Comfort Layer: A 1.5-inch layer of breathable open-cell foam provides softness and contouring to the sleeper’s body, alleviating pressure points and promoting airflow.
  2. Pressure Relief Layer: A 2-inch layer of zoned memory foam delivers targeted support and pressure relief for different areas of the body, ensuring proper spinal alignment.
  3. Transition Layer: A 1.5-inch layer of high-density polyfoam acts as a buffer between the soft foam layers and the supportive innerspring coils, providing additional support and durability.
  4. Support Layer: A 7-inch layer of individually wrapped coils offers responsive support and motion isolation, while reinforced edge support ensures consistent comfort across the entire mattress surface.

The mattress is encased in a durable, removable cover made from a blend of polyester, cotton, rayon, and Lycra. This cover is designed to be breathable and easy to clean.

Firmness & Feel


The Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress is available in one firmness level: medium-firm. This rating falls around a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest. This medium-firm feel caters to a wide range of sleepers and offers a balanced combination of support and comfort.

Side sleepers will appreciate the pressure-relieving foam layers, which help to cushion the shoulders and hips, while back and stomach sleepers will benefit from the zoned support system and pocketed coils that maintain proper spinal alignment. Heavier sleepers may find the mattress slightly too soft, but overall, the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress provides a versatile and comfortable sleeping surface for most individuals.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support


One of the key factors to consider when sharing a bed with a partner is motion isolation. The Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress performs well in this category, thanks to its combination of memory foam and individually wrapped coils. The foam layers absorb motion, preventing it from transferring across the bed, while the pocketed coils respond independently to movement, further reducing motion transfer. This makes the mattress an excellent option for couples and light sleepers who may be easily disturbed by their partner’s movements.

Edge support is another important factor for couples, as well as for those who frequently sit or sleep near the edge of the bed. The Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress features reinforced edge support, providing a consistent sleeping surface from edge to edge. This allows sleepers to utilize the entire mattress without feeling like they might roll off or experience a significant difference in support.

Temperature Regulation

Sleeping hot can be a common issue with some memory foam mattresses, but the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress takes steps to mitigate this problem. The open-cell foam in the comfort layer promotes airflow, while the breathable cover helps to wick away moisture and keep the sleeping surface cool. Additionally, the innerspring coil layer allows for better air circulation compared to an all-foam mattress. While it may not be the coolest mattress on the market, the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid does a commendable job of regulating temperature for most sleepers.

Durability & Longevity

Casper is known for its high-quality materials and construction, and the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress is no exception. The combination of memory foam, polyfoam, and individually wrapped coils ensures a durable and long-lasting mattress. While it’s difficult to predict the exact lifespan of a mattress, based on user feedback and the materials used, the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress should provide a comfortable sleeping surface for at least 7 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

Trial Period, Warranty, and Shipping

Casper offers a 100-night trial period for the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, allowing customers to test the mattress in their own home and return it for a full refund if it’s not the right fit. This risk-free trial gives shoppers the opportunity to make an informed decision without any financial stress.

The Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is a testament to the company’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product.

Casper provides free shipping within the contiguous United States, with additional fees for Alaska and Hawaii. The mattress arrives compressed and rolled in a box, making it easy to maneuver and set up in your bedroom.




Overall, the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress is a solid choice for a wide range of sleepers, offering a balanced medium-firm feel, excellent motion isolation, and strong edge support. The hybrid construction ensures a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, while the temperature-regulating features keep sleepers cool throughout the night.

Based on customer reviews and feedback, the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress has garnered a strong reputation for its comfort, support, and quality. If you’re looking for a versatile and crowd-pleasing hybrid mattress that can accommodate various sleeping positions and preferences, the Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress should definitely be on your shortlist.


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