Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad 2020 – Electric Mattress Protector

It is seen from various things that heated mattress pads are the best one that is designed like comforters to cover the top part of your body throughout the night. However, the temperature can be adjusted as per the requirement of the people. Some of the heated mattress pad is made of cotton and some are made of polyester material. Most of the heated mattress pads come with wires along with some heating properties inside the material. There is some heated mattress are powered by low-voltage technology so that they do not take up a lot of energy. There are even mattresses that have an automatic shut-down feature for extra safety measures. There are many companies that manufacture these types of mattresses.

Top 5 Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad – Best Selling

You can choose the one that is comfortable for you. Most people hold the opinion that heated mattresses are more convenient and safer than heated blankets. This is the reason why most of the people try to buy heated mattresses for their purposes. In most of the cases, high technology is used to manufacture such types of mattresses. Thus it can be safely used by the buyers. You can completely rely on the product. Now let us have a short discussion on some of the best twin xl heated mattress pad that is available in the market. It will help us to choose the best mattress with a heated option from the long list.

#1. Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad Twin XL Size

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If you are looking for some restful sleep then Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad is the best choice to have these types of mattresses. The Thermofine warming system senses and can be easily adjusted as per the comfortability of the user. The mattress can also provide cosiness to the body. The more you will use the product the more you will like it. Twin xl and Full size have one controller and queen and king have 2 controllers. The best thing about Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad is it is available in 6 different sizes and they are twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king.


  • Presence of 140 threads count.
  • 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • The machine is washable and dryer safe.
  • Ultra-soft mattress.
  • Imported product.


  • There should be more colour variations apart from white.

#2. Comfort House Serta Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad

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Comfort House Serta Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad made with safe and advanced technology this is the perfect heated mattress pad for your bedroom bed. It allows you to warm up your body very easily. You will feel a warm feeling within a short time. The Comfort House Serta Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad is equipped with a unique pre-heat feature that allows the body to warm up for the whole night. There are dual controllers to control the heating system. It will allow you to sleep with your preferred temperature throughout the night. Comfort house Serta has launch new model Twin XL size electric heated mattress pad for on this October 2019. 


  • Made with safe and high technology.
  • Perfect for the body.
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted.
  • Comes with perfect dimensions.


  • The fabric used must be of high-quality.

#3. Electrowarmth Extra Long Twin Heated Mattress Pad

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If you are looking for some compact and foldable mattress then it is the best one in the market. The mattress radiates the heat from below allowing the user to sleep comfortably throughout the night. On colder nights it can be your best companion. The relaxing sensation allows you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. You will slowly realize that the comfort level is gradually increasing. The product is safe for machines and can be easily washed. The mattress pad is made of high-quality. 


  • Manufactured in the US.
  • 10 warming settings to adjust the heat accordingly.
  • Saves energy cost to a great extent.
  • Machine wash and can be dried easily.


  • The warranty period of the product should have been increased to some extent.

#4. MaxKare Electric Heated Mattress Pad

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It will be a great pleasure to spend your winter days on this mattress. It is a unique type of mattress that can keep the body warm for a long time without any issues. This mattress is made with flannel and soft heating technology. It is very comfortable and breathable. There are two main reasons for choosing this type of heated mattress. Firstly it is best for sensitive skins and secondly, the comfortability zone is quite higher. Due to this reason, most of the people prefer to buy this mattress.


  • Unique design.
  • Provides instant and efficient heating.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable for the body.


  • There should be some more variations in the size of the mattress.

#5. 3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad

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3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad is a high-quality mattress that can be used in every home. You can use it comfortably for a long time. It comes with some specific features that make it different from all angles. The whole mattress is washable and dried up easily. The 3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad fabric used is of high-quality and so it is best for the skin. It will not affect the skin in any way. Once you get habituated with the mattress you will not like to use any other one. 3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad comes with 5 Year Limited Warranty – That is 5 years of promise of savings and service. Twin, Twin XL, and Full size have one controller, Queen, King, and Cal King size have 2 controllers.


  • Imported product.
  • 100% polyester mattress.
  • Machine washable and dried easily.
  • The product comes with a zipper bag.
  • Comes with 5 year warranty period.


  • The price of the product could have been reduced to some extent.

Buying Guide For Best Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad

Now you should have some proper knowledge about the tips on how to choose the best-heated mattress for your home. A small discussion on this topic may help you largely in this case.


It is very vital to check the quality of the fabric that is being used in the mattress. If low –quality fabrics are used then it may affect the skin. However, if you have sensitive skin then it can be dangerous for it. So, always check the quality of the fabrics that are being used to manufacture the mattress. It is the most important part and should be always kept in mind.

Heat Adjustability

Mere buying of mattress is not enough but you should also check the heat adjustability of the same. If there are no such adjustments then the body may become over-heated which is not at all good. Just check the heat adjustability process of the mattress and that is enough for the whole operation. If required you should check the process from the seller as that will be much more convenient.

Mattress Washability

It is very important to see that the product is washable in nature. At the same time, it should be dried up easily. If it is not washable then it can be a big problem before the user. However, in the present time, you can get products that can be easily washable on machines. This is a great advantage before the users. 


Also, check the size of the heated mattress pad. There are various sizes of heated mattress pad available in the market but you should go with the one that is suitable for your bed. It will be better if you take a measurement of your bed and then opt to buy the mattress. You should always remember that the mattress should adjust with the size of the bed. If not then the same should be changed or replaced by the user immediately. 


Checking the warranty period of the product is another important thing that must always be considered. All the products should have a specific warranty period. If there is no such warranty period then you should enquire about that or ask for it. If anything happens within the warranty period then the same can be replaced easily by the user. 

Check the Reviews

The most important thing above all is checking the reviews. There are many well-known sites that are good for reviews. You should check the reviews to know exactly about the product. Only a good review will help you to know more about the product and that too in a better way. If possible visit several sites that exclusively deal with the reviews. That will be much more convenient for the user. The reviews will also provide the actual price of the items. So, it can be the right decision to check the reviews.


With the emergence of various types of heated mattress pads, it is now very easy to warm up the bed during the winter months. Every one of us wants to have a comfortable sleep. That comfortability increases with a relaxing bed. If you sleep in a cool bed during the winter months then it may take a long time to have a good sleep.

The heated mattress is always better and can give you the actual warmness. Also, the same temperature can be adjusted as per the convenience of the user.  With all these facilities it is very easy to have a good sleep after a tiring day. If you have still not availed a heated mattress then it is the right time to buy the perfect mattress for your home. Once you start sleeping on this mattress you will not like to sleep in any other bed.  

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