Crib Mattress Topper – Soft Foam Base For Babies

As a parent, it is natural that you want to provide you with your little bundle of joy with all the comfort and luxury. When it comes to crib mattress toppers, you should put in your best efforts and find the one that is best for your child. Your child deserves to be wrapped in the warmest and the softest mattress toppers. On the other hand, and like an adult mattress topper, a crib mattress topper has to come with a few more specifications. if you are looking for the best crib mattress for your little baby, you are the best trip mattresses of the year. 

 Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper For Babies

As this mattress topper is noiseless and made up of breathable material so that your child does not suffocate even when facing downwards. The outer layer of the mattress is made up of washable and waterproof material, so it won’t seep down to the mattress. The below crib mattress topper has especially been tried and tested in our laboratory a number of times to guarantee this result.  With the help of this mattress topper made from 100% memory foam, you will be able to provide your toddler with a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Each of these memory foam mattress toppers has been tried and tested in the laboratory in order to obtain the perfect hardness of the memory foam that is best suited for your little child’s weight and body structure

#1. Milliard Ventilated Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper

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Who says only adults deserve the comfort of memory foam? In fact, memory foam is the perfect way to provide a soft and protective mattress for your little child that will cradle them and help them soothe their backs and get a good night’s sleep. At the same time, your child can’t control his bodily functions. This memory foam crib by Milliard comes with a removable covering that is waterproof and washable to avoid any such mishap. This layer is the perfect protection against stains. All you have to do is take off the cover and wash it off. Another significant aspect about this crib topper by Milliard is that every piece has been lab checked for quality control as well as to make sure that your child gets only the best. However, this memory foam crib topper is not meant for infants and incredibly soft kids. You must consult your paediatrician for the recommended age for using this foam topper. Before using this mattress, make sure to allow it to aerate for at least 24 to 48 hours. This topper weighs about 5.5 lbs, and the dimension of this product is 17 x 9 x 8 inches. 


  • This memory foam topper is designed just like one on adult beds. This foam topper will provide contouring around your child’s body in a comfortable way so they can sleep peacefully. 
  • This memory foam topper is one toast a lifetime. It is constructed with the best quality material that is composed entirely of memory foam with 2.5lbs density with a 2-inch thick layer to provide maximum comfort to your little one. It is guaranteed that the topper will not lose shape quickly. 
  • Aerated holes are added systematically on the topper to provide ideal ventilation for proper sleep. 
  • This topper has a hypoallergenic topper that is not only waterproof but also washable, so if any accidents do occur, you can easily wash the outer layer without any damage to the topper itself. 
  • This foam topper is CertiPUR-US approved, and lab tested. The hypoallergenic material and the certification guaranteed that you are providing your child with safe sleeping space. 

Why Buy:

  • The sturdy construction of this mattress topper will last you Without a dent for a lifetime. 
  • It is made up of the best ingredients in the market and is safe for sleeping. 
  • It will provide your little ones with the best sleep because of its comfortable contouring mechanism.
  • It comes with an easy to wash and waterproof top layer in case an accident occurs. 

#2. Ruuf Gel-Infused Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper



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RUUF is a company that does not take any shortcuts when it comes to providing the top quality material. The raw material for the mattress topper by RUUF comes from the top manufacturers in the US, so high quality is guaranteed. If you are worried that buying a luxurious memory foam crib topper for your toddler will cost you a fortune, you are wrong. This world-class mattress topper from RUUF comes at an unbelievable price for the material. The amount of activity your toddler performs and his or her day to day life it’s truly unbelievable. At the end of a fun and activity-packed day, all your toddler really wants is a peaceful night’s sleep. This memory foam mattress comes with a CertiPUR-US certification guaranteeing a safe and breathable environment for your child. As an added bonus, this foam mattress topper has a removable layer on the outside, which is easy to clean and remove if an accident occurs. This mattress topper is not meant for infants. Since this topper comes in a small box, you need to allow it to rest for at least 48 hours to completely expand and become ready for usage. 


  • This memory foam mattress topper is made with FDA and OEKO-TEX certified organic terry cotton, and the washable layer is 100% cotton and safe for machine washing. 
  • The memory foam topper is 2 inches and height, providing your child with a soft mattress that will contour around the body and provide him or her with a comfortable and luxurious sleep. 
  • It also comes with an anti-slip bottom to ensure an added layer of protection for your child.
  • The mattress has air pockets for easy ventilation and a noiseless sleep. This ventilation system allows the mattress to become extremely breathable without any hassles. 
  • The outside cover is washable, breathable, and made out of hypoallergenic material that is CertiPUR-US.

Why Buy:

  • This is the best memory foam mattress to provide your child with a comfortable sleeping place. 
  • The outside layer is easy to wash and dry. It can even be put in the washing machine without worry. 
  • This mattress topper is made out of a hundred per cent memory foam, just like an adult version. 
  • The anti-slip bottom feature adds to the safety and security of this mattress topper. 

#3. iLuvBamboo Firm Foam Crib Mattress Topper

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This is the perfect crib mattress for your little ones and comes packed with a host of advantages! The mattress topper is made of the best quality bamboo jacquard that is absolutely soft and silky for perfect sleep! Unlike other mattresses that are made up of Terry material, this used something absolutely unconventional so it won’t snag off easily. This crib mattress is made to perfectly fit a regular 52” x 28” crib and provides without crinkling up on the sides. This is one of the only baby mattresses in the market that does not come off when your baby wiggles on it. With the baby’s safety in mind, this crib mattress does not have any additional padding between the top and the bottom layers. This protector has a 360° elastic band on the back, so putting it off or on is no struggle at all.

The bamboo fabric is absolutely safe and secure for your baby’s soft skin and even great for those kids who have sensitive skin or skin infections like eczema or psoriasis. Since bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, you can rely on your eyes closed that the microstructure in this fabric makes it much more readable than a conventional mattress. In fact, during summer, the material draws moisture from the child’s body, keeping him or her relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand, during the winters, it acts as a viable insulator keeping the baby warm and toasty. One of the most significant advantages of this mattress cover is that it is incredibly durable and does not shrink ok even after several washes.


  • This mattress is made up of smooth bamboo jacquard that is not only long-lasting but also snag-proof. 
  • Maintaining this crib mattress protector is extremely easy because it is not only machine waterproof but also dryer proof. 
  • It fits perfectly on a standard 52” x 28” with a deep 9″ pocket so that it does not bunch up at the sides. 
  • The material is soft, safe, and noiseless for a rested good night’s sleep. 
  • The outside material is breathable and waterproof, so you can take it off any time accidents occur without staining the actual mattress. 

Why To Buy

  • Unlike the conventional memory foam mattresses, this crib protector is unique and packed with a plethora of advantages that you will only feel when you buy it. 
  • High quality guaranteed. 
  • The material is so soft and smooth that it will put your baby to sleep instantly. 
  • The snug fit and ease of taking off and putting it on adds to the value of the mattress. 

#4. Organic Latex Foam Crib Mattress Topper


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This is truly one of a kind crib mattress that is suitable not only for infants but also for toddlers. So this mattress is an investment for the future and a gift for today as well. According to research, infants require a harder surface to sleep on in comparison to toddlers because their bones and muscles are in the formative stage, and too much softness can actually harm them more than providing support. On the other hand, once your child becomes a toddler, and the body is no more in a constant stage of formation, and with all the activities in the life of a toddler, they require a soft and spongy surface to lay their backs on so they can go off to sleep immediately after a tiring day at school and home.

This mattress by Organictextiles provides two surfaces with the softness to firmness ratio varies on the side you choose depending on whether it is the toddler or the infant side. While obviously, the infant side is more firm, you can simply flip it when your child grows up and provide them with the comfort of the toddler side. The softer side or the toddle side is made up of 1.5″ memory foam cool gel, which is very suitable for the skin, breathable and non-toxic. In fact, it can also regulate temperature with brilliant ventilation to keep your baby cool and dry throughout the night.

On the other hand, the firmer side or the infant side is made up of 4″ safety high-density support foam, which is meant to keep the development of the baby at a fast pace and support them in these formative years. In fact, it is also extremely breathable and non-toxic. This mattress also has two additional outer layers that are easy to wash and waterproof in case of an emergency. 


  • It has two sides, one for the infant, which is firm, and the other for a toddler that is soft and made up of memory foam. 
  • It has fireproof fabric to guarantee the safety of your child in case of an unforeseen mishap. 
  • It has high quality and breathable sheets made up of bamboo fibre, which is also anti-wrinkle and anti-mite as well as super safe for the skin of your baby, which is more sensitive than adult skin. 
  • The waterproof TPU material on the outer sheets that is two in number is genuinely safe for the child and keeps stains away. 

Why to Buy:

  • This is the perfect investment and worth the price because it will last from infancy through childhood. 
  • The firm side is very beneficial for strengthening the bones and muscles of your child.
  • The soft side is comfortable and luxurious for a brilliant sleep at night. 
  • It comes with not one, but two outer sheets for an easy replacement that is made up of bamboo fibre. 

#5. Little Sleepy Head Waterproof Crib Mattress Topper

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Every parent hopes that their child sleeps well at night and that they are well-rested and not cranky and moody in the morning. However, you cannot expect your child to get a good night’s sleep without a comfortable and luxurious mattress padding. There is a plethora of high-quality crib padding exclusively designed for toddlers and infants to meet their developmental needs and also to make sure that day sleep peacefully at night. This mattress pad by Little Sleepy is made up of the best quality memory foam, which will help your toddler to fall off to sleep up as soon as they enter the bed. This pattern is secure and luxurious, making them feel safe and comfortable throughout the night. This mattress pad has been tried and tested in the laboratories before being launched in the market.

This mattress has gotten the Certipur certification and is compliant with the US rules and regulations regarding mattress pads. However, this is not suitable for infants because they are still developing and require a firmer surface to sleep. This mattress pad is made up of the best quality material with 2.5 pounds worth extra soft memory form. It provides excellent ventilation so that your baby can sleep comfortably. It comes with a removable top layer that can be zipped up along the sides and does not crease and move with your child. The dimensions of this crib mattress are 51.5 “X 27” X 2 and fit snugly into a regular size cot mattress. Little Sleepy has been providing top-class material for a long while and believes in 100% client satisfaction. 


  • This crib mattress is made up of the most luxurious and softest memory foam so that your child can sleep comfortably at night as the mattress contours around the child and provides a safe environment for sleeping. 
  • The material is well ventilated so that your child is safe and secure at night and does not feel the pressure when breathing even facing downwards. 
  • The top cover of this mattress padding is washable and made up of the best quality material and is highly absorbent. Even if an accident occurs, you will be able to simply open the zip and take it off, and machine washes it without any hustle. This cover keeps stain away from the mattress itself. 
  • This mattress is made up of certified material to guarantee extra safety. 
  • This mattress comes clean without any heavy metal or the use of fire retardants.

Why to Buy:

  • This mattress padding is super soft and comfortable for your little baby to sleep peacefully. 
  • The top layer is easy to wash and maintain, so you have nothing to worry about if your child has a little accident at night. 
  • It is made up of the safest and non-toxic material to ensure the safety of your child. 

Buying Guide To Choose The Best Crib Mattress Topper

Before you buy your baby a crib mattress topper, you must keep in mind that you focus on some factors that are essential when buying a crib mattress topper. The first thing you need to keep in mind is how soft or firm it is, a crib topper should not be too soft for an infant but a soft memory foam mattress is perfect for a toddler.

The mattress topper you buy must have a washable and waterproof cover in case of some accidents and it should also be easy to put on and off. Choose topper that is safe, non toxic, breathable and are well ventilated.  What are you waiting for? Buy your child the ultimate gift of comfort and a night of luxurious sleep with these crib mattress toppers.  

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