Top 5 Best Brands of Mattress Bag – Expert Reviews

Mattress bags are an essential thing to keep your mattresses protected all the time. Whether you are going on a vacation or storing a mattress in your storeroom, a mattress bag can help you to protect your mattresses. Also, if you are moving from your old house to a new one, then you can use a mattress bag to protect your mattresses during travel. Therefore, by using a mattress bag, you can keep your mattress safe from several external elements, including bed bugs and dust mites. 

Top Selling Mattress Bag Brands

But purchasing a mattress bag from the market is not easy. Though you can purchase mattress bags online nowadays, you may get overwhelmed with different brands in the market. Many brands produce mattress bags with different features to offer the best products to people. So, you should know about the top brands of mattress bags to get your preferred product with ease. Here are the top 5 best brands of mattress bags available in the market.

#1. TRU Lite Bedding Mattress Bag


TRU Lite is a reliable brand to provide solutions to protect your expensive mattresses. Therefore, when it comes to mattress bags, TRU Lite Bedding comes to the top of the list. When people were just focusing on buying costly mattresses instead of thinking of protecting them, this brand started offering solutions to protect the mattresses. Originally, TRU Lite Bedding was started from a mattress store. That time, the brand notices that people are interested in buying expensive mattresses but not focusing on protecting their mattresses from dust mites, bed bugs, liquids, allergens, etc. Because of this careless nature of people, they were suffering from sleep issues.

Also, they were affected by several physical and emotional problems due to poor sleep.  Considering this problem, TRU Lite started designing high-quality mattress protecting products. Apart from producing mattress bags, this brand also produces mattress protectors and non-slip pads to keep your bedding safe. That’s why people love to use the products from TRU Lite Bedding. 

#2. Linenspa Mattress Bag Brand


When it comes to buying the best bedding solutions at an affordable price, Linenspa is always on the top. This brand is providing the best bedding solutions since 2003. Also, Linenspa brand is committed to offering the same quality, which most brands offer, at an affordable price. This brand was born in 2003 to offer the best bedding products that could be affordable to everybody. But you shouldn’t question the quality of its products, as it offers exceptional quality and high value to its customers. As per some testimonials, this brand offers the best features in the market, and people are highly recommended to buy bedding products from this brand.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality mattress bag for your mattress, then Linenspa is the best choice for you. With its 15 years of expertise and consistent improvement, Linenspa offers premium quality mattress bags for all sizes of mattresses. Also, friendly customer service and incredible design are other features of the Linenspa brand. 

#3. Malouf Mattress Bag

Malouf is another top brand to opt for a mattress bag. This brand has redefined the quality when it comes to bedding products. This brand has several products to let you sleep comfortably. The main objective of this brand is to offer value and comfort to its customers. Malouf is popular for providing modern products by combining the best quality materials from all over the world. With high efficiency and reliable service, this brand is one of the best choices to buy a mattress bag. This brand also won the heart of many customers by offering outstanding products and support.

Also, it helps children to get education and employment at their level best and donated sleep products who are in need through The Malouf Foundation. Because of the consistency in quality and helping nature, this brand is famous in the world of bedding products. Its products have earned the popularity of many people. 

#4. UltraBlock Mattress Bag


UltraBlock offers mattress bags in multiple sizes to meet the needs of everyone. Also, this brand focuses on producing high-quality products to satisfy its customers. With this commitment, UltraBlock is one of the top brands for bedding products in the USA. UltraBlock uses top quality materials to produce durable mattress bags that can fulfil the needs of everyone. Also, the mattress bags of this brand offer a high grip and come in a larger size for high efficiency. The UltraBlock mattress bags also come without vent holes to prevent dust, liquids, and bugs from reaching your mattress.

By providing reliable products, UltraBlock guarantees 100% satisfaction to its customers. Also, UltraBlock offers solutions for the problems found in traditional mattress bags. Its mattress bags are firm and long-lasting to enhance your experience. 

#5. Nordic Elk Mattress Bag


Nordic Elk is a popular brand to offer superior mattress bags with special features. Some special features of its mattress bags with handles are zipper closure. Also, the Nordic Elk mattress bags are reusable for your convenience. This brand uses thick material to produce mattress bags, which makes its products highly durable and long-lasting. In 2018, Nordic Elk was born to produce the best quality mattress bags and protectors to help people in protecting their mattresses conveniently. Its mattress bags can be used for both carrying and storing your mattresses with ease. With a lifetime Warranty, Nordic Elk proves its quality of products and lets you use its products confidently. 

Nordic Elk is a renowned brand for offering reusable mattress bags at a cost-effective price. Its products come with outstanding features to offer the best performance in the market. Therefore, you can consider buying mattress bags from the Nordic Elk brand if you need a durable mattress bag for your mattress. 


If you are looking for the best mattress bag, then you should consider the top brands to make a reliable selection. We found the above brands to offer the best mattress bags in the market. So, you can rely on these brands to choose your preferred mattress bag. 

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