Best Mattress Storage Bag for Moving – 8* King, Queen & Twin Size Plastic Mattress Bags

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Mattress bags are used for moving your mattress when you travel from one place to another. These are used mainly for the protection of your mattress as well as the easy portability of the mattress. The mattress bag for moving should be perfect for storage.

Supposing, you don’t need a mattress now, but you may need it for a later time, the best mattress storage bag helps in keeping it in a safe place and protecting it from external factors. The mattress bags are designed in a way to protect the springs of your mattress as well as increase the lifetime of the mattress. The mattress bags are available in various shapes and sizes which make them very easy to be bought and utilized. The mattress bags are also available which are recyclable too. 

Top 8 Best Mattress Bag for Storage & Moving


Another utility of a mattress bag is protecting the mattress from bed bugs. You don’t want to bite by nefarious bugs and get yourself ill while taking rest. The storage of the mattress is made easier due to the presence of the mattress bags as well.

In transit or in-store, be ready to spend a bit more to protect your mattress by lightening your pockets for mattress protector for a bed bug. Selecting the right mattress bag can be a challenging and daunting task for most of people. In order to make things easier for you, here we are enlisting the best mattress bags for the year 2020. Let us have a look at some of the best mattress bags which are available: 

#1. Extra Thick Mattress Storage Bag with Adhesive Seal

Extra Thick Mattress Storage Bags with Adhesive Seal for Moving and Storing

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Carrying a mattress from one place to another is one of the most difficult tasks. A mattress is very heavy as well as the relocation risks are very high. In order to curb such dissatisfiers, extra thick mattress storage bags are used where the transportation risks are reduced. The mattress bags are helpful in carrying the mattress from one place to another as they are customizable and the sizes change with time. The mattress bags can also be used to store other things as the bags are provided with adhesive seals. 


  • Quality of the material is very robust, which makes them withstand against strong conditions.
  • The lightweight of the material, hence less manpower required.
  • Adhesive seals in the bags make them to be the reusable item.


  • As per customers, there is no handle which can be used to carry the mattress.
  • The product is completely made of plastic, hence not environmentally friendly.
  • The thickness of the bags need to be improved, else easy tearing of the bags. 

#2.Cresnel Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage

CRESNEL Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage

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The mattress bags need to be flexible enough to be able to carry the mattress from one place to another. Owing to the lightweight of the mattress bags, they can be used to carry heavy mattress from one place to another. The mattress bags also need to be very strong and durable in nature, else the mattress will not be transported easily from one place to another. Mattress Bag for Moving & Long Term Storage is also lengthier which helps them to accommodate an extra mattress length too.


  • The absence of any vent holes helps in keeping the mattress airtight.
  • An increased length of the mattress bag helps in accommodating the extra length of the mattress.
  • Perfect for the queen size mattress.
  • More durable since the bag is two times thicker.


  • The absence of any zipper, which means it needs to be tapped manually.
  • Absence of any handles to carry the mattress bag is a downside

#3. Mattress Bags for Moving Queen -Mattress Storage Bag

Movinghost Mattress Bags for Moving Quee

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Mattress storage bags are an integral part of each and every household. Having a mattress storage bag helps in reducing the headache of transportation as well as protects the mattress from the bugs. Mattress bags for moving queen-mattress storage bags are made of plastic which helps in transportation as they are highly durable bags. The bags are thicker in nature and prevent any leakage of air as they are sealed very tightly to prevent the moisture from entering the pack.


  • Larger in size, thus a perfect fit for the queen-sized beds.
  • The storage dust and mice are the major problems, which it protects against.
  • Resistant against any form of stain on the mattress.
  • Value for money product


  • The mattress bags doesn’t have any handles to carry it from one place to another.
  • There is no covering for the top of the bag, which is a turnoff for many users.

#4. UltraBlock Mattress Bag for Moving, Storage or Disposal 

UltraBlock Mattress Bag for Moving, Storage

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Mattress bags are used to cover the mattress while you sleep on them so that you can prevent the bed bugs from biting you. The bite of the bed bug can be the most infectious bite, thus keep mattress bug spray and spray it on mattress before shifting it in mattress bag. Ultrablock mattress bag for moving, storage or disposal helps in keeping the mattress safe and sound, without creating much damage to it. The mattress is taken proper care during transportation. The mattress is waterproof, extra spacious and has adhesive strips for keeping the mattress secure.


  • The maximum size for which the product will work is 15 inches.
  • Quality of the product is very good, thick plastic material making it very durable.
  • A plastic bag used is both reusable and recyclable, thus environment-friendly.


  • No cons reported as such.

#5. Tosnail Extra Thick 4-Mil Heavy Duty Mattress Cover

Tosnail Mattress Bag Cover for Moving and Storage

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Mattress bags are very helpful during relocation. The cost of a mattress is very high, hence buying a mattress every time after transfer and relocation is not a feasible solution. In order to reduce the hassle, people are encouraged to buy toenail extra thick-4mil heavy-duty mattress cover for moving and storage purpose. Lightweight, easy to handle and one of the most durable products which are available in this category. The product comes with an easy to store facility which makes it easier for the products to be safely kept if the mattress is not required. 


  • The material used is thicker in nature, thus increasing the durability of the product
  • Absence of vent hole prevents any room for dust and moist to settle
  • Airtight sealing can be made possible.


  • Absence of handles will make it difficult to carry the product.

#6. THETIS Homes 2 Pack Mattress Bag

THETIS Homes  Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage

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Moving and storing the mattress is one of the biggest challenges. Due to the heavy size of the mattress it gets very difficult to move and store it, every time you relocate from one place to another. Thetis Homes 2 Pack Mattress Bag is your one-time ultimate solution for this problem. You can fit in double XL mattresses inside the mattress bag that are resistant to any physical wear and tear of the material.


  • Protects the mattress from dust and environmental moisture.
  • Easy to carry, thus making the relocation easy for you.
  • Extendable size, thus a great fit for mattresses that are oversized.
  • Customizable as well as available across different sizes.


  • Absence for space within the bag for thick mattresses.

#7. TRU Lite Mattress Storage Bag – Sealable Mattress Bag

TRU Lite Mattress Storage Bag

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Tru Lite mattress storage bag can be used to store your mattress and relocate it from one place to another. The mattress bag is very thick, which protects your mattress from getting degraded due to environmental or pollution factors. It can be used to keep the products very hygienic and clean, thus making your relocation a very smooth experience, altogether. The product comes in different sizes which varies according to the requirements of the user. Starting from twin size to King size,  Tru Lite mattress storage bag can be used for all the various customers having varied needs.


  • Provides extensive quality of strength and thickness making it robust.
  • Available across varied sizes for better performance
  • Can be used to get away the old, worn-out mattresses too.


  • There is no zipper present, which makes it difficult to keep the mattress within the mattress bag.

#8. Mattress Bag with 8 Handles for Moving and Storage

Nordic Elk Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage

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Mattress bags are one of the must-have accessories in our homes. Mattress bags with different characteristics and are very helpful in the portability of the mattress as well as the storage of the mattress during the different requirements. Mattress Bag with handles for Moving and Storage are made of high-quality material which doesn’t get defected very early. There is a zipper present that helps in packing the mattress and the presence of handles in the mattress bag helps in carrying the mattress from one place to another. 


  • The mattress bag can be reused again and again.
  • The mattress bag has long handles which can be used to carry the mattress from one place to another
  • The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty against any damage.


  • Not resistant to water, hence it cannot be used during the rainy season for transporting.
  • The movement of the zipper is not smooth as per a few customers

Points to Consider Before Buying the Mattress Bag


Easily size customizable: The size of the mattress bag should be easily customized. It should be able to adjust itself as per the size of the mattress thus making it easier to fit the mattress. Also, check the mattress vacuum bag to make your mattress small in size to carry easily. 

Pest resistance: The mattress bags should be sprayed with pest-resistant material. One of the main roles of mattress bags is to prevent the mattress from being affected by the pests and bugs. Pest resistant mattress is useful in keeping the mattress safe.

Lightweight: The portability of the mattress is very important. The mattress needs to be lightweight so that it can be carried from one place to another easily without bearing a large weight. 

Fire-resistant: The ultimate aim of a mattress bag is to protect the mattress from any destruction. Fire can be one of the major causes of the destruction of the mattress. But, mattress bags need to be made of materials which are fire-resistant, thus making them durable and long-lasting. 

Even though there are different varieties of mattresses bags available selecting the best mattress is always a difficult task. In order to select the best mattress, many checks have to be met, before zeroing down on the perfect-fit mattress for you. In the current times, when our jobs require too much relocation, the choice of a reliable and durable mattress becomes more important. We, by listing down the best mattresses in Mattress Bag – Top Brands & Buying Guide For 2020, help in making your work easier for choosing the best mattress bag. Do write back to us about your experience with the selected mattress bag.

Benefits of Using Mattress Bag 

Protection against bugs: Mattress bags help in protecting the mattress from unwanted bugs. The bugs can create a lot of trouble if they bite you. In order to protect yourself from certain such conditions, you need to take extra care while using the mattress.

In transit: During the relocation from one place the another, the mattress needs to be protected from mechanical damage. This is protected using various mattress bags, which help to make the relocation smoother.

In storage: In order to store the mattress, the mattress bags are very helpful. Storage becomes one of the major problems since mattresses are very big in size, which makes it difficult to be stored. Thus, mattress bags are a lifesaver in storing the mattresses. 

Organized lifestyle: The mattress bags help in keeping the rooms organized as well. Living an organized life helps in reducing the extra effort which is used to find lost goods. Organizing the room is assisted due to the mattress bags which are available in the market place.

Protection against fire outbreaks: We are not being pessimistic, but accidents don’t email us before their arrival. Better prevent, than cure! Mattress bags help in protecting the mattress from a sudden fire outburst, which prevents the mattress from being burnt. The mattress is made of materials that support the fire, hence fire outbreaks, if mixed with the mattress would increase the intensity of the fire. Thus, mattress bags help in eliminating such accidents by protecting the mattress and reducing the fire from growing. 

Things to Check Before Packing Mattress For Moving

If you have already tried to move a mattress from one place to another, then, you would know how tricky the process is. As you know, there are different types of mattresses available on the market today; each type of mattress is floppy, heavy, and hard to move. If you are planning to move a mattress, then here are some of the things that you should consider and remember. 

Size and weight of the mattress

The best way to move a mattress is to plan everything and make each move based on the plan. As the size of the mattress increases, the complexity of moving increases, as the mattress could break under poor handling. A split king size mattress is comparatively easy to transport as it can be split into two parts, however, moving a queen size mattress is a difficult task. Therefore, it is very important that you consider the size and weight of the mattress and then move the mattress accordingly. 

Choose the right vehicle 

Once you have considered the size and weight of the mattress, it is very important that you choose the right vehicle. Yes, the right vehicle, there is a common tendency where a vehicle is chosen simply based on the weight of the mattress. However, you should know that the capacity of the vehicle to carry the weight alone is not enough, the carriage space should be in such a way that it has the surface area to accommodate the mattress. If the vehicle’s loading section does not have an adequate surface area, the mattress might break or puncture. 

Never try to move or transport the mattress alone –

Not all mattresses are designed for heavy-duty use, some mattresses are designed to be soft and they can tear or break even under the least poor condition. This is why we recommend that you never try to move a mattress alone. Always recruit one or two friends or labor to move the mattress irrespective of its size and weight. 

How to Pack a Mattress for Moving?

Before you move a mattress, it is very important that you read the above-mentioned facts. There are several reasons why you might move the mattress, it could be a change of house, selling the mattress, or just storing the mattress for the time being. Let it be any of these reasons, moving a mattress can be a messy thing, if not done properly. 

Step 1: Buy a Mattress Bag

The first thing that you should do before attempting to move the mattress is that you should purchase an appropriate mattress moving bag. The mattress bag could be a storage mattress bag, a regular mattress bag, or a moving bag. Once you have purchased the appropriate mattress bag, remove the comforter, sheet, or pillows from the mattress. 

Step 2: Clean the mattress

Once you remove all the materials from the mattress, you should check if the mattress is dry, if not, and then place it at any spot with direct sunlight for some time. Once you have done this, if you have a vacuum cleaner, clean the mattress.

Step 3 : Put Mattress in Mattress Bag

Now, insert the mattress into the mattress bag carefully. Remember, do this only if you have someone to help you. With the weight and size, if you try to insert the mattress alone into the bag, then, it could tear or the mattress could break. 

Step 4: Check no infestation or dirt inside the bag or mattress

Once you have inserted the mattress into the mattress bag, you should check the bag and mattress and make sure that there is no infestation or dirt inside the bag or mattress. Now, close the bag to prevent any contamination or moisture accumulation. 

Step 5: Moove Mattress Our from Room Carefully

The main purpose of a mattress bag is to protect the mattress from any damages and from, dirt, dust, and spills. So, never compromise the quality of the mattress bag. Now, while carrying the mattress from the rooms, pay utmost attention while navigating through tight corridors and sharp corners. Even if your mattress is protected by the mattress bag, it does not mean that you can be careless. 

Step 6: Load the Mattress in Truck, Car or Loading Vehicle

While loading in the truck, make sure the mattress is not under any stress. Let the mattress be loaded upright or sideways into the truck, but the mattress should be tightly held to the surface. The mattress should not move under any circumstances and this will prevent the mattress from breaking or tearing under pressure. 

FAQ For Mattress Bags

Do I need a mattress bag for moving?

Yes, Because mattress bags gives you extra cover for mattress which prevents scratesche and tears while moving.

What can I use to cover my mattress when moving?

There are various option available, but to be specific you should buy mattress bag or moving blanket to cover the mattress while moving.

How do you move a mattress without getting dirty?

To move mattress withouth getting dirty, I would suggest to go for plastic mattress bags or cover which helps you to move your mattress withouth getting damaged and dirty.

Can I Buy Mattress Bags Online?

Yes, there are various shopping sites and brands are selling mattress bags which uses as moving materials.

Where to Buy Mattress Bags?

There are various online stores and offline stores you can buy mattress bags. Amazon, Target is a few of them where you can order mattress bags online. If you are looking to buy from a nearby store, please visit Wallmart to buy mattress bags.

Conclusion: –

Packing and moving a mattress is not a complicated task if you do it the right way. If you are planning on packing and moving your mattress, then follow the steps mentioned above and make sure you purchase an appropriate mattress bag. 


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