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#1 Irvine #2   Zinus  #3. Perfect Cloud
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Children grow continuously at a quick pace physically and mentally. It becomes important to learn that both their body and mind develop rapidly at night time. The relaxing the sleep of your child, the relaxing it is going to be yours.  This can only be accomplished if you get him the best kid’s mattress. The right selection of a mattress needs different considerations to be made. As a buyer, you need to know about all those factors that impact his sleep. The major one being the growth factor as a child could become double his present height when he reaches his teenage. Other important factors being temperature neutrality, material composition, bed thickness, and the most position of a child’s sleep. The tough part about purchasing the kids’ mattress is selecting the right mattress and the fact is that you will not find a good mattress for kids at every store

 Top 10 Mattress For Kids – Firm and Soft

Moreover, it may be a little difficult to choose the right mattress for your kids so to help you further with the purchase, we have compiled a list of best kids mattresses available in America. We have considered many factors while compiling the list and we are sure that you will be able to shortlist one for yourself from this list. You can look for factors like the thickness of the mattress, the material the mattress is made of and other such factors while shortlisting something for your children’s room also.  This will help you in finding the perfect mattress for your children and for kids room uses which is going to last for years. Let us now move ahead and check out what is in stores for us.  Below is the list of top 10 mattresses that are good to be used for the children room. You might want to check out the dimensions of these mattresses so feel free to check out the product page of the mattresses in order to find more details.

#1. Zinus Memory Foam Kids Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Kids Mattress

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Zinus brings the most innovative memory foam technology that lets you get a deeper and nourishing sleep easily. This five-inches memory foam bedding along with its conforming memory foam layer offers long-lasting sleep to a kid. Zinus kids mattress moulds itself to the natural shape of the body of the kid. This shows an efficient response to the pressure and heat of the body. It’s soft and deluxe bed cover provides a smooth feel and touch at all the time. The comprehensive support offered by the high-density base layer of Zinus Mattress offers long-lasting stability and durability. Buying this mattress, you are sure to experience stress-free ten years of warranty.

The first one on our list is from Zinus and this one comes in 5 inches and 6 inches versions. The mattress offers good support and in addition to this, it comes in twin package to support the kid’s room settings. The foam quality is very good which makes it pretty durable. The mattress brand also offers a warranty of 10 years on this mattress. Overall, it’s a good mattress considering the price and the quality offered here.


  • Available in 5 inches and 6 inches
  • Foam is certified for CertiPUR
  • Has Steel Bonnell coil for support
  • Has dual-layer foam which makes it soft and bouncy


  • The amazing quality of the mattress
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • Spring coil makes this mattress comfortable to sleep on.


  • Difficult to clean

#2. Ashley Furniture iKidz Mattress 

Ashley Furniture iKidz Toddlers Mattress 

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Ashley iKidz Children’s Mattress is on our top 10 list that offers decent temperature regulation. The advanced memory foam used in designing this mattress offers a solution to hot mattresses. This high-density foam offers extra firmness to the sleeper. Ashley iKidz Children’s Mattress is made to be non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and water-resistant that can be easily cleaned using a mild soap. This helps to prevent a build-up of moulds, odour, and mildew. This makes it safe for the use of children and meets the standards set for emissions, durability, and performance.

It gives parents an assurance that the mattress foam is made with no hazardous contaminants. Ashley iKidz Children’s Mattress is an ideal bed for kids’ rooms, dormitories, and bunk beds. Its maximum breathability features make them one of the preferred mattresses on the market. You can be assured of incredible pressure point relief, support, as well as enhanced spinal cord alignment. The base foam of Ashley iKidz Children’s Mattress offers incredible support and comfort to give you a restful sleep. Its pressure relieving properties and superior quality memory foam make it hypoallergenic in nature.


  • Comfortable Memory Foam
  • Comes with a Pillow
  • Uses Certi-PUR certified foam


  • Quick set up and lightweight
  • Comes with washable cover
  • Can be used as a guest bed

#3. Fortnight Soft Foam Mattress For Kids

Fortnight Soft Foam Mattress For Kids

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If you are looking for a mattress that is available in different sizes then check out this mattress from Fortnight. This one is available in 8 different sizes and the best part is that it comes with a nylon cover. This cover makes the mattress resistant to water and the mattress also uses CertiPUR certified foam. The use of this mattress is not just restricted to beds but you can use them in trucks, campers, and even RVs. The overall quality appears smooth and comfortable. This mattress gives you excellent feel and it is well packed with blue colour cover. It can also be used as a twin bed mattress for sudden guests accommodation.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Uses 3-pound high-density foam
  • Comes with nylon cover which helps in maintaining cleanliness


  • Nylon cover is a blessing in a true sense
  • The foam used is of very good quality and it is comfortable as well.
  • Very affordable


  • Need to leave 48 hours after unboxing

#4. Perfect Cloud Kids Memory Foam Mattress & Pillow

Perfect Cloud Kids Signature 7-inch Memory Foam Mattress and PillowBuy Now at Amazon

Memory Foam had always been in good demand and this is mainly because of the fact that memory foam is very comfortable to use. If you had been looking for one such mattress that comes with memory foam then check out this one from Perfect Cloud. It is a mattress which is also available in various dimensions. You can also choose between 6 inches and a 7-inch variant of the mattress. We also have a kids mattress from Perfect Cloud. This mattress comes with a zoned foam construction which makes it better than many other mattresses in the list. The foam used in these mattresses is also Certi-PUR certified and they come with a long warranty to protect the user when he purchases this mattress


  • Has a zoned foam construction
  • Uses Certi-PUR certified foam
  • Made of 100% safe material which is also flame retardant
  • Uses Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Has high-quality Certi PUR foam 
  • Has a medium cushion feel which makes it a lot more comfortable.


  • Zoned construction makes it much more comfortable for kids
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • Packed in sleek and compressed form
  • Memory foam makes it very desirable
  • Cool gel memory foam draws heat from the body 
  • Foam is resistant to bacteria, allergens, mould and dust mites


  • No use of spring

#5. Irvine Home Collectio Kids Size Mattress

Irvine Home Collectio Kids Size Mattress

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This is a twin memory foam based mattress that is made to be completely safe for kids. Irvine Home kids mattress is manufactured with hypoallergenic foam that deters bacteria, moulds and dust mites from entering into it. The quality of the mattress foam cover offers optimal comfort. Irvine Home Collectio Kids Mattress is rated as more comfortable than other standard traditional kid’s memory foam mattresses. The cover on this mattress is removable which makes it easy to clean and maintain the hygiene. It easily fits into the twin bed as well. The Irvine Home Collection gel memory foam mattress is comprised of 3 layers of memory foam and a washable outer textile fabric cover for superior comfort. This ergonomic design allows the mattress to conform to the sleeper’s natural body curvature and sleeping position. 

The Irvine Home Collection gel memory foam mattress made to support the entire body relieving core pressure points while regulating body temperature for less tossing and turning Ideal for side back and stomach sleeping positions giving you a cool and comfortable good night’s sleep. The foam is made without harmful substances such as formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. Hypoallergenic material makes the mattress resistant to dust mites and keeping out dust pollen and air debris leaving your home allergen-free


  • Features portable tri-folding design
  • Comes with a storage bag 
  • Uses Certi-PUR certified foam


  • Has a tri-folding construction
  • Comes with washable cover
  • Can be used as a guest bed


  • Available in a single piece

#6. Groove Tie Dye Memory Foam Mattress

Groove Tie Dye Memory Foam Mattress

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On number 7, we have a mattress available from Groove. This is also made of memory foam and this is 5 inches thick. In terms of construction, it has 1-inch memory foam gel layer which provides relief at pressure points and the other material used is also Certi-PUR certified seal of approval, giving you peace of mind knowing that after rigorous laboratory testing they meet standards for contents, emissions, and durability. This mattress is twin size mattress provides a unique style that will enhance bedroom decor; Ideal for children, teens, and guests. Medium-firm comfort level mattress includes a bright and soft tie-dye mattress cover that is removable and machine-washable. The memory foam mattress is compatible with adjustable base Includes a limited 10-year manufacturer


  • Made of good quality memory foam
  • Has medium firmness to relive the pressure points
  • Has 1-inch memory foam layer


  • Has 10 years warranty
  • Comfortable to use because of memory foam
  • Available in two sizes


  • Slightly expensive

#7. Slumber Spring Mattress For Kids

Slumber Spring Mattress For Kids

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The next one on our list is from Slumber. This one is also a twin size mattress and it is made specifically for the kids and teens. You can even use these with the day beds or the trundle beds. The coil system used in this mattress is of really high quality and it provides ample of firm support to kids also. For the price, this is a great purchase. For a mattress, this cheap was not expecting anything this nice from comfort to size all just perfect. If you’re looking for high end, this isn’t the right mattress for you, but if your looking for some bang for your buck, this might be the mattress for you! Basically this mattress for people with no back issues looking for a simple, plush mattress for their kids’ age between 5- 15 years.


  • Available in a twin pack and it is a 6-inch mattress
  • Comes with Bonnell Spring System to provide support
  • Has multiple layers of padding and foam to give a soft feel


  • One of the best in the market
  • Last years without any issue
  • The multiple layers of foam make it very comfortable


  • Need to leave 48 hours after unboxing

#8. Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Kids Mattress

Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Kids Mattress

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This is another highly appreciated kid’s mattress on our list. Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattresses are scientifically designed beds with pure foam. The fabric used in making this mattress exhibits Anti-Microbial and High-Resilience properties.  It has no springs in it. Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress offers improved ventilation that makes your mattress breathable.

Its non-temperature sensitive foam offers temperature neutrality feature that aids you to sleep comfortably without feeling too hot or too cold under extreme temperature conditions. It is designed to be a firm and single-sided mattress that offer adequate spine support to your baby. The pressure-relief materials used in manufacturing this mattress adapts to the body weight, temperature, and shape of the kid conveniently.  Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses that can accommodate kids of any size, ranging from kids to young teens.

#9. Signature Sleep Contour Kids Mattress

Signature Sleep Contour Kids Mattress

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If you are looking for an affordable option then you need to check out this mattress as well. This mattress from Signature Sleep Contour Kids Mattress is also very portable for kids ages between 3 – 12. Signature sleep contour kids mattress has high-density foam at the top and bottom of the mattress gives you a comfortable embracing feel to minimize the feeling of the coils. The reversible feature provides extra versatility enabling you to flip and rotate the mattress to even out the wear and last for years to come. Signature Sleep Contour Kids Mattress Foam in this mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead and heavy metals which is an important factor to include before buying a mattress for kids. 


  • This is a 4-inch mattress which also uses memory foam
  • Has a soft and firm which makes it popular
  • Made of 100% polyester


  • This mattress that can easily be stored
  • Quality construction which makes sleep comfortable
  • Good for unexpected guest visits


  • Non-removable and non-washable cover.

#10. Lucid Memory Foam Kids Mattress

Lucid Memory Foam Kids Mattress

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Lucid Memory Foam mattress is designed to offer ultra-comfort to your Kids. The foam mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which is one of the essential standards for any kid’s mattress. It is made to be hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mite-proof, leads free, and phthalate. Lucid Foam Fulfills and exceeds federal flammability standards. Its cover is washable and waterproof.

Most of the mattress manufacturers design mattresses that are purely designed for the use of children. To enhance the sleep of the kid, we have chosen the top 10 products available on the market. Bunk Bed are perfect for you if you have 2 children and they can serve the purpose for many years before actually retiring This mattress gives the most relaxing and peaceful sleeping experience for your child. It provides the same pressure to all the areas of the body so that he wakes up feeling refreshed and energetic. Rotating and turning of mattresses prevents any sagging in it.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Kid’s Mattress

The right mattress would be the one that meets the needs of your kid in the best way. To provide an ideal sleep, it should meet the growing spinal region and mental and physical abilities of your kid. Here are a few key factors that must be considered when buying a kid’s mattress:

How to Choose Best Kids Mattress in Size

As your young one will be growing at a rapid rate, you need to choose a mattress that provides adequate space for him to sleep. Kids mattress comes in three sizes like Twin, Full and Twin XL.

Mattress Size      Dimension (in inches) Appropriate for

Twin                     39 x 75                        Younger and mid-school children

Twin XL                39 x 80                         Taller Kids, Quick growing kids, and teenagers

Full                       54 x 75                        Any Age. Gives them enough space to grow

We here would talk about mattress buying guide in-depth taking into consideration different factors. There are different things you need to factor in like the size of the mattress, types of mattress, what type of sleeper you are and much more. We here would brief in-depth about all these as part of our buying guide for you. 

You should know that it is not easy to select the best mattress on the market from the long list of products. However, to make things easier for you, we have selected some kids mattresses above from the market that you can consider purchasing today. Before going to the products and their review, you should know that the buying guide quoted below could offer you help to select the best kids mattresses without any confusion.  It is not easy to select the best mattress from the market,  If you are looking for the best kids mattress available on the market today, you should consider the factors mentioned below as they can help select the best kids mattress available today. 

  1. Type of Mattress – As you know, there are different types of mattresses available on the market today and each type of mattress offers different advantages and at the same time different disadvantages.
  • Foam – Some mattresses come with foam layers and the foam layers would be made of either polyurethane or latex. Some models of mattresses come with both materials incorporated. One of the notable things about foam mattresses is that, once the person lies on it, it softens and moulds to your body. 
  • Innerspring – Mattress that comes incorporated with innerspring are still in use, these traditional mattresses come with steel coils of different types. Some mattresses that come with innerspring and also come with a special layer of cushioning and infused gel on the top of the springs for maximum comfort. However, there is one thing that you should know, come mattresses come with very thin foam, gel, cushioning that might not suit some users. Therefore, check the product specification and purchase a mattress with thick foam on the surface.
  • Adjustable Air – This type of mattress comes designed in such a way that the user can inflate the mattress to required firmness whenever needed. Unlike the foam mattress and innerspring mattresses, an adjustable air mattress is designed for easy storage and use.
  • Different Size of Mattress

It’s something we all know about. Mattress comes in different shapes and sizes. There’s the larger ones, the shorter ones, or the mid-size ones. These tend to be one of the major concerns whilst buying a mattress what size should we opt for. It’s a reason why we took upon ourselves to help you decide on the same via our in-depth buying guide here. As it all starts with the size, we placed our focus on the size part at first. 

  • How Size Plays a Major Role?

Think of it, you may have a small room and you’d want a smaller kind of mattress that will fit into your room and will also support the room’s space availability. Or you may move into a big house and want a king-size or a queen-size mattress. Or there’s a new addition to the family and you want a smaller mattress for your blooming baby. 

There are different factors that come into play while buying the mattress. Sometimes you’d want to increase your mattress size or sometimes downsize or sometimes go for the same size. We here will list the common size of the mattress that is available online for you. So that you can have a good look at it and go for the one that suits you. 

  • Materials Factors

As a parent, it is important to choose mattresses that are made from only organic materials. It has to be safe and non-toxic in nature.  The right mattress materials should not release any form of destructive chemicals, such as phthalates, flame retardants, polyurethane, VOCs, or other kinds of fumes.

  • Anti-bounce Factors

There are some memory foam mattresses, sleeping on which your kid will experience a bouncing effect. It can hurt him if he bounces occur too frequently. To avoid such consequences, it is recommended to choose a mattress with an anti-bounce feature. Select the one that is made up of foam or latex with soft or medium firmness. In addition to it, you need to ensure that the bed does not contain any spring components. All these incredibly designed memory foam mattresses support each area of your kid’s body uniformly and individually. Choosing any of these mattresses to offer complete, worry-free and luxurious support to your child. Ensure that all these features are present in your next memory foam mattress that match the body shape of your kid and promote him therapeutic sleep.

Final Verdict:

This was all about the best Kids mattresses available in the USA market. We have covered up the basic features along with Pros and Cons to help you in making the purchase decision. So do not wait any longer and check out the deals available on these kids Mattresses for you.

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