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Storage of clothes or mattresses for a longer duration is really a difficult task. There are various effects on storing them for a longer duration. There could be an infestation of insects, spiders, cockroaches, and many others. You want to store your old marriage clothes because you do not wear them regularly. But you also want to make sure they are stored well and they do not get damaged due to the long storage. You want to travel and you have a large number of clothes that you want to pack. You are shifting your house and you want to ensure your expensive clothes and the beautiful mattress do not get dirty due to the dust. 

Top 5 Best Selling Mattress Vacuum Bag

In all these cases and many similar ones, these vacuum bags come to the rescue. These are the bags where you put in all the clothes and then vacuum out the air from it and store it. It will take lesser space and also protects your clothes from dust, insects, and dampness. In the section below we will be talking on some of the vacuum mattress bags for moving & Storing purpose. 

#1. AirBaker Mattress Vacuum Storage Bag

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These storage bags for clothes, blankets, mattresses, and pillows are from AirBaker. These are designed to save storage space up to 3 times. There are 2 ways you can use it. One is using a vacuum cleaner with which you can remove all the air from the bag and create a perfect vacuum to store the clothes/mattress. Once the air is removed the whole pack reduces the volume by around 80%. That means you can store at least 3-4 times the clothes/mattress in the same space.

The vacuum bag from AirBaker is BPA free and also puncture resistant. That means the suction of air from the bag does not cause any puncture in the bag. But make sure you do not keep the bag near any sharp object. To attain this, it is made of 5 layer co-extrusion film. This is far better and stronger than the usual film. This is also FDA approved.

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The next thing about it is you do not always need a vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the bag. There is also a free pump provided by the company so that you can also use it when there is no power or when you do not give a vacuum pump nearby. These bags are 27.5” x 19.5” in size and hence good storing space. Make sure the clothes are not damp and completely dry to avoid ay fungus or any other damage to the clothes/mattress.


  • Easy to use as it comes with a pump also in case the electric vacuum pump is not available.
  • 80% space saving


  • As per customer reviews, the bags are getting unsealed
  • Some customer found quality issues

#2. Simple Houseware Mattress Vacuum Storage Bag

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This is another space-saving product from Simple Houseware. This is designed to store things like bedding, pillows, clothes, towel, and blankets. You can store any type of garments that you intend to store away for a longer duration. This product comes with a replacement guarantee. They have been solving one of the consumer’s problems with regards to the storage bags. They claim that if their bags do not hold the vacuum then just a simple call to them and they will replace it for you for free.

These bags come in different sizes for different requirements. It has 15 bags with a combination of different sizes. There are totally 4 sizes that you will find in this package. 2 Jumbo size for bigger clothes or bedding sheets. 5 XL for a bit smaller ones. 4 large ones for a set of multiple clothes and 4 mediums 3) for smaller clothes. Good things about these bags are they are reusable. Hence these are made of good materials that can also hold your clothes for a longer duration. The material is also puncture resistant. That means it does not easily form holes which inturn let air in. These bags protect your clothes from the smell and also dampness. The package also comes with instructions manual to make sure the vacuum is protected completely.


  • It comes with instructions to hold the vacuum, there is a trick to that.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.


  • Users complained about the air getting in very soon
  • The bags were getting ripped off after single-use

#3. Vacwel Jumbo XXL Mattress Vacuum Storage Bag

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This Jumbo sized storage bag is from a family-owned business called “Vacwel”. This is the ultimate space saver and also garment saver from so many harmful things. These bags come in an XXXL size of 47 x 35 inches. These are very easy to use bags and secure also. They protect your clothes/garments/bedding sheets from an infestation of spiders, bacterias, bad smell, dust, water/dampness, mites, and moths.

It saves clothes from dust while it is being moved, maybe during shifting. It saves storage space by 70% to 80%. It also protects the clothes from water maybe when you are travelling by sea. Saves from dampness when you are hiking or camping. This serves best when you are on holiday. When you are travelling by planes it will also allow excess baggage space. These bags are specially designed to make sure the performing as per expectations. These are definitely not single-use bags. They are made especially with cross-thread which is made of nylon and is meshed. This is supposed to improve resistance over the vacuum. It also improves strength. The vacuum can be high to make sure the air entering is minimal. 


  • Very strong plastic with meshed nylon to make sure it holds maximum vacuum
  • Saves you clothes from multiple damages 


  • The bags are not staying deflated

#4. Bramble Premium Heavy Duty Vacuum Bag

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This company Bramble has these premium heavy-duty vacuum storage bags, that work both with a vacuum cleaner and also a vacuum hand pump, that is provided free with this pack. This comes in a set of 20 bags with 4 sizes. 8 bags 40×60 size. 5 bags 60×80 size. 5 bags 80×10 size. 2 bags 80×110 size. These bags have high tensile strength. To make sure they do not let the air in, it comes with double zip seals.

These get so compact that it can increase your baggage space. To make it easy to use, it comes with a handheld vacuum pump which helps remove air from the bag. These bags after vacuumed, provides long term protection from various issues, like infestation from insects and also dust and dampness. As it comes in various sizes, it will help store all types of clothes, garments, bedding sheet and many more. The company gives a lifetime guarantee and if any defects will be replaced freely. 


  • 20 bags with different size combination
  • Lifetime quality guarantee


  • The vacuum seal is broken easily within hours.

#5. VacuFlat Foam Mattress Vacuum Storage Bag

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This vacuum storage bag is specially designed for mattresses. As you know the moving process can be very painful, tiresome and messy. You always have the fear of all your precious clothes and your mattresses getting dusty due to the moving. Well, you can relax now. We have these mattress vacuum storage bags that are pretty simple to use and make a great deal of difference.

They save up to 80% of the storage space and become easy to store and move. These bags that come from VacuFlat are specially designed to provide both airtight and watertight. It also protects the mattress and fro all the insects like spiders, cockroaches, mites, and many more of them. These plastic bags are manufactured for heavy-duty purposes. If used with proper care, these bags can be reusable. The size of the bags also is designed right to fit in a mattress. There are various sizes also available based on the size of your mattress.


  • Easy to use – works best for mattress
  • It reduces the size of the mattress more than 50% of the original size
  • Easy to roll and store or move as per requirement


  • It reinflated by itself

Buying Guide For Best Mattress Vacuum Bag 

Buying a vacuum bag does not seem very complicated, but any product’s features are best experienced before buying. Although we cannot give you that experience now, we can actually let you understand what will be the most common and important features to look into Here we go!

Bag Size

Bag size is a very important factor. What do you store? Is it just small unused clothes to do you want to put that mattress into the vacuum bag. Having the size of the vacuum bag is important. You need to make sure the company provides various sizes of bags for different kinds of usage. You just want bags for big storage purposes then go for the company that provides bigger bags;

Quality of the bags

The quality of the bags plays a very important role. If the bags get ripped off easily, then it does not make sense having the bag for clothes storage. A strong bag is always advisable and hence search for the brand that gives such strong bags for storage purposes. Not just being strong, these bags should also be BPA free, not make any foul smell during storage. Also, make sure the bags are soft enough to give the proper tensile strength. 

Vacuum or Hand Pump style

Some of the bags can only be used with an electric vacuum machine. Some are provided with a handheld vacuum pump that will do that job for you. But if you really want to get the feel of a vacuum, then you can visit the store which provides you this, else you can also go to friends who have a vacuum cleaner if you do not one of your own.

Final Verdict:

This certainly was an honest effort to put things together to make you aware of the various vacuum bags. These bags really do come in handy and can be of great help. It is not just the mattresses you can also use it for storing all the clothes starting a small one to big ones. I hope this has helped you understand the buying process for them. Happy shopping!

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