Top 10 Best King Size Bed Mattress – Check Size and Dimension


#1 Tuft & Needle #2 Signature Sleep #3 Best Price Mattress
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Why’s there so much fuss about the mattress? We often tend to think why mattress are given such a thought? Well, think of it. We often spend over 50% of our life in the bedroom and most of that goes on the mattress. It’s like the mattress is our home for sleeping, binge-watching and much more.  The way you wake in the morning often defines how you tend to look up in our life. It decides how you tend to perform during the day and how your health perceives. Good and sound sleep is most vital when it comes to good health. And that’s where a good mattress plays a vital role.  A good mattress lets you have a comfortable sleep and you can certainly see the improvement of sleeping on a good mattress. We have often seen how the modern fast-paced world is moving ahead. There’s hardly any time for a good amount of sleep and that has been creating quite a problem for the current generation. It then affects the work-life and the personal life of the individual.   

King Size Mattress – Best Reviewed & Top Rated

We have seen people taking punts on mattresses and not giving it much thought when it comes to choosing them. We here will allow you to seek the best mattress that is available online in the US and will help you out in deciding for yourself. There certainly goes a lot when deciding for the mattress and we here have covered them aptly in our review. Join us as we look through the list of the best mattress and follow it with the buying guide. Read along. We’re finally on to the list of the best mattresses in the US. We had a pretty peculiar test method where we put them to the test against multiple parameters and ranked the best ones accordingly. Join us as we depict the best one of the lot. 

#1 Linenspa Memory Foam King Size Mattress

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Taking the first claim in our list is the one from Linenspa with its sheer precision and performance. There aren’t many orthopaedic based mattress available around and even if they are around, not many are made up with detailed noting. It’s a reason why people tend to feel uncomfortable with these after a while. But Linenspa takes that aside  This one comes with a technically sound feature and is made to offer a restful sleep that will offer comfort levels to the body and neck region. It will also help relieve any of the stress and will work well to relieve the pressure from the body. It features an excellent bit of high quality based memory foam that uses the best of technologies to ensure best sleep results are derived. It also comes with a 20 year of warranty.  It has the best of all with excellent durability, comfort levels, support for the body and providing optimum temperature for sleeping. It features quality cotton fabric and has a desirable outlook to it. 

  • High-density memory foam 
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Firm and durable 
  • 20 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#2 Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch King Size Mattress

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The second one in our list is the one from Zinus with its Orthocare Memory based mattress. This one is one of the softest mattresses you’ll ever see around and comes with the soft level on top and the medium firmness at the back. It has a dual comfort option that allows for the usage of both sides as required. It features a deluxe cushioning level of 2’ cool memory foam that allows for the memory of your body shape so that you get the proper pressure points while sleeping. It also has temperature regulating option and features support layer for the body.

There’s a high resilience foam placed at the bottom that allows for the support from the head-to-toe of the person and also gives them a proper quality sleep that you’re so in need of. It allows you to sleep nicely and wake up fully refreshed. It has a high quality knitted fabric that is stitched in a hexagon shape for better design aspect. With high performance and better design aspect, Zinus memory foam mattress takes up quite a peak performance. it certainly ranks in as one of the best selling of the lots too adhering to its high-quality performance. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Memory foam
  • High quality knitted design
  • Dual support with soft and medium firmness
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty 

#3. Best Price Memory Foam King Size Mattress

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Best Price Mattress will help beat the sleep issues and will allow you to have a proper night of sleep. It comes with a high density based foam. It’s foam density also marks that you have a great sleep experience and can last for quite a long time.  Best Price Mattress is CertiPUR US Certified with a 10-year warranty. It is made up of 1 inch Memory Foam top then 2 inches Super soft foam and last 3 inches Supportive Layer.  We suggest you use a mattress protector for good and smooth sleep.

  • Memory foam
  • Best in Price
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#4. Signature Sleep Charcoal Gel Foam King Size Mattress

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Signature Sleep Mattress remains one of the major names in the mattress industry and they have really come a long way. Their products are always on the top list and been made to serve the needs of people. They also tend to bring in sleep-inducing health-promoting mattress over the years and this one from them ranks among the same. This one is a perfect blend of the new modern mattress with softer and firmer both aspect taken care of. It also comes with optimum support for sleep and body positions. It has a high tensile with strong load support so that it can bear any heavyweight upon it.

It also comes with the encasing of the Thermo that allows for the mattress to stay intact for years and not rupture at all. It also helps alleviate better sleep for the people. It comes with thick based foam and has a maximized sleeping surface that allows you a comfortable sleep. It also allows you the perfect alignment of the body spine and more and allows you to take in proper posture while sleeping. It also makes sure that the dust and mites don’t bite along. It has 10 years of warranty with it. 

  • CertiPUR Certified Foam
  • Heavy body
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#5.  AmazonBasics 8 Inch Coil Mattress King Size

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The next entry comes in from AmazonBasics, a brand that is accustomed to offering good products. This product and mattress, in particular, is the result of extensive research that was conducted by the AmazonBasics on the sleeping pattern and conditions of its users. The incorporated all these into their product and offered something that is sure to create major health benefits for all. This mattress comes with a high number of beneficial features and is certainly worthy of being the top 10 all over the world. It incorporates comfort and support into one making this a good choice.

It has an intelligent sleep based technology where it allows the maximum comfort to the user while sleeping. It has multi-layer support and each layer layered on top of each other is designed in such a way that you get the maximum amount of sleep-inducing feature with it. It comes in pre-assembly state and can be used right from the front. It is the perfect option for anyone with heavyweight and backache along with others. 

  • Made from high-grade foam & coil
  • Comes with Intelligent sleep based technology
  • Multi-layer design

#6. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress King Size

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Placed at ninth in our list is the one from Olee sleep. It comes with a regular kind of mattress but what differentiates it is major polar apart. It has Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress with thickness but makes up for it with an attractive and fine performance due to added blue layer on it It’s a good economical choice for people looking for a good mattress. It has an active bond material combination where it comes with expanded memory foam and the combination allows for the best levels of comfort whilst sleeping. It also comes with enhanced comfort levels and is laden with side quilted upholstery cover.

It is one of the major options for people who are heavyweight and want to look for the kind of mattress where their weight can support the mattress and they can derive a good night sleep. It also has plenty of health benefits in the form of better blood circulation. It comes with Beetle Coir mattress that allows for the improved blood circulation in the body and also offers a good amount of health support to your frame. It makes sure that you don’t have anybody pain or ache and you don’ tend to dwell on tossing around in the night due to lack of sleeplessness. It also offers ready to use option with no assembly required for the same and comes with an economical price tag.

  • Economical & Best Brand
  • 100% Green Foam Certified Foam
  • 20 years warranty

#7. Classic Brands King Size Memory Foam Mattress

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Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has plenty of features that make it quite a premium choice for many. It has a high level of comfort and can be used along at multiple surfaces. The mattress comes with qualities that match the memory foam and also comes with an anti-microbial option that makes this mattress fresh and breathable as ever. It also has a roll option which makes it easy to store at any place. It comes along in different colors and designs and the user can select based on the ones that support their liking. It also comes with a feature which makes it easy to place anywhere in the house and use as per the liking. 

  • Adjustable based mattress
  • High levels of breathability

What is Standard Size of a King Size Bed Mattress?

King size beds are the largest standard bed type options available in the market. Commonly, there are two types of king beds that you might come across, the standard king-size beds, and the California king size beds. A king-size bed allows as much amount of space that is accumulated by combining two extra-long single beds.

King size beds are the perfect match for individuals and couples that require a lot of space while sleeping, alongside providing the best of the comfort and cosiness for perfect night sleep. Nothing can start your day off better than a good night’s sleep. The king-size bed allows you with an opportunity to roll over, stretch out and kick to your heart’s content, and moreover, lie down like a king and sleep tight.

The king-size bed dimensions might vary abut as per your location and choice, however, the standard dimensions of a king-size bed are 76 inches x 80 inches. King-sized beds are 76 inches in width and 80 inches by length, which allows anyone ample place to lie down, stretching out to their extreme limits. Anyone who prefers a good night’s sleep while kicking and rolling must undoubtedly go ahead with the standard king size bed. Not to mention, a perfect match for couples too.

King Size Bed Dimensions in Different Measurement

  • Feet : 6.33 Feet x 6.66 Feet
  • MM: 1930.4 mm x 2032 mm
  • CM: 193.04 cm x 203.2 cm
  • Meter: 1.93 m x 2.03 m
  • Inches: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long

Before going in for a standard king size bed frame, the first thing that you might need to do if you wish to go for a readymade frame is taking the dimensions of your room and also ensure that the frame would pass easily through all the doorways, hallways, turns, and staircases, if any.

How to Choose the Perfect King Size Bed Mattresses?

Use metal tape to make the dimensions and note them down on a piece of paper to avoid any problems after the shipping of the frame. If any problem arises, go in for customized beds or beds that can be de-assembled and then again reassembled once it reaches the room that it needs to fit into. Buy out your new bed and thank us later!

Have you ever been confused by the abundant variety king size mattresses available in the market and not been able to select the perfect one of yourself? Well, let us lower your burden and discuss a few things that might help you out in choosing the perfect king size mattress for your cosy bed.

Do your Online Research: The first and foremost task before finalizing on your king-size mattresses must actually be knowing about the types of mattresses available in the market. Visit some of the authorized and trustable websites that would provide you with the authentic and unbiased information about the mattresses. Shortlist the different types of mattresses made with different types of materials.

Thereafter check the reviews for the different types of mattresses. Find out why people bought out those particular types of mattresses. What are the pros and what are the cons. Figure out which type of mattresses would be best suitable for your health and body conditions. Also, do not forget to keep a check on the prices of the mattresses that seem good enough to you for keeping everything under your budget. Bookmark the websites that you find suitable enough

Take Dimension: Make sure to take the dimension of all your doorways through which the mattress would need to cross to find its final destination. Use a steel tape to measure all the turns, staircases, and doorways to ensure that the king-size mattress would easily pass through all of them. If not, you might have to go ahead with two single mattresses which can be put up together comfortably to form a king-size mattress.

Visit the Store: Once done with all your online research and dimensions, visit the nearest mattresses outlet to actually check out the quality and the outlook of the mattresses that you have shortlisted down during your online research. You might even find some better options as per your choice and budget that might attract you. Talk to the salesperson to ensure the warranty, return policy and any other doubts that you have in mind.  Lie around in your shortlisted mattresses for a while to ensure the comfort level and try out different positions to confirm any kind of movement restrictions. Some of the stores might even provide an in-home trial facility to actually turn aside from any kind of problems that might arise during shipping or after installation, try it out!

Make the final Move: Return home and make a list of pros and cons for all the mattresses that you liked online or at the retail stores. Compare the comfort levels and prices as per your budget to make final decisions and get set going. Also, do not forget to compare out the warranty period offered by different companies along with the return and replace policies. Also, do not forget to confirm the delivery and shipping charges before finalizing on any of the online or offline options.

If you have an adjustable or specifically designed bed frame, go in for mattresses that would provide you with enough flexibility to make the best out of your customized bed. You may even go in for customized mattresses if your budget allows you to do so. King size beds are best suited for couples and individuals who prefer to sleep in spacious space, however, doing your research beforehand about the feasibility in terms of dimensions and movement of the king-size bed frame as well as the mattresses is a must to avoid any kind of disappointment later on. Happy Sleeping!

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