What Are The Dimensions and Size Of Twin Xl Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are widely popular for their impressive design, high-end comfort, and many other features. These mattresses come in every size, and you can use them anywhere with ease. The material used in manufacturing is PVC. These inflatable mattresses provide ease of use as you use a small pump to fill air into the mattress. The best part is, when you are done using the mattress, you can flat it out. Storing these mattresses seems simple, and this is the major reason that everyone loves them. If you lack space or move to different cities on an often basis, having portable mattresses come in handy. During the purchase time, a twin xl air mattress seems like the best choice for a single person. 

Twin Xl Air Mattress Sizes & Dimensions Guide

One person can easily sleep on it, and if he/she wants to have one more person sleeping right next to him/her then it is possible. But, the question is, what’s the exact size of a twin xl air mattress. The dimension and size might vary based on the brands you are choosing. But, the standard dimension and size are as follows. 

  • Dimension – 90 x 54
  • Thickness – 17 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, etc.

As you can find that there are no fixed thickness options because you get the option to select the right one for your basic need.

What’s The Right Thickness Of Twin Xl Air Mattress

If you are usually sleeping in a room where you have an elevated space then using the medium thickness of 20 inches seems perfect. The reason is, you get enough space to stand right next to the mattress, and when you are trying to sleep, you won’t have to bow down. In case, your room is large, and there is no elevated space, then buying extra thickness is a great option. The comfort level also enhances because you get an extra cushion effect, and the firmness is also phenomenal. While sleeping for hours, you won’t be noticing any of a difference. But, if you are buying air mattress for travel purpose then going with 15 inches feel perfect. The thickness might seem low, but it will also reduce weight. There is a need for carrying a small pump and you can inflate the air mattress in less time. According to experts, medium firmness, and thickness if the right option for most people. 

Do Comfort Level Varies With Thickness Of Air Mattress?

In simple words, Yes, thickness mattress in firmness level. But, if you choose to fill less air in the mattress, it will give you a cushion effect, and you will get a sink-in feel. Going with extra thickness doesn’t mean the best firmness. Yes, you get an elevated space which helps in having a better vibe. You are going to feel comfortable with this method. But, there are some cons also. You will be carrying extra weight, and it might affect the portability of the air mattress. Easily storing the air mattress is all about compact size, right thickness, and lightweight inflater pump. While choosing the air mattress, you may like to check the Air Mattress with Headboard for better comfort.

What are the Top Brands Of An Air Mattress?

In the market, you can find a range of air mattress manufacturers, but some of the best ones are as follow –

  • Sable 
  • SleppLux 
  • Intex

Going with these brands seems easy, and you can have a great purchase. Make sure that you choose the top brands during the purchase time to avoid facing any problem. 

What to Consider While Choosing An Air Mattress?

A range of factors is essential to consider during the purchase of an air mattress. You must go with the brands which are well known. But, what’s more? Well, it would be a better choice to look after – 

    • Dimension – Twin XL Air mattress dimension varies by a little but if you have a space issue then you must check it out. 
    • Material – Most manufacturers use PVC material in the manufacturing process. It is safe, durable, and has less weight. 
    • Inflater Pump – Few brands don’t include an inflater pump to keep the deal at a low price. This kind of trick is common, and you might buy the same. So, consider getting a product that includes an inflater pump. 
  • Thick Material – Sometimes air mattresses get punctured easily. It happens because of poor build quality. So, consider getting a product which is made of thick sheets. 
  • Warranty – Check the warranty of the warranty to avoid any issue related to building quality or inflater pump. 
  • Reviews – Comparing products based on reviews eliminate bad air mattress. You can also learn about the after-sale services of the brand so that you don’t face issues in the future. 

Once you are done considering these factors, knowing your needs and budget will make you sort out the list easily. Make sure that you don’t go with a poorly made air mattress just for the lower price point. Check Also – Top 10 Best Air Mattress Sheets

Is Twin XL Air Mattress Beneficial?

Yes, you get three advantages after buying a twin XL air mattress which is as follow – 

  • The size of a Twin XL air mattress is compact, which offers you excellent use while storing it. 
  • With the compact design, you are getting a lightweight design that plays an important role in the portability of the air mattress. 
  • You can use an air mattress on a daily or an often basis as per the requirement. Most people keep air mattresses as an extra bed for guests and kids. 

These are the major benefits that you can expect after buying a twin XL air mattress online. Make sure that you don’t get fooled by the claims of the brand. Compare the dimension and recheck it after delivery to avoid getting the wrong product. 

Bottom Line

The dimension, and size of the twin xl air mattress are adequate for one person, but it can handle two people’s weight also. If you have bought a twin xl air mattress, but it doesn’t meet the dimensions mentioned by the manufacturer, you can choose a return policy.

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