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Do you have a child who invites his/her friends for sleepovers? Or Are you a camper or a hiker searching for an air mattress? If yes, then this article is written just for you. Whether your in-laws drop by for a surprise weekend visit or your friends wants to spend a complete holiday with you. Air mattresses are created to resolve the various problems that we face in our day-to-day life. They are even great for taking on a camping or trekking trip. It becomes important to select a high-quality air mattress. A good quality air mattress would never deflate in the middle of the night. There are various types of air mattresses available in the market. Each of them has a unique and trendy design as well as distinctive features.

 Top 5 Best Air Mattress With Headboard

The modern generation has this weird thing of keeping up with the trend. With the vast and growing market, it becomes difficult to select a single excellent quality product. Need not to worry; we have written this article to inform our readers about some of the best air mattresses that could be added to the wish-list.   Numerous factors help in finding the perfect air mattress: Height, Firmness, portability, durability, cost, and so on. We have discussed each of these factors briefly in our buying guide. Go ahead and give this article a read. 

#1. Intex Queen Dura-Beam Headboard Airbed

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If you are looking for an air mattress that offers adequate support, then the Intex Queen Ultra Plush Dura-Beam Deluxe Airbed could be a perfect choice for you. This air mattress can be inflated up to 18 inches and provides ease in getting in and off the bed. The top of this air mattress is cushioned, which increases the level of comfort while sleeping. The mattress is equipped with an in-built headboard, which is functional and provides back support during lounging or watching the television. It also keeps the pillows from falling down the floor, which mostly happens during sleep.

The Intex air mattress can be used for guest room accommodations. Moreover, the bed has a flocked surface that offers fine traction for sleeping; it also prevents people from slipping off the bed. Also, this air mattress is equipped with a unique ‘Airtight’ system that reduces the chances of air leaks and maintains the inflation of the bed. 


  • The extra plush pillow surface adds great comfort while sleeping.
  • The mattress has high-strength filters that increase the durability of the mattress.
  • The unique edge construction offers more space for sleeping and increases the stability of the mattress.
  • The internal pump provides fast inflation and deflation.


  • The durability of the product is doubtful.
  • Pump stops working after several uses.

#2. Bestway Wingback Air Mattress with Headboard

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Bestway brings you one of the most high profile air mattress that is available in the market. The air mattress is composed of three durable layers; this three-layer technology keeps the mattress firm and inflated throughout the entire night. The polyester mesh core between the two layers of PVC (laminated) provides superior strength to the mattress. The same material makes sure that the mattress does not lose its shape irrespective of how many times it undergoes the process of inflation. If we talk about looks, you might rarely find an air mattress with this high level of finishing and quality.

The air mattress has this adorable and elegant look that attracts most of the customers. When using the Bestway air mattress, you will not need a hand pump as the mattress comes with an in-built air pump. Plus, the inflation process requires 300 seconds and a twist of a button. The hand pumps are noisy, plus it takes a lot of time to inflate and deflate the mattress. Additionally, the backrests consist of storage buckets and cup holders.  


  • The air mattress is made up of durable Tritech PVC.
  • The cup holders and storage buckets add comfort.
  • The mattress can get inflated up to 31.5 inches, which is more than enough. 
  • The mattress comes with a storage bag.


  • A few customers reported a leak in the mattress.
  • It gets deflated very often. 


#3. Intex Air Mattress with Headboard

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 The Intext Air Bed Headboard air mattress can be inflated up to 18 inches, making it thicker and more reliable than a majority of air mattresses that are sold in the market. The internal electric pump is a part of the Intex air mattress’s patented ‘never-flat’ technology. Its internal pump allows the air mattress to be completely inflated as we all deflated in less than 5 minutes. The brand promises its customers long-lasting inflation, which is suitable to remain throughout the whole night. However, if any event of air loss takes place, then the secondary pump adds the air automatically without any effort. This is the best air mattress pump as it has very low sound.

The mattress has a distinctive fiber-tech technology, it comprises of hundreds of polyester fibres. The Intex air bed is created to provide enhanced support, stability, and comfort. These polyester fibres are high-strength and do not stretch with time, which ultimately results in a long-lasting and superior durability. Plus, the air mattress comes along with a carry bag to make the travel and storage more convenient. The air bed is equipped with a dura-beam series headboard. It is included to provide a high quality sleep to the customers. 


  • The headboard is versatile and can be used as a support (while watching television) or as a pillow stopper.
  • Fibre-tech technology offers a high-strength.
  • The airbed can be inflated up to 18 inches. 
  • The pricing of the product is appreciative.


  • The mattress has a wear and tear problem.
  • The pump is quite noisy.
  • Customer care service is condemnable. 

#4. Serta Air Mattress With Headboard

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The Serta Queen Headboard perfect sleeper air mattress is a completely versatile air mattress. It features powerful external pumps and three versatile attachment options. With the help of an external pump, you can inflate the air mattress to your desired level of firmness. This air mattress is portable and can be carried to anywhere, such as camping, outing, trekking, and other outdoor activities. The air mattress is suitable to be inflamed up to 18 inches. The top of this air mattress is flocked (provides a soft touch) and offers a higher level of comfort to the users. 


  • The durability of the air mattress is appreciable.
  • Size is sufficient for two people.
  • The pricing of the product is reasonable.


  • The pump valve present in the air mattress requires a lot of pressure.
  • It takes too much time for inflation and deflation.
  • It can cause hassle to the users. 

#5. Sable Air Mattresses With Headboard 

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly air mattress, then Sable air mattress is created just for you. The air mattress is created using an eco-friendly PVC. The air mattress features an I-Beam air coil technology. This technology allows the airbed to adjust according to body weight, shape as well as sleeping posture. This provides an unprecedented sleeping experience to the users. The upper portion of the air mattress has a raised pillow design, which provides good support to the user’s neck and head so that he/she may have a memorable sleep at night.

The top of the air mattress is constructed to be extra thick (0.6 mm). This top thick layer lies on the PVC. Plus, the mattress has seamless welding that prevents air leakage. The upper layer of this airbed is water-proof and skin-friendly. The mattress can be inflated and deflated (with the help of its in-built electric pump) within 3-5 minutes. The manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty to the customers. This airbed can accommodate up to 661 lbs. (300 kilograms). 


  • The airbed has advanced I-Beam air coils.
  • It can be used in all seasons.
  • Accommodate up to 300 kilograms.
  • Effortless inflation and deflation. 
  • A 12-month manufacturing warranty is offered by the company.


  • A few customers faced a problem of the speed bump.
  • The functionality of the airbed gets disturbed after several uses.
  • Many customers complained about the durability of the product.

Buyers Guide To Choose Best Air Mattress With Headboard

The use of air mattresses have been increased with the new era. Most people prefer keeping one or two air mattresses at their homes. However, the air mattress is a temporary bed; there is another similar product named airbed, the airbeds are built for long term usage. However, the purpose of both of them is not very different. Some of the temporary air mattresses are also being sold as airbeds. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to distinguish between these two. These mattresses are considered as great accommodation for guests, RV beds, camping and other short-term requirements of sleep. 

Things to consider while buying an air mattress:

Purchasing an air mattress is a difficult task, especially for first time buyers. People need to look after so many different perspectives such as the construction type, comfort level, firmness, durability, temperature neutrality, noise, weight capacity, ease of movement and the list goes on. When we talk about air mattresses, people should choose a less expensive as well as an efficient air mattress. Before making a purchase of the air mattress, people should inform themselves about various important pointers. Following are some of the essential pointers that are needed to be considered:

  1. Consider the construction of the air mattress: The air mattresses fall into 2 general categories depending upon the height: 1. Standard elevation (single high) air mattress are shorter (less than 10 inches), 2. Raised elevation (double high) air mattress is taller (more than 10 inches). The choice of construction of air mattress depends upon the buyer’s preferences. 
  2. Considering the comfort provided by the air mattress: When it comes to sleeping, comfort is the most crucial factor, as it decides whether the person is able to get a complete and healthy sleep or not. Most of the air mattresses have flocked covers that provide good comfort to the sleepers and also keep them warm during sleep. We recommend the first time buyers to choose such an air mattress that can provide an utmost level of comfort during sleep. Sleep is the most essential time of human’s life, one should never compromise with it. 
  3. Considering the firmness of the air mattress: In the air mattresses, the firmness is adjustable and the users can either deflate or inflate the air mattresses to gain the desired level of firmness. About 10% of the air mattresses are quite firm. The firmness also regulates the comfort factor. Hence, it becomes necessary to consider the firmness of the air mattress before making a purchase. 
  4. Consider the Temperature Neutrality feature of the air mattress: An ideal air mattress is able to neutralize all types of temperatures from low to high. Otherwise, during the winter season, the air mattress turns too cold and during the summer season, the air mattress turns too hot. Both situations cause difficulty in sleep and are also not good for the health of the users.
  5. Consider the Weight capacity of the air mattress: Looking after the weight capacity of the mattress is very important. Different models and brand offer different weight capacities. Mostly, air mattresses can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. If we load the air mattress with more than its capacity, then the mattress may get damaged and there is a risk of leakage. Leakage will eventually ruin the air mattress. So, we recommend you to choose such a mattress that can accommodate up to 250-300 pounds of weight. You can even choose a mattress of less weight capacity if you are searching it for single person usage. 
  6. Considering the Ease of Movement: An air mattress should be easy to move and transport. Most of them weigh less than 25 pounds after deflation, which is easier for users to move. Such air mattresses can even be rolled and stored in compact carrying cases, which helps in easy transport. If you are a person who frequently shifts the houses or gets transfers, then this factor is very important for you. 
  7. Consider the Ease of Getting on and off the air mattress: The air mattress that is shorter than 10 inches may cause difficulty in getting on and off. But, the high profile air mattresses with legs are quite comfortable and do not present as many problems. We recommend you to go for a test before buying the air mattress. Many stores allow the customers to perform personal tests of products before the purchase. You can even check the reviews of the air mattress before buying it. 
  8. Consider the appearance of the air mattress: We are living in such times where style is considered to be a crucial factor in every field. It is important to select such an air mattress that goes out with the décor of the room. There are numerous stylish and eye-catching air mattresses available to choose from. 
  9. Consider the Durability: When it comes to air mattresses, durability is an important factor. You might not want your expensive air mattress to leak just after a few weeks of purchase. The air mattresses are susceptible to malfunctioning, punctures and other various issues that may adversely affect the overall lifespan of the mattress. However, an average air mattress does not perform for more than 2 to 3 years of consistent usage.
  10. Considering the Price of the air mattress: Price is another important factor while purchasing air mattresses. As we all know, different people have different budgets, and therefore differently priced air mattresses are available in the market. You might have heard the saying “You get what you pay for”, so it is possible that the expensive air mattresses may have excellent quality. However, this is not always true; in some rare cases, the inexpensive product is found to have a good quality as well as durability. We suggest the readers buy such an air mattress, which is not overly priced. 


The use of air mattresses has increased with time. Air mattresses resolve so many problems. Imagine guests arrive at your home and you do not have an extra bed for them to sleep on, at such situations, the air mattresses come handy. Some people like to carry air mattresses in travelling (holidays, camping, etc.). Those who have read this article might be able to select good quality and efficient air mattresses for themselves. The buying guide is intended to inform people about the essential factors that are required to keep in mind before purchasing an air mattress. We hope that you select a durable and comfortable air mattress for your house. 

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