How & Where to Dispose Mattress Alone By Car

When it comes to disposing stuff which is full of dust mites, bacteria, and other stuff, you have to stay careful. There are thousands of people who want to dispose of mattresses after years of use, but they don’t get the effective solution to dispose of it which can make them throw in the garbage. Well, it is not the best solution because old mattresses may contain bacteria and diseases which can spread with use.

Mattress Disposal Guide Of 2020


Even, selling or buying a very old mattress is not a reliable choice which can cause harm to skin, spread allergy, and cause an issue with the posture of the body. So, here we are suggesting the top 3 most reliable method which can help you dispose of mattresses with ease. You can rely on these methods and dispose of an old mattress in a very effective manner. Let’s get started with our first and most popular method–

Throwing Mattress In Right Manner For Pickup Trucks

As you throw an old mattress right next to the dustbin, then you might end up getting fined for doing this thing. Old mattress requires sanitation that’s why you have to seal it properly before throwing away. Go to a local departmental store and buy wrapping material and some tape to cover it properly. Place you’re your wrapping pack on the floor and then put the old mattress on it.

Start taping each and every part properly. You can do this work at home as well as a near dustbin. Make sure that you do not cause any trouble to the local residents during this work. It will take a couple of minutes, and everything will be done. Always throw a mattress on heavy trash day because it is the end of the month and authorities are going to clear everything in an effective manner.

You can also call a disposal company to come to your door and pick it up. Hiring disposal truck can make the whole work easier, and you can rely on it without having any issue. Keep it in mind that you stay selective to avoid getting into any kind of issue. You can search “Local general trash removal services” and find some of the best companies nearby to get the job done.

Selling or Donating Your Old Mattresses

If your mattresses aren’t old or they are in proper shape, then you can sell them and get some money for it. There are plenty of websites where you can sell old stuff for a good amount of money. Contact someone who needs a mattress and shows them photos. This method is way easier, and the buyer will take responsibility to get it shipped from your home.

In case you don’t want money, then you can still follow the above-given method and ask the buyer to take it for free. It might sound crazy, but many people do this so that they don’t have to deal with disposing it and such other things. There are lots of people who shift to a new place, and they need a mattress for a very cheap price point.

The last thing you can do it to recycle and you can find plenty of websites which will get your old mattresses for free. In exchange, they are going to recycle it. This method is reliable because it is a very eco-friendly choice and safer than many other methods. You may not know, but old mattresses are very harmful, and you should not burn them to dispose of.

Disposing of It Of Yourself By Tear Down

In order to dispose effectively and to get the money saved, you can cut it down by removing the wire and other stuff. Start from corners instead of cutting it from the center part. Take your time and use adequate equipment to make this work easier. Most of the time, people end up burning mattress, but you should do it in an effective manner.

Removing all the stuffing and then remove springs out of the mattress. You can sell old springs for a very low price to ragman. The best stuff can be used like you can burn the filling of the mattress. Or you can use the bed frame for something else purpose. It totally depends upon you. After disposing of mattress properly, you can buy the new one without any issue.

For those, who want to get the real advantage should call a carpenter and ask him to use springs in manufacturing couch. Every single item from the old mattress will be used. It is sure that you have to spend a couple of bucks on buying wood for the frame and top material however the old mattress is going to save you money that’s why it is a reliable choice to consider.

Opting For Exchange Offers

As you will be disposing of old mattresses, you may want to get a new one. So, you can find that there are many companies who come up with an exchange offer. They can save you extra bucks because you have to return the old mattress for the new one. It saves you a few bucks on a new one. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about disposing of the old mattress because it will be gone and you will get a new one with ease.

If you can’t find an exchange offer, then you can follow above given three methods, any of them eventually, and get rid of the existing mattress. Keep it in mind that burning old stuff can be harmful, and it can cause lots of trouble to you and others. Always dry your old mattress in direct sunlight for hours and then burn them. Direct Sunlight has UV rays which will kill bacteria and other stuff. So disposing of mattress is done, now you would like to buy a new mattress.

The Final Verdict

There are many other methods which can help to dispose of an old mattress, but these three methods are very common and very effective. You can go after a quality mattress manufacturer and ask them to dispose of it. They will pick up the old mattress and recycle it. Hope, this guide will come in handy to get rid of all the issues and saving your precious time to dispose of an old mattress with ease.

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