How to Patch An Air Mattress – 5 Easy Steps

Air mattresses are an outstanding thing to have during trips. With an air mattress, you can sleep as you sleep in your home on any trip. But if the air mattress starts to leak, then that can spoil your entire enjoyment. On your trips, a small rock or any pointy thing can make a hole on your air mattress.

However, here are five easy steps to patch your air mattress effectively. If you don’t know how to patch your air mattress, then these steps will be helpful for you. By using the following steps, you can repair your air mattress on your own at home. 

Make Sure That Your Air Mattress is Leaking

Usually, air mattresses may lose air due to temperature changes. Whether there is a hole or not, your air mattress can lose air day by day. Also, new air mattresses may take some time to expand and work as a normal mattress. If you recently bought an air mattress, then the softening of the mattress is natural, and that may get solved after a few days. 

If you notice your air mattress is getting softer quickly, then you should test it two or three times to confirm that there is a hole. For checking your air mattress, you can inflate that fully and put your weight on that. Naturally, the air mattress may sink 1 or 2 inches, so you shouldn’t worry about that. Now, you may ensure whether there is a hole or not. If you are unable to confirm the leaking issue of your air mattress, then you can put some weight on that and leave that for some hours. If it gets deflated, then you can confirm that there is a hole. 

Find The Hole Of Air Mattress

Once you confirmed that your mattress has a hole, you need to find that for repairing. First, you should inflate your mattress and look for the leak. If the mattress is properly inflated, then you can find the hole easily as it will leak at high pressure. First, you can check the air valve and ensure that it is not broken. If the air valve is broken, then you can replace it contacting the manufacturer. 

If the valve is okay and the air is still leaking, then you should check the bottom part of your mattress first. You can re-inflate the mattress and try to listen to the sound of air escaping in the bottom part of your mattress. If you don’t listen to any sound of leaking air, then you can try to feel that by your hand or using soapy water. You can take some soap-added water and use a sponge to wipe the surface of the air mattress with soapy water. Now, you can notice some bubbles on the mattress surface where the hole is available. Once the hole is found, you can clean the area and mark that with a circle. 

Deflate The Mattress And Dry It

If you have used the soapy water method to find the hole on your air mattress, then you need to dry it properly before going to the next step. First, empty the mattress by removing all the air and then dry it using a towel. After that, you can let the mattress dry in the sun. You should ensure to deflate the mattress completely to avoid complications in the next step. Once the mattress is dried, you can proceed for the next step to repair it. 

Use a Patch Kit

Now, you can patch the air mattress to stop the leaking of air. To repair your air mattress, you should have a patch kit with you. If you don’t have one, then you can buy a patch kit at any outdoor store. If the hole on the mattress is very small, then you can use a cycle tire patch effectively. Also, a bike tire and tent patch can work with air mattresses. Once you found the right patch for your air mattress, you can continue to repair that. 

First, you need to clean the area near the hole using some soapy water or alcohol. After cleaning the area near the hole, you can dry it with a towel and continue to repair it. Now, you can cut the patch slightly bigger than the hole, ensuring it can surround the hole with 1 or 2 cm from every side. Apply some glue on the surface and then apply the patch. While applying the patch, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply that perfectly. Also, you should apply the patch at a time instead of applying and removing it again and again. 

Press The Patch

After applying the patch, you need to put pressure on the patch to stick that onto the mattress strongly. To apply sufficient pressure on the patch, you can keep a heavy object on that. This way, you can ensure that the patch is completely attached to the mattress hole. Then you can allow the glue to dry for 1 or 2 hours. Also, you shouldn’t inflate the mattress if the glue is not completely dried. Once the glue is dried, you can inflate the mattress to check if it still leaks. 

You can inflate the mattress the same way you did in the first step and check whether it is leaking the air or not. You can keep the mattress inflated for some time to ensure there is no leaking on your mattress. If the mattress still has a leaking issue, then you can use a bigger patch to cover that. If you use the patch correctly, then there won’t be any leaking issue, and you can use your air mattress comfortably.  


Repairing your air mattress is an easy task to do in your home. If you do this task properly, then you can solve the leaking of your air mattress conveniently. By using a patch kit, you can repair your air mattress easily. Therefore, you can carry a patch kit with you on your trips to patch your air mattress conveniently

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