Best Mattress For Different Types Of Sleepers

There are multiple types of mattress available in the market. And knowing them is vital before you want to decide on which one suits you the best. Not all mattress are the same and each one comes with their own set of benefits. Our mattress buying guide will help you around with what type would suit you the best as we look deep into each of them and enlist the best ones for you. Join us down below for it here.

Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is made with the use of coconut coir and is one of the most ecofriendly ones among the available lot. It features a firm stance and is economical to use for. But the firmness makes it a bit uncomfortable to sleep for those who want something soft ones. It also tends to sag soon as the weight-bearing on this one is certainly less than what is available in other mattresses. Since it does not have any elasticity and spring it does not get back into shape. It is most likely to run for 5 to 6 years on optimum performance. 

Spring Mattress

Next up we have the spring mattress with us, which is quite popular and is one of the most loved ones among the available online. It is also one of the bouncy ones and can exhibit motion whilst sleeping and moving around in the mattress. It is much loved by couples as they tend to give the bouncy effect and aids in intimacy. It is also known by as the coil mattress and these days they tend to come with additional foam on the upper layer to support better comfort for the person. It also offsets the motion transfer and makes it more comfortable. They tend to have a lifespan of over 6 years but people tend to use a mattress topper to aid the increment in the shelf life of the mattress. As that helps to keep the spring intact. 

Foam Mattress

Currently, the best supported and most loved of the mattress around, these are the ones you should go for undoubtedly. It comes with foam base inside rather than the could one and thus is soft and comfortable on the ski. It also has multiple layers of foam added on top of it to make it more comfortable and supportive.   It is also good for the ones who are suffering from back pain. As that supports the comfort levels and adjusts to the contours of the body. It’s also perfect for the cold weather where there is the need to keep the body heat intact. Foam mattress allows that for you and your partner. It also has a longer shelf life than others and runs up to 7 to 8 years. 

Memory Foam Mattress

This one is the new innovation in the mattress industry and is something that everyone is quite raving about. They tend to come with the foam buildup like the earlier one but also features the memory base.  It works on an open cell structure where the mattress helps to retain the pressure the way your body put onto it and remembers the same even after you’ve left the bed. It helps remember your pressure points and is thus known by as the memory foam mattress. It’s a perfect one for both the stomach and the side sleepers and gives equal support to both of them. 

These ones have a high quotient when it comes to moulding as per the body pressure and helps spread the weight on an equal basis to all surface. It also helps keep a perfect body heat temperature and allows you to have a comfortable all-night sleep. You can also have a relaxing sleep as this eradicates the pressure that has built on your body over time. It also has a polyurethane that makes a protective barrier to keep it from the dirt and allergies. 

Latex Mattress

Next up we have the latex mattress with us. This one is based on the latex material that is achieved from the rubber tree and more. The latex is then used to create a synthetic poly-foams along with other types of materials that help in the forming of the latex mattress. It suits multiple types of sleepers and is a good one to have for.  It comes with features like temperature regulation along with the natural bounciness and features like adaptability to the contours of the body. It also allows you to have a relief from the back and shoulder pain that you tend to have.

It is also the preferred choice for many who are heavyweight as these tend to be denser than the normal mattress. It comes in two different forms like the Dunlop latex and the Talalay latex and both of these tend to last over 8 years on the run.  The latex mattress is made up of natural material and that helps create a relaxing sleep without affecting the body heat and it also tends to be more eco-friendly ones. They also tend to have the feature of motion isolation that allows you to have an undisturbed sleep even if you are sharing the bed with the partner.

Air-Bed Mattress

These are the new recent trends among people and is known for it is easy to store and portability options. It’s an inflatable bed which is making new raves all over as this can be folded when not in use and placed aside. All you need to do whilst using it is to pump the air and there you go. It also tends to be more famed as the camping beds. These are generally made from the PVC material or rubber material and comes with different shapes and sizes.

These tend to have their own set of benefits and is easier to people who are bedridden as they don’t tend to cause any sores on the body. It can also be used for various usage as for massage and water toy. It’s quite a flexible piece as you get to decide the level of air inside it which makes it worthy to make it either firm or loose based on the choice of yours. You can also make it bouncier and enjoy your time. The air mattress is more suitable for side sleepers. It also tends to be free from odour and sag and is a good choice to have for. 

What Kind of Sleeper You Are?

Often the choice of the mattress depends on the way you go about your sleep.  We already have discussed the size of the mattress and different type of mattress that are currently available around. The next stop of buying guide for mattress depends on the sleeping pattern of yours and we’d look to brief on the same down below. Read along. There are people who sleep on the sides whereas some go for the sleeping on their back or stomach. Whilst in cases of pregnancy, there’s much care choired during sleep. We here will outline all of these down below. 

Side Sleepers

There’s many of us who side sleepers. Side sleeping is often one of the most comfortable sleeping positions around and most of tending to do so. For side sleepers, it’s often recommended that we go for the soft to medium sort of mattress as that will help relieve the pressure from the back and the neck region of your body.  Side sleeping often requires a need to have a proper alignment for the spine and neck region along with the back. Your mattress should tend to support your body for the same. Avoid the likes of water or spring mattress as that may push your body’s rhythm and may provide lesser support for your lumbar region. There does not tend to distribute your body weight properly. 

Pro-Tip For Side Sleepers

Use a pillow to help you better whilst sleeping. Sleeping on your sides creates a unidirectional body weight where all of your body weight is forced onto one side. So opt for a soft mattress as that will allow you a better relaxation. Also, use a pillow and place it in between your legs as that will allow you to prevent any of pelvic rotation and strain

Sleeping on the Stomach

For those who love to sleep on the stomach, it’s worth noting that the mid-section of the body is what carries the most pressure during the day. It’s always best advised to have a mattress that provides ample support to your back without causing an ache in there. Look for the ideally firm mattress that will help keep the gap between the body and mattress to as minimum as possible. You can also either seek an advanced foam type of mattress or a soft mattress.  Pro-tip for stomach sleepers: Look for foam mattress as they tend to help confine to the shape of your body and allows you to have better motion transfer whilst sleeping. It also makes sure that even if you tend to change position while sleeping, it won’t affect your sleep quality. Also, go for thin pillows for better sleep.

Sleeping During Pregnancy

It’s one of the factors that you should take in when it comes to deciding for a mattress. Sleeping whilst pregnancy needs quite a care and delicate nurture so as to keep both the baby and the mother healthy. They need sound sleep more than anyone. It is advised going for the sleeping on the side pattern as that allows for better blood circulation and also helps in preventing the body from pushing much of the weight on the liver. Don’t go for the lying on your backside or on the stomach during the pregnancy time. Also, go for the softer mattress as they are the ones that would facilitate a good night sleep for you.  Pro-tip for sleeping during pregnancy: Go for the memory foam mattress in the softer mould as they tend to keep the balance ongoing during the sleep and will also help you out in having a proper sleep. Also, look for the thick pillow to support your sleep as that will help you from straining your neck.

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