How to Move a Mattress Upstairs Alone

Sleep and rest are two of the most important things that a human being should have. However, young or old you are, you cannot survive without a good sleep or rest. Thousands of years before people used to sleep on the floor or wherever they could find some safe space, but with time, this changed. People today consider sleeping on a mattress as they offer more comfort and some medical benefits.

Most of the household these days have at least a mattress and they could be sleeping on it. However, there are different types of mattress available on the market today, they could differ based on the material they are made, size, and the extra features incorporated. As the size of the mattress increases, the difficulty of moving the mattress also increases. In this article, we will help you with tips and tricks that would allow you to move the mattress upstairs with ease.

Steps To Move a Mattress Upstairs Alone

Step 1: Cover the mattress before moving it, first you will have to purchase a mattress bag for moving from the market. There are different types of mattress covers available on the market, they could differ in size and material. However, if you are not planning on moving the mattress frequently, then we recommend that you go for a plastic mattress cover. Remember, the main purpose of a mattress cover is to protect the mattress from any wear and tear while moving.

Step 2: Remove the mattress carefully from the bed, once you have selected the mattress cover and purchased it, the next step should be to remove the mattress from the bed. Some of the mattresses sit very tightly on the bed and if you are careless while removing the mattress, you could damage the mattress. If your mattress is too soft, we would recommend that you could keep the mattress pad and sheets with itself, while removing the mattress from the bed.

Step 3: Put on the mattress cover, after you remove the mattress from the bed, the most important thing that you should do next is to, put the mattress in the mattress cover. If you are using a plastic mattress cover, it is very important that you put the mattress cover slowly, do not hurry or you will tear the cover.

Step 4: Pack the entire setup tightly, once you have put the mattress in the mattress cover, it is very important that after putting the mattress in the mattress cover, you pack the entire setup with packaging tape. Remember, the whole purpose of the packaging is to keep the entire setup tight and easy to transport. The packaging should be done only if your mattress cover does not come with zippers.

Step 5: Start moving the mattress, moving a mattress upstairs alone is not an easy task, if the size of the mattress is large, you will have to put on too much pressure. Once, you have prepared the mattress as mentioned above, you will have to simply lift the mattress and move it upstairs.

Moving the mattress alone is only possible if the size of the mattress does not exceed the king or queen. However, if you are a person with good stamina and ideas, the size will not matter. But, remember, moving the mattress alone takes a lot more effort and the chances of damaging the mattress are comparatively very high.

Step 6: How to move the mattress, moving the mattress alone upstairs is not that easy, however, we would recommend that you should not try to move it up from the downside of the slope. Instead, take the high ground and pull the mattress up. Remember, if the edges of the steps are sharp your mattress cover is poor, then the entire side of the mattress could be torn and damaged. If you are planning to move it along from the beginning, you could put some sheets on this side, for more protection while moving. 

If you are moving the mattress with the help of others, remember that, if the space on the stairs is limited, limit the number of helper to one. Too many people can do more harm than good. If you are moving the mattress with the help of another person, follow the 3rd step mentioned below. 

Steps To Move a Foldable Mattress Upstairs Alone

Not all mattresses could be folded, if the mattress is hard and if you fold the mattress, then it could prove useless. This is why there is a difference between how you move your mattress upstairs.

Step 1: If you are using a folding mattress, then you should fold the mattress into two. The size of a mattress could be queen size or king size. Folding the mattress into half will reduce the height and width. It is best recommended that you fold the mattress in such a way that the side that you sleep on comes inside.

Step 2: Once you have folded the mattress, you will have to tie or use a ratchet tie to strap down the mattress. If you are using more than one ratchet ties, we recommend that you place them at least 2 feet apart from each other. However, it is very important that you tie up the loose end of the ratchet tie to prevent any personal accidents.

Step 3: After strapping the ratchets ties, you can now move the mattress. While moving the mattress upstairs, it is very important that you and your helper lift the mattress to your shoulder level and move one step at a time. While climbing up the stairs, it is very important that you understand that, the person standing on the downside of the stairs would have comparatively more strain on his hands than the person handling the mattress uphill. Therefore, the person on the uphill should not try to rush things. Keep communicating with each other while moving upstairs.

Bottom line –

Mattresses are all about comfort, sleep, and rest, these are the three things that all human beings require. This is why it is very important that you carry move your mattress very carefully upstairs.

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