How To Make A Mattress Firmer – Complete Guide

A lot of times, people wake up with back pain. The first thing to check must be your mattress. Most of the time, the primary reason behind this is a loose mattress. If you find a depression in the area where you sleep, then you should consider making your mattress firmer. One of the major reasons why you should consider changing the mattress to firmer is its appearance. It looks very saggy and disorganized. It can be embarrassing for you to address such a bed to your guests. The mattress that we use regularly tends to be worn out. When a mattress is newly bought, it is more firm. As time passes, it becomes softer and cannot support our body weight anymore. It is a misconception that softer mattresses are more comfortable. It does appear comfortable but deep down, we know it can harm our body. It especially targets the spine of back sleepers.

This can cause various spine abnormalities.  A firm mattress takes care of our spine health. It improves our circulation and causes less strain to muscles. People who have a habit of sleeping on the back are usually benefited from a firmer mattress. Stomach sleepers should usually avoid it because it can interfere with the normal digestive mechanism of the body. If you find out the dips in your mattress, it is not because of the springs present beneath. It is due to the foam layering of the mattress. The unevenness of the mattress can also be due to the difference in weight of your bed partner. Sleeping is a major aspect of our life, just like other things. Sleeping consumes 1/3rd portion of our day. We should not ignore the red flags of sleeping irregularities caused due to saggy mattress.  

Cost Friendly Techniques To Make Mattress Firmer

You cannot afford to replace your mattress every time it gets saggy. You should also not neglect the disturbances in sleep patterns. Ignoring this can cause permanent disabilities. To avoid buying a new mattress and stressing on the same, we are presenting you easiest tricks to make your mattress firmer. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

Switch the Side of Your Mattress

If your mattress is lying in the same position since you bought it then you must consider flipping the mattress. When your mattress is not flipped for so long, it can cause depression and sagging of it. This occurs due to the continuous use of the mattress. The sagging is a sign that a mattress has reached its threshold of weight-bearing. The mattress becomes curved like a hammock and appears gross. Turning the side of your mattress will make it even from both the side. Doing this twice or thrice a year is sufficient. This will keep your mattress from sinking.

Regulate Room Temperature

Room temperature affects your sleeping pattern invariably. This is due to the direct effect on the mattress. A room that is too cold or too hot is not suitable for the good maintenance of a mattress. Mattresses are designed in such a way that they trap heat. An ideal temperature for keeping your mattress in a good state it 60 to 70 degrees. This keeps the mattress from caving in. Prefer a mattress that has a cooling gel effect on it. If you don’t have this feature in your mattress, then there are many more options to consider in the list. 

Consider a Bedsheet of a Size Similar to the Mattress

A bedsheet should always be according to the size of your mattress. Some people do not believe the bedsheet size to be an important factor. Ignoring this can cause aggravation of the bending process of the mattress. A bedsheet must lie flat on the top of the mattress. It is very important to tuck the sheets on the sides, top, and bottom of the mattress. This ensures a flat and smooth surface to your bed. You can also take it this way that it adds an extra layer to your mattress. 

Place your mattress on the floor.

Placing the mattress on the floor works the same way as substituting plywood on the bed. Placing it on the floor gives it a straight and harder surface. This is the last approach that you should try when looking for a firmer mattress. But this technique will never disappoint you. You can always rely on the tough and even surface of your floor. This also helps to absorb unnecessary heat and make the mattress temperature suitable for good night sleep. But always make sure to clean the floor before laying the mattress on it. This idea also saves a lot of money and effort.

Examine the Surface of Bed Floor

Make sure that the surface of your bed floor is even. Breaks and irregularities present in the base of the bed can cause your mattress to sink to the bed. Many times people forget to examine the bed floor and put all the blame on the mattress. As soon as you figure out the concavity in your bed, try to repair it. Ignoring this can permanently damage your bed as well as your mattress.

Give Mattress a Sunbathe.

Drying the mattress in the sun has many benefits. Not only can it firm the mattress, but it will also get the mattress rid of contamination. This works based on evaporation. When the mattress gets old, it absorbs a lot of moisture from the surrounding. This makes it to sink. Sunbathing the mattress will remove the moisture and make it firm again.

Make Sure Mattress Is Dry

Children usually play in bed. They can do a lot of spilling and staining. While you are away from the room, you cannot notice it. Hence this goes unnoticed. The spilling and peeing can cause the mattress to absorb the wetness and sink. This causes softening and sagging of the mattress. To avoid this, try to clean and dry the mattress once an interval of 3-4 months.

Don’t Sit on the Same Part For a Long Time

 Sitting on the same part of the mattress for a long time can cause bending down of it. This is completely natural, and we don’t need to explain the mechanism here. To avoid this try to change your sitting position as well as the place where to lie down. This will keep the mattress firm. 

Cost-Effective Techniques To Make Mattress Firmer

Make Use of Plywood Boards

Bunkie Board always provides good support to whichever surface it is fitted in. Placing the plywood between the bed base and the mattress will help the mattress to stay firm. You can also place the wood board between the box spring and mattress. This will need more effort. The step mentioned earlier is an easy one.

Invest on a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are the bedding that is placed on top of the mattress. This product is removable and washable. The memory foam mattress topper is the most popular bedding nowadays. If you have a mattress that is too soft to give a good sleep, then toppers are the best option for you. You can also consider a mattress pad. But these products are less used in recent years. It also ensures durability to your mattress.

Restore the Worn Out Fibres

Most of the mattresses are made from multi-layers of fibres. If any one of those layers is worn out then you will face the difficulty of sagging. Restoring those fibres will help you to get rid of this problem.

Change the Box Spring

If you have children at your home, then loosening of box springs won’t be a new thing for you. Children think of the bed as a trampoline. They like to jump and play on it. It breaks the spring and makes them weak. Changing the box spring is a good option to make your bed firmer. It can also increase the diameter of the mattress if you buy a spring with a greater number of coils.

Remove the Bed Slats

The bed slats are present on the base of the bed. It is made from hard material. But it is not uniform. It is arranged in the form of rows. In between the rods, gaps are present. These gaps lead the mattress to sag down. Removal of the bed slats or addition of plywood on top of it can assure firmness to the mattress.

Check the Warranty Period 

If your mattress is not so old, you should consider replacing it. Make sure to check the warranty period provided with the mattress. This will help you to avoid further disappointment. Now, go and get a new one!

Replace the Mattress

This is the last option in cost-effective techniques. As you have finally decided to buy a new mattress, do not forget to check the points mentioned above before buying a new one. Your main aim should be taking care of the durability of the mattress. It should not get bent or uneven. The firmness of its material determines the longevity of the mattress. We hope this article helped you guys to get rid of the sagginess of the mattress. Go ahead and make your mattress firm and new like!

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