How To Keep Mattress From Sliding – Here is 5 Way

A sliding bed can be irritating and it could destroy your peaceful sleeping. Peaceful and comfortable sleep is all that people crave for and if they do not get it, they get irritated and angry. It is not just the mattress, the mattress topper, or the bed frame could slide around and there are remedies that you could take to fix such problems. As of today, there are several ways to fix this issue. Below mentioned are all the methods that you can resort to

5 Method to Keep Mattress From Moving/Sliding 

#1. Purchase a non-slip mattress pad and place it between the mattress and the bed frame 

Most of the mattresses available on the market today come designed in such a way that they have the same surface on both sides. However, some of the products come with a surface some design on the top and no design on the bottom. In both cases, the mattress will slide around and one of the easiest and convenient ways to avoid it is using a nonslip mattress pad. Here is everything you need to know

  • Non-slip pads are very thin and the difference will not be noticed
  • Non-slip pads are placed between the bed frame and mattress; therefore, there is no risk to the user.
  • Most commonly the size of the non-slip pads is limited to some dimension, however, if the size does not suit your requirement, then simply use more than one non-slip pads. 
  • Always consider sticking the non-stick pad to the mattress and not the bed frame.

#2. Purchase a rubber matting and place it between the mattress and the bed frame 

A non-slip pad over the years has been in-demand, so the price of the product has gone up. If you need the best non-slip pad that does not deform in a few years of use, then, you will have to purchase a top-quality product. However, if you can save money if you opt to use rubber matting, here is everything you need to know

  • Like a non-slip pad, a rubber matting serves the same purpose
  • However, rubber mating is comparatively cheaper than non-slip pads
  • All you have to do is, measure the size of the mattress and then purchase the rubber mating
  • Unlike non-slip pads, the rubber matting is available in almost any size, user can also consider purchasing a large matting and cut it based on your required dimension
  • Rubber matting is not always cheaper than non-slip pads, if you go for very high quality and 100% natural rubber products, it could be expensive than non-slip pads.
  • Like the non-slip pads, the rubber matting has to be placed between the bed frame and mattress, but the matting should be stitched or stick to the mattress. 
  • The rubber matting thickness should below or else the difference could be easily noticed

#3. Sticking Velcro strips to keep the mattress at the right place 

Unlike, the above two methods, this method is a bit complicated. However, if you do it the right way, it could offer better efficient results. Here is everything you need to know

  • Today there are long strips available on the market with adhesive on one side and Velcro on the other side and with hooks and loop attachments. All you have to do is simply, stick the strip to the bottom of the mattress and stick the opposite side to the bed frame so that they line up and could hold the mattress in place. 
  • Some of the mattresses come designed in such a way that, the adhesive part does not stick on the mattress. In such circumstances, you can consider purchasing suitable adhesives and use it to stick. 

#4. Use a wedge between the sides of the bed frame and the mattress 

This is one of the oldest methods used to keep the mattress in the right place for many years. On the other hand, this method has remained one of the best and most efficient methods to keep the mattress in the right place. Here is everything you need to know 

  • Prefer this method only if you find the above three methods not useful. 
  • In this method, all you have to do is simply wedge a towel, cloth, or a piece of cushion between the bed frame and mattress. However, some bed frames do not come with a design that allows wedging. In such a situation the above three methods are the only option you have.
  • This method is not permanent; the user will have to adjust the wedging as it could slide away after a few days.

#5. A carpenter can redesign your bed frame to tight-fit your mattress 

This is one of the permanent solutions for your issue, unlike all the above-mentioned methods; this method can fix the issue permanently. However, if you plan to change the mattress and if the size of the mattress changes slightly, then you will have to redesign the frame. As long as the mattress size does not change, this is the best method; here is everything you need to know

  • The redesign here refers to making an extrusion on the bed frame surface in such a way that the mattress can rest in the intrusion created. The extrusion could be created by fixing parts on the four sides of the surface of the bed frame. This method is comparatively better than wedges.
  • If your bed frame is made of wood, then you can nail wood to four sides on the surface of the bed frame to create an intrusion for the mattress to rest, of the other hand, if it is made of any material, use the appropriate material to create the intrusion.

Conclusion –

A mattress sliding from the bed frame is one of the common issues faced by most of the people; all the above-mentioned methods could help you solve the issue easily. However, you are free to select any of the methods mentioned above. 

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