How To Fix A Sagging Mattress – 8 Easy Tricks

What does Sagging Mattress Mean? – Have you ever experienced sore back in the morning after you moved out of your bed? You might be wondering what the reason is? And you are not able to find the cause for it. You know what, it is probably because your mattress has become old or you bought a cheap mattress last time. When your mattress becomes old or the quality of the mattress is not good then they will start sagging and lose its support, which will cause a lot of problems.

Apart from getting back pains, you may also experience stiff spine or hips pains. When you use a good quality mattress, your spine will be in proper alignment, but a sagging mattress will throw out your spine from alignment and cause all back-related ailments. 

How to Know If Your Mattress is Sagging

The validity of a spring mattress is around 10 years, but it may start sagging after 6 to 7 years of use. For the spring mattress, the support is received from the springs inside the mattress. In time, the spring’s strength decreases and the tension for the springs are lost, which is the cause for sagging in a spring mattress. In memory foam or latex mattress, the cushion support inside the mattress will become soft, which is the cause for sagging.

If sagging of the mattress happens, it will no more look tough and sturdy. Most of the time sagging happens in the area where the sleeper’s heaviest body part lies. Such as chest\shoulders, midsection and hips. You can determine the sagging of the mattress by laying a big stick on the mattress measuring around 10 to 12 feet. If there is sagging then you will find gaps below the stick. Another way to determine is by running your hand on the mattress and at some places, you will feel ditch and someplace like a lump.

What Can We Do To Fix It Or Delay The Sagging?

As we know what the problem is and how it affects us, we need to bring out some remedies to delay the sagging and increase the life of the mattress. Let’s look at some remedies, that you can do at home to fix.

  • Flip the mattress regularly: As we know prevention is better than cure. We need to maintain the mattress by flipping to the other side frequently so that your weight on the mattress is distributed evenly. We tend to sleep at one side and if we are of considerable weight, then the mattress may sag at one side. Therefore we need to rotate or flip the mattress frequently to make the surface even and extend the life of the mattress.
  • Go for a mattress topper: Instead of buying a whole new mattress, you can always go for a mattress topper. It will delay the sagging of the mattress and the lumps and sinking of the mattress won’t be felt. The topper’s thickness is less as compared to the mattress and hence won’t drastically affect the height.
  • Use an extra plywood surface: To give mattress support board, you can always apply plywood in between the mattress and the spring box. We need to use plywood, which is the same size as of the bed, if we don’t use an appropriately sized plywood, then the sagging will increase and the life of mattress decrease even more.
  • Pillow support: We can always use pillows to support the areas where we observe the sagging. Using a pillow is a quick but temporary fix, but yes it will help in supporting your spine while sleeping.
  • Replacement of box spring: One of the best ways to prevent sagging of your mattress if you are using a spring mattress replaces the box spring. Box springs are usually cheaper than the actual spring mattress; hence it is a better option.
  • Putting out the mattress in the sun: Sometimes, when you use the mattress for a long time, it may absorb moisture and keeping the mattress in the sun will help to remove the moisture and decrease the sagging.
  • Regularly vacuum the Mattress: Vacuuming the Mattress would help remove the dust and other particles. Vacuuming will aid in decrease the sagging and increase the life of the mattress.
  • Replace the slats: To help with sagging we can always replace the slats, because, with time, the slats also may cause depression, which may result in an uneven surface. The above are the best possible ways to fix a sagging mattress.

Winding Up

The effects on health may not be a cause of concern initially, but eventually, it will affect your spine and posture. Hope the information that was provided above was helpful for you in resolving the sagging issue. If you need more information on this subject, you can always consult a mattress company or an expert to get more inputs and clarification. Stay fit and healthy, by using mattress the right way.

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