How To Get Rid Of Bugs In A Mattress Permanently

Bedbugs are tiny oval-shaped, brown-coloured insects that suck the blood of humans and animals for their survival. Adult bedbugs are identified as flat bodies with the size of the seed of an apple. Once they get fed, their bodies get swollen up and become red in colour. Bedbugs do not have the ability to fly, but can rapidly move over walls, floors, and ceilings.

They create so much nuisance in a house and can be a danger to the people especially children in the house. As bedbugs transmit diseases, it becomes very important to get rid of them as early as possible.  To effectively eliminate bedbugs from your house, there are three steps that you need to implement. Firstly, figure out their symptoms. The second step is to thoroughly check the symptoms of their presence. The third and the final step is to take effective measures to protect the house from their attack.

Areas Where Bugs Hide In A House

Bedbugs can make their way into your house quietly by several means that include clothing, luggage, used couches and used beds, other many more items. Their flat bodies make it easy for them to fit in a small space. Bedbugs don’t have nests like bees. They tend to stay in groups hiding at dark places commonly in box springs, mattresses, headboards and bed frames, where get easy access to bite people at the night time.

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With passing time, these bugs can spread throughout the bedroom, displacing into any protected region or crevice. They can even spread to close by apartments or rooms. Bedbugs can even be found in neat and clean places like immaculate hotel rooms and homes.

Signs That Your House Has A Bedbug Infestation

  • If you get up in the morning with some itchy areas on your body that you didn’t have before going to sleep, then it is an indication that your house might have infected with bedbugs. The chances are higher when you are using used furniture or a used bed in your house.
  • Bloodstains on the pillowcases or sheets are another important indication of a bedbug infestation.
  • Dark or corroded spots of bedbug filth on Your mattress and sheets, walls and bedclothes show that there may be bedbugs in your house
  • Bedbug faecal spots, shed skins or eggshells, in regions where bedbugs like to hide
  • An offensive and musty smell from the scent glands of bugs indicates their presence

How To Inspect A Bedbug Infestation At A Place?

If you are suspicious of a bedbug infestation, then it is important to carefully evaluate your bedding and look for indications of the bedbugs or their filth. We have made a checklist of all those things that you need to meticulously inspect to identify bedbug infestation and eradicate them effectively from your house.

The Box Spring and Mattress

It is required that you evaluate the condition of your mattress thoroughly. Pay close attention to tufts along its edges. Turn the bedding over and check the bottom properly. Pay special attention to any kind of wear and tear in the mattress fabric. This can give you an indication whether the bed bugs have penetrated into the interiors of your box spring or not.

Head, Foot Boards, and Bed Frame

Remember these bugs can easily slip into any crack present in your bed frame. So, you need to thoroughly inspect the bed frame. Remove the box frame and the mattress from the frame of the bed and look for any hidden bedbug in it.

Furniture like Desks, Dressers, Chairs, etc.

Take out all cushions and drawers from furniture that surrounds it. Check all crevices carefully using a light source. Take a good amount of time in performing a thorough inspection. Bed Bugs are mostly found in areas in a pest-ridden room.

Walls and Carpet

Remove electric switchboards, and wall hangings from the walls, and carefully examine the condition of walls for bedbug infestation. Check the rear of baseboards. Look into seams along wall and cracks inside its plaster.

Electronics and Other Appliances

Electronic appliances serve as an ideal hiding region for bed bugs. With the help of a magnifying glass, evaluate each and every place closely. To save the device, you can remove it whenever not require and place smaller appliances safely in a bag.

Some Other Areas of Bedbug Inspection

Bed Bug blood spots that resemble as rust and faecal are left on pillowcases and sheets when the inflamed bed bug gets crushed. These signs serve as a signal of their infestation. Bed bugs tend to hide in crevices and cracks at the daytime. They come out from their places to suck the blood of a person when he is sleeping. Mattress Protector will also help you out getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In A Mattress.

Evaluate the area that surrounds the bed, that includes in telephones, radios, books, carpet edges, and also in electrical vents. Check the closet as bedbugs can easily get attached to your clothing.

If you are not sure about indications of bedbugs, then it is better to book an appointment with an exterminator. This is the safest as well as an effective way to get rid of bedbugs. These professionals know the right places to look for all the possible places where the bedbugs may be hiding.

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Bedbug Infestation


This is the last step in the elimination of bedbug. On identifying the signs of a bedbug infestation, you need to take steps to eliminate its occurrence and prevent their reappearance.

#1. Clean all those areas where bedbugs are known to hide. These places include bedding, curtains, clothing, and linens. Wash them in hot water. Follow it by drying them using the dryer. Place all shoes, stuffed toys, etc. that you can’t wash inside the dryer. Run at a high speed for a minimum of thirty minutes.

#2. With the help of a stiff brush or scrub mattress, remove bedbugs as well as their eggs prior to performing vacuuming. Vacuum clean your bed often.

#3. Cover box springs and mattress with a woven, and zippered cover that will prevent bedbugs from escaping or entering.

#4. Repair cracks in wall plaster to eliminate all those places where a bedbug can hide.

#5. If you find that your mattress is bedbug infested to a large extent, then it is wise to invest in a new one.

#6. Use of steamers, as well as heaters, can even get rid of bacteria, allergens, viruses, and germs.

#7. When you come home from a trip, you need to wash your clothes or mattress that you used during your trip. This is because there can be chances that they may have got infected. Using them in your house can take not much time in infecting your house too.

#8. It is recommended to always inspect any used furniture that you buy. Check it thoroughly for the bug infestation before you bring it to your home.

#9. It is advised not to bring any discarded bed frames, box springs, mattresses or any upholstered furniture in your house as it can affect your home too.

#10. The bedbug is a serious issue that most of the household suffer from. On noticing any of the signs mentioned above, you need to take all the three effective precautionary steps immediately. This is one big and the essential step that you must take to keep your family, and valuables safe and healthy. Hope the above information must have proved useful in learning about bedbug infestation and eliminate it effectively.

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