Green Tea Mattress VS Avocado Mattress – Which one Is Better

Mattresses are one of the most crucial parts of bedding. Do you even know that a healthy human being spends the 1/3rd span of his day in sleeping? We hope it is sufficient to make you understand the importance of sleep. Oh, if not yet, one also spends a similar time in bed out of his entire lifetime. Nowadays, people are too busy at work due to a hectic life schedule. When they come back to the Pavillion, the least they could expect is a comfortable sleep. How can that be possible? A good quality mattress can make everything possible. When you complete a warm, cosy, and relaxed sleep of 8 healthy hours, you will wake up fresh & happy. Eventually, all the tasks of your daily schedule will be better in contrast to the days when you wake up being irritable. Other than this, a decent mattress also provides you with several other benefits.

Comparison Between Green Tea Mattress & Avocado Mattress

Green Tea Mattress VS Avocado Mattress

From enhancing the duration & quality of sleep to correcting body postures, a mattress has to do a lot with the entire human body all-round development. If your mattress is no more functional, it is the right time to change it. People mostly explore the hot selling mattresses in the market. The two most popular beddings are Green tea & avocado mattress. Though both of them are an outstanding option to enhance your amenity during sleep; but, you cannot afford to buy both of them (as it would be a waste of money & product). Therefore, people prefer to go for the better one. But how will you know which one meets your requirement? We are here to make a crystal clear & easy comparison between these two mattresses. We hope that you will be able to pick suitable bedding for your goodnight sleep until the end of the article.

#1. Material of Construction

The green tea mattress consists of three super comfortable layers. It has a base support foam of high density, measuring 6 inches. The pressure-relieving foam is sandwiched between the base and the top memory foam. Both the middle and top layers measure 3 inches each. On the other hand, the avocado mattress is made from latex & high spring consisting of organic materials. Also, it contains a fire barrier made from silica. 

#2. Odour-Free & Fresh

If you want your bed to be fresh smelling always, go for a green tea memory foam mattress. It helps in maintaining a positive aura in the room. If you live in a small space, the room is more prone to the accumulation of foul odour. You can also use mattress odour remover to remove foal odour from the mattress. The infusion of green tea extract helps to prevent the development of smell in the mattress. However, the avocado mattress is also great. But, in this aspect, a green tea mattress wins. 

#3. Body posture & Support

The presence of coils in the mattress helps in maintaining body posture while sleeping. It is extremely essential to sleep in the right kind of posture. Healthy sleeping habit focuses on body posture too. The coil and latex in the avocado mattress will tolerate more weight and is super responsive. 

#4. Consider Your Weight

If you are a heavyweight person or a couple, pick the avocado mattress. The reason being the same! The coils hold up the weight firmly and prevent it from sagging. However, medium weight people can pick the green tea mattress. A load of 200 and 700 pounds is ideal for green tea & avocado mattress, respectively. 

#5. Skin Friendly

If you are a concerned buyer, make sure to pick an avocado mattress. Having rashes, irritation, skin bumps, and other respiratory allergies is not a new thing. Some people are hyper allergic to the mattress materials. However, the avocado mattress is certified by various agencies. It has certification of organicity by Global Organic Latex Standards, Global Organic Textile standards, Greengard Gold, USDA Organic, and many more. It is also a vegan product and approved by PETA. 

#6. Environment Friendly

The use of eco-friendly material helps to make a mattress biodegradable. An avocado mattress consists of Dunlop latex, Joma wool, and non-irritable organic cotton sheath. Therefore, it has certifications of the Forest Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance, MADE-SAFE, and Eco institute too. What else can you ask in a mattress! An avocado mattress is a perfect choice to decrease the burden of nature. The least you can do is to buy biodegradable and organic things. 

#7. Motion Isolation Feature

If you are someone who sleeps facing one side at night and completes a semi-circle in the bed, throughout the night, you must look for this feature. The green tea mattress is potent in absorbing movements. It helps in providing peaceful sleep to your bed partner. 

#8. Organic Certification

It is quite clear that the avocado mattress has many more validations of authenticity than the green tea mattress. However, a green tea mattress also provides various range of benefits of being super fresh to absorbing movements. 

#9. Cost of the Mattress

One of the most searched features of a good quality mattress is the price. If you are not willing to pay an enormous amount and have other plans, we assure you that a green tea mattress will be an outstanding choice. However, if you can afford to spend some extra penny, you have both the choices. 

#10. Which kind of sleeper are you?

The back sleeping posture is considered as the healthiest posture. However, many people choose to sleep on the side. If you are a side or back sleeper, the green tea memory foam mattress will help to maintain the contour of your body. It will give you comfort by maintaining the support by relieving pressure. Sleeping on the stomach is never good. But, for that case, you can pick an avocado mattress.


Both the mattress will give you outstanding features that are unforgettable. However, it entirely depends on your requirements and sleeping habits as well. We hope that the 10 points mentioned above will be enough for you to make a wise judgment. A mattress is a long time investment. Be sure of all the aspects before choosing one.

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