Top 10 Benefits Of Wool Mattress Pad – Check Before Buying

Do you wish to give your mind and body a peaceful sleep at night? If yes, you have arrived in a perfect place. Do you know the fact that 229,961 hours of human life goes on sleeping? The count equals to the exactly one-third span of your entire lifetime! Mattress pads are said to enhance the quality and duration of sleep. Out of different sorts of mattress pads available in the market, the woollen ones are quite an in trend nowadays. People love it because of its authenticity, as it is constructed from the natural sheep coat. 

Health Benefits Of Wool Mattress Topper

wool mattress pad

Nowadays, people are much more aware of their skin and body health. Therefore, they prefer to stay away from cheap synthetic materials. Thus, the wool mattress pad is gaining popularity among customers.

The versatility and budget-friendly attribute of the wool mattress pads with various benefits makes it more loved by the customers worldwide. If you are conscious about protecting the super sensitive skin of your little ones, what else could be better than a wool mattress pad? There are many other benefits that it has to offer. Let us look at the top 10 benefits of a wool mattress pad:

#1. Easy Temperature Control

One of the most potent causes of disturbed sleep in human beings is the dysregulation of temperature at night. The reasons could be either the environment or the type of bedding you are using. A wool mattress padding ensures the customers about even maintenance of temperature. Due to its insulating fabric, it will keep you warm & cosy in the winter season. Not only in winter, but you can also use it in summer to derive coolness during scorching days. Thus, keeping the temperature under control gives you a satisfactory 8 hours of sleep. It helps you to minimize the use of other bedding accessories. 

#2. Non-Toxic and Hypoallergic

Have you ever experienced rashes and adverse reactions the next day when you wake up from sleep in a new mattress pad? If yes, it might be due to the cheap material of the mattress pad. A real premium quality mattress pad will be non-toxic and hypoallergic. However, do you mind investing too much in it? To get a safe and healthy mattress padding at a budget-friendly price, you cannot have anything better than a wool mattress pad. Thus, if you are prone to allergies, we highly recommend you to try this product. It is also considered resistant to microbes and insects.

#3. Availability of Options

The variety of wool mattress pads is what makes them exclusive and to stand out from other mattress pads. For the ones who are not aware of the types and processing of wool to make the paddings, we will give you a gist about it. You can choose from a variety of woollen kinds. Some of them are regular, British, alpaca, mohair, merino, angora, and cashmere wools. You can get a mattress padding that is made from the first wool shearing of the lamb, or you can also opt for the ones which are premium quality due to several layers of processing. It is a subjective choice and differs from person to person.

#4. Enhanced Comfort Level

Do you find it challenging to sleep in a new environment (bed) when you are travelling/visiting a new place? If yes, you are the type of person who requires the utmost facilities to take a warm, cosy, and comfortable sleep. For the people who can sleep anywhere and everywhere, it is not of primary concern. But, who in the world would like to compromise their comfort during sleep daily? A wool mattress padding is softer than other materials. Thus, it will help you in treating conditions like body and joint ache. Also, the soft material helps to maintain the posture while sleeping. Scientists have studied that a comfortable environment enhances your sleep by varied grades.

#5. Liquid Repelling Action

The liquid repelling action is another feature that makes it popular in families with small children or babies. Newborns cannot voluntarily control their bladder. Thus, it makes the mattress more prone to soaking and odour due to nocturnal urination. However, a woollen mattress padding is resistant to wetness. Most studies infer that the production of heat after coming in contact with liquid gives it a liquid repellant property. It keeps the blanket dry and odour-free. There is a chemical reaction that converts the urine into dry salt. The presence of lanolin in the wool facilitates this process.

#6. Breathable Material

The presence of air pockets inside the wool mattress padding makes it more breathable. If you usually feel suffocation during night sleep, you must try this product. You will see a noticeable change in the sleeping habit. It is an ideal material for newborns, as their body organs are growing and need more good aeration than adults. Also, the woollen material is naturally fire-resistant. Isn’t it a great deal to get everything in a single product?

#7. 100 % Organic & Safe

There should be no doubt to it that the woollen mattress pads are made by shearing the wool of lambs or goats. One cannot question the organicity of the woollen material! If you are in search of a 100 per cent natural product, your search comes to an end here! Most of the bedding materials focus on the enhancement of the comfort level of customers. In this run, they forget about the protection of Mother Nature. The organic materials of woollen mattress padding make it a biodegradable product, which is entirely safe for the environment.

#8. Minimal Maintenance

Yes, you read it right! A woollen mattress padding requires a minimum level of maintenance among all the materials. Food spills, urine, dust, mites, and pollution make your blanket dirtier. To properly maintain it, one needs to wash them frequently. However, wool is resistant to these factors. Thus, it minimizes the need for cleaning it now and then. You can readily wash it in the washing machine. The drying time is also lesser in comparison to other materials.

#9. Cruelty-Free Product

In today’s world, the extinction of animals due to increased cruelty among them is not a new thing. However, most of the manufacturers are concerned about this topic nowadays. Thus, they aim at creating a cruelty-free product. If you are one of those wise person, who prefer to use such products, woollen mattress paddings are a suitable option. No animals are harmed during the process of shearing wool. The conduction is done naturally and harmlessly.

#10. Longer Durability

The durability of mattress pads is another primary matter of concern. Do you know that these mattresses offer an enhanced amount of resistance against tears too? If you can do minimal care of the woollen mattress topper, you can expect it to last for several years. Also, you do not have to compromise comfort with growing years. It is a mattress padding that is suitable for the long run. Before buying wool mattress pad do check the top 5 best selling brand of wool mattress pad online.


So, have you made your decision yet? If not, you can also compare the features of the woollen mattress pad with another material. We assure you that you will return to it every time! We hope that the article was informative enough for all of you. Thanks for reading!

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