Top 10 Best Twin XL Electric Blankets – Review & Buying Guide

Some people usually feel colder than others. Even when the weather is not extremely cold, you will see them covered with jackets and socks on their feet. This is quite regular for most people, but when it is winter season, they suffer a lot. The cold can make them uncomfortable, and some of them might even have a hard time sleeping at night. Additionally, this can also lead them to catch a cold quite quickly. In such situations, they have to get resources that will help them feel good. One of the best things that experts suggest is an electric blanket. These blankets have electric heating elements in them, which will warm the entire Blanket in a short time. Therefore, you can hop inside it easily and get that warm feeling to soothe your body. And don’t worry, these blankets are relatively safe. You can also turn the power off as soon as the Blanket gets heated. This way, all your anxiety regarding an electric shock will also go away.

Twin XL Electric Blankets – Top 10 Picks

But if you are confused with where you are going to find those blankets, then please don’t. We are here with ten best electric blankets that you can easily get. As they are available online, the Blanket will reach your home in no time. Almost all of them are affordable, so that is a good point as well. We have mentioned everything, including the cons. From that, you might deduce that we only want to offer the best. Also, even when you do not feel very cold, you can still buy them to enjoy a good time on the couch in the winter. Let us discuss all of these electric blankets below – 

#1. Comfort Spaces Luxury Electric Wrap Blanket

Comfort Spaces Luxury Electric Wrap Blanket

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With a good electric blanket, all your sleep problems are going to get solved. This goes especially for those people who feel colder than the others. We have the fantastic Comfort Spaces Electric Blanket for you today. It comes in three pretty colours, which are grey, burgundy, and blue. All three colours look exceptionally lovely. Other than that, the Blanket is made using microlight fabric, which does not add to its weight. Unlike other blankets, this product will not feel heavy at all. Comfort Spaces have dedicated their work to creating this Blanket with the lowest EM (electromagnetic) radiation possible. The heating element is laid out so that the heat it imparts is spread evenly, and the Blanket becomes warm as you think of sleeping. Compared with other wrap blankets that have electrical heating elements, this Blanket also cuts off on the money you waste on the electricity bill. All of this is possible courtesy of the auto shut off feature that the Blanket has.


  • The size of the electric Blanket is 65 X 50 inches, which is perfect for anyone.
  • The reverse side of the Blanket has Sherpa fabric, which traps the warmth quite well.
  • If you unplug the controller of the Blanket, you can also wash it easily without hassle.
  • You can set the heat using the three heat levels of the Blanket.


  • We do not think that this electric Blanket has any cons to mention here.

#2. Beautyrest Microlight Electric Blanket Auto Shutoff


Beautyrest Microlight Electric Blanket Auto Shutoff

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Many people choose to invest in an electric blanket because such blankets are comparatively light. Therefore, we now have the Beautyrest microlight electric blanket to ace the game of such blankets. It comes in four different colours, but its Indigo-Blue coloured version is the one that we have seen many people preferring. However, one can also check out the other three colours of the Blanket: tan, ivory, and grey. The solid pattern of this lovely electric Blanket makes it look quite simple, yet it is very sophisticated. It will go with your room design no matter what it is. Additionally, one can also throw the Blanket on the couch. 

It was supposedly designed you keep your feet warm while you are sitting and relaxing. In winter, when you are sitting with a cup of hot chocolate, an electric blanket like this, one will surely add stars to the snuggly feeling. Apart from that, if you suffer from foot aches and pains, this Blanket will help you deal with those as well. As you warm your feet, you can quickly hop into the covers and maintain the warmth throughout. This will help when you want to fall asleep, but the weather does not allow you to do so. If you are looking for a reliable way to keep the blanket away from your sensitive feet use blanket lifters  to avoid blanket touching your


  • The Blanket can give therapeutic relief to people who suffer from foot aches and pain.
  • The UL certifies it for its maximum safety offering.
  • Its controller has a long cord, which makes it easy to control.
  • With a guarantee of 5 years, the customer will receive a promise of quality of this electric Blanket.


  • This Blanket is more of a throw, and you won’t find it very comfortable to sleep in.

#3. Deckey Fast Electric Heated Blanket 

Deckey Fast Electric Heated Blanket

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With two colour options of red and grey, this electric Blanket is high on the looks. For people who love bright colours, red will work pretty well. On the other hand, those who have developed a liking for colours that lie close to black might want to consider the grey version. This electric Blanket weighs 1.75 kg only. Additionally, we like how economical, and practical its cost is. It comes with double-layered flannel on both its sides, which lock the heat inside it very well. Furthermore, the Blanket is skin-friendly and will always feel soft no matter what.

The best thing here is that the Deckey Electric Blanket comes with an intelligent heating feature, which allows you to set the heat using six different settings. You can easily go from 75 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. According to personal preference, one can set the heat that they want the Blanket to dissipate. Moreover, the Blanket has rapid heating technology, so it will spread the heat within minutes. Its cord is 9.2 foot long, which will help you turn the settings on even when the power outlet is away.  


  • The Blanket increases the blood circulation in the body, so it helps reduce body pain.
  • You can use it on the sore neck, shoulders, waist as well as legs.
  • It will also reduce the menstrual cramps that women face. 
  • The after-sales service of Deckey is top-notch.  


  • The applications of the Blanket are more for therapeutic reasons and less for sleeping purposes.

#4. MaxKare Electric Blanket for Whole Body Warming

MaxKare Electric Blanket for Whole Body Warming

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We now have the MaxKare Electric Blanket that you can use to warm your whole body. It is made using the selected fleece so that you get the best comfort from it. If you suffer from joint pain and other body aches, then this Blanket will help soothe and take away that pain from your entire body. Additionally, during winter, this Blanket will feel like a humble abode where you can feel fuzzy and warm. People who find winter unbearable are going to really love it and derive its immense benefits.  

It will quickly dispel all the coolness of the mattress of your bed, and you can easily slip into a sound sleep with it. When you have taken a break and looking for a quick nap, then also this electric Blanket will comfort you a lot. Maxkare Electric Blanket is known to never cause any kind of overheating. Its large dimensions will maximize the warm space where you can sleep and rest. Furthermore, if you ever fall asleep with it on your body, it will shut off on its own so that your body does not feel overheated. Once you buy this electric Blanket, you will stop using the traditional ones that you must have been using.


  • This versatile electric Blanket will empower you a lot and indeed make you feel warm.
  • The warmth will help reduce joint pain by many folds. 
  • The return/replacement service on this Blanket is one year long.
  • Its controller is straightforward to use.


  • You only get two colour options on this electric Blanket.

#5. BASEIN Heated Electric Blanket with Ten Heat Settings

BASEIN Heated Electric Blanket with Ten Heat Settings

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The number of heat settings that this electric Blanket offers is undoubtedly higher than the others. This way, one can always get the settings that their body is the most comfortable with. Additionally, this is the feature that makes the blanket customizable according to the consumer’s warmth needs. Many people have liked it, and we are quite sure you will like it too. Its power cable is 2 meters long, and its controller is very easy to understand and bring to use. With white buttons in the design, the Blanket will refrain from slipping and falling.

The temperature range in which you can warm this electric Blanket is 92 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It will save energy and still be safe for use at all times. Additionally, even after prolonged use, the beauty of the Blanket will still not reduce. With reversible flannel fleece, which is thick from the front, you can enjoy a very warm nap time in the winter. People of all ages, including the kids and the elderly, can easily use this Blanket and enjoy winter without catching a cold and other diseases. Buy this electric Blanket for your family now!


  • For a sweet nap time in winter, this Blanket is undoubtedly the best.
  • Its flannel is better than other ones that you see in other blankets. 
  • People of all ages can use this electric Blanket.
  • Its controller has an LED display, which makes controlling everything pretty easy.


  • The price of the Blanket makes it less affordable for some people.

#6. Gasky Lightweight and Soft Electric Blanket

Gasky Lightweight and Soft Electric Blanket

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With a single button, you can control everything about this Blanket. Other than the button on the controller, you will also notice an LED light that will tell you whether the Blanket is in heating mode or not. Its wire can withstand extensive heat easily while the whole controller is removable. This allows you to maintain the Blanket’s hygiene. We also like the fluffy fabric of the Blanket. Unlike other blankets, it does not rub off on your skin and feels itchy. Instead, it feels very silky and soft. One can use this Blanket every day in winter days and nights.  

You will see that the outer and the inner side of the Blanket has two colours. So, when you want the bright colour, you can flip it to the front. On the other hand, when you want the white vibe, you can use the white-coloured side of the Blanket to be face up. Gasky will offer you with a two-year replacement and blanket return offer. So, if you have problems, make sure you use the advantage of such offers and get the best service. Like any other electric blanket, it has three heat settings that you use and understands pretty easily. 


  • This Blanket will always give an even warmth to your body. 
  • You can control it entirely with just one button.
  • You can carry it with you even when you are travelling or sitting in the office. 
  • It is lightweight and has double layers.


  • The colour of the Blanket might not be likeable by some people.

#7. Bedsure Heated Blanket with 6 Different Heat Settings

Bedsure Heated Blanket with Six Different Heat Settings

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This navy and grey colour options that you get in this Blanket are quite universal. These two colors go with every design of your house. Since it has an ETL certificate, you don’t have to worry about any hazards. This way, even when the Blanket reaches your child or pet, you still won’t have to panic that much. Additionally, the Blanket has a timer. One can set this timer for anywhere between one to four hours. After that, the Blanket will automatically turn itself off. This helps when one wants to turn sleep and still save money on that electricity bill.  

For resisting cold, this Blanket works pretty well. It entraps the heat inside it so that even after it is turned off, the warmth does not reduce. Cold must be a big issue for people who are sensitive to winter and cold weather. This Blanket will help save your body from such triggers and enjoy a healthier life. Its power cable is also long, so do not worry about its operation. The size of the Blanket is such that it will help embrace your entire body no matter what your height is. If you use water below 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you can wash it easily at home (after removing the controller). 


  • The outer synthetic fur of the Blanket is very soft and manageable.
  • For ultimate relaxation, this is the right electric Blanket.
  • It operates at low voltage and is also one of the safest electric blankets. 
  • There is also no risk of radiation with this product.


  • The warranty period of this electric Blanket is comparatively less.

#8. Vellax Electric Blanket with Thermostatic Control

Vellax Electric Blanket with Thermostatic Control

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This versatile and warm electric Blanket by Vellax has undoubtedly caught a lot of our attention. To prevent and minimize all chances of overheating, it has thermostatic control. With cold weather comes different microorganisms that love flourishing and growing in the cold temperature. Therefore, you should try everything to keep your body warm in order to avoid giving those germs a quick entry. This particular electric Blanket has flannel fleece on one side, which looks highly elegant. On the other side, there is the ultra-plush faux fur. 

The fur will give you a soft touch on the skin other than trapping all the heat that the Blanket dissipates. Its color won’t fade even after multiple washes. The fading of color often happens with all the local blankets you see in the market. But we are sure that you won’t have any complaints like that whatsoever. However, please wash the Blanket in a low-speed cycle. Otherwise, you will end up harming the fur, and it won’t feel as soft as it always did. The thermostat in it can also switch from heat levels, so that heat distribution never causes overheating.


  • The refund in case of any problems with this electric Blanket can be claimed quickly.
  • The Blanket is fade and wrinkle resistant.
  • The faux fur used in its inner side is of high quality. 
  • Its thermostat can switch from high heat to low heat levels in regular duration for avoiding overheating. 


  • The only con of this electric blanket is that you can easily damage its fur if you wash it using the harsh washing machine cycles.

#9. Comfort Spaces Sherpa Electric Blanket with Sock Set

Comfort Spaces Sherpa Electric Blanket with Sock Set and Neck Wrap

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Comfort Spaces has always surprised us with their innovations and product perks. We have discussed one of their electric blankets before, so we now have another one by them. This particular electric Blanket by Comfort Spaces will allow you to have a Sock Set in the deal along with the Blanket. It comes in a grey colour, which goes with many bedroom designs. The Blanket is made in such a way that you can wrap it around your neck, and it will still not slip from there. With microlight fabric in its outer design and Sherpa inside, the warmth it offers is higher than other blankets.  

Let us not forget that you also get a Sock Set. This set’s design matches with the Blanket so you can have and enjoy them together. We also love how the Blanket is available in many colours and print options to choose from. With three different heat zones, you will surely find the level that you feel the most comfortable in. additionally, you can confidently use this product as much as you want because the customer will also get a warranty of five years on it. You should try this electric Blanket once! 


  • The matching sock set in the deal has anti-skid soles.
  • Its controller also has an LED indicator.
  • You can wrap it around your neck comfortably, and the Blanket will stay there very well.
  • Its dimensions are 64 X 50 inches.


  • For some people, only high heat settings will be beneficial. The manufacturers must improve the other two settings.

#10.MaxKare Electric Blanket with 4 Temperature Setting


MaxKare Electric Blanket with Four Temperature Settings

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We have another Maxkare electric blanket with us right now. Many people refrain from buying such blankets as they are scared of putting something that is electrical on their bodies. However, one does not have to worry when the Blanket is from MaxKare. They have only brought the best things in the market and are known to only serve excellently. Along with the fast heating feature, the consumer of this Blanket can also enjoy the four temperature settings. Having four levels of heat surely helps a lot in finding the most comforting temperature.

Its softness is highly luxurious; additionally, its blue color is very rich. We never see such a shade of blue in electric blankets often. You will surely find it beautiful too. You can use it easily while you watch TV sitting on the couch. In cold weather, this electric Blanket will prove to be a great confidant. You can sip coffee with this Blanket being wrapped around your body. Furthermore, the Blanket is also certified by ETL, so you can always trust its safety. The power cord of the blanket is detachable, and you can wash the Blanket easily in the washing machine.


  • The Blanket can be easily and safely washed in the machine after its controller’s removal.
  • It is made using skin-friendly material, which will never cause any skin itchiness.
  • You can use it while you rest as well as spend some time chilling on your couch. 
  • Its softness is luxurious and very comfortable.


  • The price of this Blanket is higher than the other electric blankets that we chose.

Buying Guide To Choose The Right Electric Blanket

This is very important. Before you buy your electric Blanket, you have to check for the voltage it needs in order to operate. This is because sometimes the country of origin of the Blanket might be different. One can look for many factors in an electric blanket. However, we have mentioned some of them below – 

Check for the Blanket’s voltage.

In that case, the voltage of the appliance’s heating elements will be different from the voltage supply of your home. In such cases, the Blanket might turn out to be useless. We have mentioned all the blankets with a voltage that will suit your house. However, if you choose such blankets from somewhere else, you should consider the voltage.

Consider the electric Blanket’s size

The size of the electric Blanket is something that one can easily see from its description. If you are buying the Blanket for just having something on your feet and legs, the size does not matter that much. However, if you want to warm it and then use it while sleeping, you will have to consider every inch of its dimensions. Because the Blanket is small, it won’t cover your entire body, and that can make you feel cold and also make the electric Blanket entirely useless.

Check its heat settings and levels

Generally, you will find three heat settings on electric blankets. However, there are ones on our list that have more than three settings. Some even have as high as ten settings. Such a huge range in the heating levels will help you choose and customize the temperature of the Blanket that you personally like. In this way, everyone in your family can choose the level of warmth they want from the Blanket. Additionally, while checking the heat settings, you can also check the range of temperature that the Blanket has to offer.

Watch out for the electric Blanket’s design

These days even electric blankets come in printed designs. You will also see a range of bright colors when you check all of them. This way, the consumer can decide on things according to their design preference. If you like solid designs in blankets, you will get those options too. Also, colors like grey and white are also available all round the year. You just have to look for them well, and you will surely end up with an electric blanket that will not only make you feel warm but also look good.

Price of the electric Blanket

Even when you are short on the budget, you can still enjoy having an electric blanket. This is because these days you will see how their prices are quite affordable. So, if you come along a blanket with a huge rate tag, you must try looking for other options. After all, there is nothing you cannot find. We have listed many electric blankets at the right price. So try checking all of them out. Some of them are high end as well, so if you like their quality, you can try putting your money even if it will cost just a little more.

Bottom Line

Even when electric blankets are highly utilitarian, you still have to be careful with them. Always keep these blankets away from your children as well as your pets. Additionally, you must check the safety certifications that the Blanket has received as it will make it safer for everyone in your house. We have only described the safest ones, though. So try checking all ten of our choices before you look at other sites. We will be sticking to the hope that you liked at least one of the electric blankets of ours.  


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