Gel Memory Foam Mattress VS Regular Mattress

If you’ve been looking for a mattress recently then you must have run into the posts debating which mattress is the best. That’s something we all tend to do as a rational consumer when buying something. Talking about mattresses, there are two of them that are staking the claim to be the best, i.e. gel memory foam mattress and regular mattress. By regular mattress, we refer here to the regular memory foam mattress without gel. We thought of looking into this debate and see which mattress takes the throne of being the best. So we’ve don’t a bit of comparison down here. Come, let’s check out.

What is a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

A gel memory foam mattress is a memory foam mattress infused with a layer of gel and foam. The gel used in the mattress allows it to create a balance in the mattress and provide comfort to the sleeper. It was designed in 2006 and has taken the market by storm. The gel used here is similar to the gel used in cow pads across farms in the United States. The gels tend to support the weight and provide a nice cushion to it.  Gel mattresses came into prominence due to their heat-dissipating feature, something which was lacking in the memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress traps the heat and causes the mattress to rise in temperature over the night. A gel memory foam mattress dissipates the heat and makes the mattress cool to sleep on. Rest apart, the specs and other layers of these mattresses are pretty similar. 

How is Gel Memory Foam Mattress Made? 

A gel memory foam mattress comes with various layers like reinforced edge, central support, and layered structure. One of the top layers is infused with a cooling gel to help it gain the heat dissipation function. This gel is infused with the memory foam which allows the foam to retain its memory function and have heat dissipation at the same time. This ensures a comfortable sleep throughout the night. 

What is a Regular Memory Foam Mattress?

A regular memory foam mattress is something that is made by infusing the polyurethane foam with chemicals which increases the velocity in it. A memory foam mattress is also known as viscoelastic foam and is known to shape itself based on the body contour of the person. It also provides pressure point relief to a person who is sleeping on it. It has a peculiar habit of trapping the heat inside so that you get ample heat throughout the night. It has been around since 1990 and has become of the top-selling mattresses around. It has been a welcome piece from those traditional foam mattresses that did not offer the same level of comfort. Memory foam mattresses are breathable and offer enhanced airflow so that it remains functional over a long period. 

How is a Regular Memory Foam Mattress Made?

The memory foam mattress consists of three different parts, the reinforced edge, layered structure, and central support. These help to make the mattress have its special memory-based function. The reinforced edge allows the mattress to have edge support made of high-density foam, unlike the traditional mattresses. The layered structure refers to multiple layers that are laid out in the mattress for support and base. The central support uses a reinforced core that is made out of high-density foam and ensures long term durability of it. 

Similarities Between Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Regular Memory Foam Mattress

Here are a few similarities between these two mattresses. 

  • Both of these mattresses offer body contour and provides pressure relief to a sleeping person.
  • They come with reduced motion transfer allowing you a comfortable sleep. 
  • They come with the benefit of reduced allergens as the material does not allow the accumulation of any dust or bacteria.
  • They support your body and are well suited to back pain and heavy sleepers. 

Differences Between Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Regular Memory Foam Mattress

Here are a few differences that separate these two mattresses. 

  • Gel memory foam mattresses come with a cooling effect and dissipate the heat allowing a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Regular memory foam mattresses tend to come with heat retention that tends to soar the temperature as the night passes on. 
  • Gel memory foam mattresses spring back into shape faster than traditional regular memory foam mattresses. This allows a gel memory foam mattress to retain its shape for a long haul. 

Which Mattress Is Best For Me?

Taking into account both of these mattresses they come strikingly close to each other. A regular memory foam mattress has been one of the top-selling pieces for years and is well regarded for its function and comfort. The only thing that could be said about a regular mattress is that they retain the heat which makes the temperature rise as the night goes. That is something that a gel memory mattress has taken care of. It combines the feature of a memory foam mattress and adds a cooling gel that helps dissipate the heat. So if you want to sleep on a cooler surface then a gel memory mattress would do great. Otherwise, a memory foam mattress will do just fine.

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