King Size Bed Dimensions – Everything You Want to Know

King size beds are the largest standard bed type options available in the market. Commonly, there are two types of king beds that you might come across, the standard king-size beds, and the California king size beds. A king-size bed allows as much amount of space that is accumulated by combining two extra-long single beds.

What is Standard Size of a King Size Bed Mattress?

King size beds are the perfect match for individuals and couples that require a lot of space while sleeping, alongside providing the best of the comfort and cosiness for perfect night sleep. Nothing can start your day off better than a good night’s sleep. The king-size bed allows you with an opportunity to roll over, stretch out and kick to your heart’s content, and moreover, lie down like a king and sleep tight.

The king-size bed dimensions might vary abut as per your location and choice, however, the standard dimensions of a king-size bed are 76 inches x 80 inches. King-sized beds are 76 inches in width and 80 inches by length, which allows anyone ample place to lie down, stretching out to their extreme limits. Anyone who prefers a good night’s sleep while kicking and rolling must undoubtedly go ahead with the standard king size bed. Not to mention, a perfect match for couples too.

King Size Bed Dimensions in Different Measurement

  • Feet : 6.33 Feet x 6.66 Feet
  • MM: 1930.4 mm x 2032 mm
  • CM: 193.04 cm x 203.2 cm
  • Meter: 1.93 m x 2.03 m
  • Inches: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long

Before going in for a standard king size bed frame, the first thing that you might need to do if you wish to go for a readymade frame is taking the dimensions of your room and also ensure that the frame would pass easily through all the doorways, hallways, turns, and staircases, if any.

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Use metal tape to make the dimensions and note them down on a piece of paper to avoid any problems after the shipping of the frame. If any problem arises, go in for customized beds or beds that can be de-assembled and then again reassembled once it reaches the room that it needs to fit into. Buy out your new bed and thank us later!

How to Choose the Perfect King Size Bed Mattresses?

Have you ever been confused by the abundant variety king size mattresses available in the market and not been able to select the perfect one of yourself? Well, let us lower your burden and discuss a few things that might help you out in choosing the perfect king size mattress for your cosy bed.

Do your Online Research: The first and foremost task before finalizing on your king-size mattresses must actually be knowing about the types of mattresses available in the market. Visit some of the authorized and trustable websites that would provide you with the authentic and unbiased information about the mattresses. Shortlist the different types of mattresses made with different types of materials.

Thereafter check the reviews for the different types of mattresses. Find out why people bought out those particular types of mattresses. What are the pros and what are the cons. Figure out which type of mattresses would be best suitable for your health and body conditions. Also, do not forget to keep a check on the prices of the mattresses that seem good enough to you for keeping everything under your budget. Bookmark the websites that you find suitable enough

Take Dimension: Make sure to take the dimension of all your doorways through which the mattress would need to cross to find its final destination. Use a steel tape to measure all the turns, staircases, and doorways to ensure that the king-size mattress would easily pass through all of them. If not, you might have to go ahead with two single mattresses which can be put up together comfortably to form a king-size mattress.

Visit the Store: Once done with all your online research and dimensions, visit the nearest mattresses outlet to actually check out the quality and the outlook of the mattresses that you have shortlisted down during your online research. You might even find some better options as per your choice and budget that might attract you. Talk to the salesperson to ensure the warranty, return policy and any other doubts that you have in mind.

Lie around in your shortlisted mattresses for a while to ensure the comfort level and try out different positions to confirm any kind of movement restrictions. Some of the stores might even provide an in-home trial facility to actually turn aside from any kind of problems that might arise during shipping or after installation, try it out!

Make the final Move: Return home and make a list of pros and cons for all the mattresses that you liked online or at the retail stores. Compare the comfort levels and prices as per your budget to make final decisions and get set going. Also, do not forget to compare out the warranty period offered by different companies along with the return and replace policies. Also, do not forget to confirm the delivery and shipping charges before finalizing on any of the online or offline options.

If you have an adjustable or specifically designed bed frame, go in for mattresses that would provide you with enough flexibility to make the best out of your customized bed. You may even go in for customized mattresses if your budget allows you to do so.

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King size beds are best suited for couples and individuals who prefer to sleep in spacious space, however, doing your research beforehand about the feasibility in terms of dimensions and movement of the king-size bed frame as well as the mattresses is a must to avoid any kind of disappointment later on. Happy Sleeping!

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