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For your mattress to have a better service life, you need to maintain it using the best mattress protector or cover which can be helpful. However, for the first time user, it can be a situation that they may get confused about which one to choose. Some have the budget restriction while some cannot compromise with the quality. Other reasons than protecting it are that it offers better convenience to lie around and have a peaceful time with your loved ones. If you cannot compromise with convenience then you must get such a waterproof mattress cover that is made of quality 1005 cotton. The thing about crib mattresses is that they are going to get a whole lot of mess over the years. All kinds of fluids from the baby end up making contact with the mattress and spoiling it. You obviously wouldn’t want to get your crib mattress ruined after going through a lot while deciding it.  

Top 10 Best Crib Mattress Cover For Babies

To get a waterproof mattress cover is always an ideal choice.  It is available at an affordable range and can maintain the look of your mattress just the way you had brought it on day one. To use a mattress without a protector can ideally reduce the lifespan of your mattress. It can be a costly affair for you and of course, you need to put a lot of your valuable time and efforts. To choose the right protector from scratch can be quite confusing. That is why listed are some of the best options for you that can safeguard your mattress for a long time.

There are plenty of mattress pads and mattress cover that come around at different price spectrum which help to protect the mattress. These come with varying levels of features and helps to keep your crib mattress safe. It is a good way to make the bed cushy and comfortable and keeping out the risks of any sleep-related issues for babies. We here look at  10 of the best mattress cover around in the market. These are one of the affordable options to add a layer of protection to your crib mattress. Read along. Listed down below are the ten best mattress cover for crib mattresses around

#1. PlushDeluxe Mini Crib Mattress Cover 100% Waterproof

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This Breathable Waterproof  Mattress cover value for money since it offers the best protection against urine, fluids and any kind of allergens and dust mites too, if you touch the mattress cover, you will understand it has the high-quality cotton fibre which ensures the cover gets the most smooth feeling on the skin especially for the sensitive one, it is the best.


  • The cover is safe to be used since it is made of PVC Vinyl
  • There is noiseless material which is even TPU free
  • It is a versatile solution you can consider buying.


  • It is light in weight and durable
  • Cleaning it is not a problem


  • It comes with a limited warranty

#2. SureGuard Crib Size Mattress Cover

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This sheet is made of 100% quality cotton and is worth the investment. It comes with natural coloured cotton and is safe to be used. With 2 pack large sizes, you can use it for baby and adults too. Thanks to the microfiber you can rest assured that you are using the best waterproof care product for your kid or even the senior citizens.


  • It is 100% Waterproof
  • It is eco-friendly and washable too
  • It measures 28″X 43″ that offers a comfortable fit


  • It is made from 100% quality premium material
  • It is safe and has no Chemical Dyeing
  • It is skin-friendly and made of 100% Natural Cotton
  • They are not crinkly at all


  • Over other products, it is but pricey

#3. Ultra Soft Crib Mattress Cover

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Most of the parents usually buy this pad for potty training. However, you can use it in the crib and also in the bed too. This waterproof cover is made with an innovative solution and is the most affordable one that you can consider buying. It is designed for being a super absorbent and nontoxic pattern that you can think of buying. This cover does not just offer the unparallel comfort but is microbial free which means it is safe to be used.


  • You can ash and tumble dry this cover easily
  • It has 4 layer design in which the top layer is a soft quilted one
  • It is made for maximum absorbency


  • It is safe to be used since it is BPA and Lead-Free
  • It is best for babies and toddlers at their growing age


  • It sometimes makes noises and causes discomfort

#4. Swaddlez Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

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This 34″ x 52 inches machine-washable cover is another great protector you can shortlist for buying. It is extremely light in weight and easy to use too. This soft material cushioning gives your mattress an extra service life and this way save a lot of your valuable money too. You can use it directly on the mattress or place it at the top of the mattress sheet since it has a sleek design.


  • It is super absorbent incontinence 
  • It can be washed in a machine and then tumble dry
  • It works the best as a baby changing and pet protection cover
  • It is made of 4 protective layers


  • It works as a waterproof anti-skid PVC barrier 
  • It gives a smooth and comfortable feeling when rested on it
  • It does not have any kind of toxic.


  • You need to do frequent washing

#5. American Baby Company Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

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It is not just a sheet for the kids changing cover but you can also use it as a protector to protecting the mattress against any kind of dust, dirt and allergies  This is made with 4 Pack Sheet and is worth investing because of the quality that you get. It is light in weight and extremely easy to use too. Thanks to its soft quilted polyester surface, using it for extra comfort is not a problem. It has been Vintex safeguard barrier system approved which is why investing in it is totally worth. You can use the single sheet for at least 300 washes without any problem.


  • It is made of 4 absorbent and protective layers
  • It has the waterproof non-slip barrier
  • This 24″ x 34″ sheet cover offers better protection for long
  • It absorbs and locks moisture quickly


  • It is light in weight and gets dried soon after washing
  • It is Economical and environmentally friendly


  • As compared to other products it is pricey

#6. Ashtonbee Kids Waterproof Mattress Cover

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This crib mattress comes with a feature that allows it to remain dry for a long period of time and last longer. It is waterproof and has a high-absorbent feature. It can offer around 300 wash cycles and has a stain free design. It comes with a twin bed supporting the size and has a hassle-free cleaning mechanism.

It is machine washable and doesn’t retain any bad odour. It has a nighttime potty training which helps to keep the avoid the leaks. It comes with a soft flannel top layer which can be simply quilted like a mattress. It has been designed with absolute comfort for the child’s convenience and their health regards. 


  • Super lightweight
  • High absorbent feature
  • Twin-bed supporting
  • Waterproof design 


  • Won’t stay put for a long term 

#7. NeatoTek Washable Waterproof Mattress Cover

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Next up is the one from NeatoTek with its large-sized mattress pad. This one is a washable waterproof based mattress cover and comes with four layers of protection which allows your child to enjoy a full night of sleep. It has over 8 cups of protection and keeps the skin soft and protected for your kid.

It has a large size and has 35 inches of length and has lab tested. It has comfortable soft quilted cotton/polyester top surface and soft polyester fiberfill layer and density inner layer along with vinyl waterproof non-slip barrier. It has a wash cycle of over 300 cycles and can be machine washed along with dryer friendly option. It is a pretty economical and environment-friendly piece. 


  • Large-sized mattress cover pad
  • Four layers of protection
  • 300 wash cycles supported
  • Economical option


  • Issues in rolling it up 

#8. Organic Luxury Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

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Now at the third entry is the one from Organic Luxury with their waterproof based crib mattress protection cover. It is made up of 100% organic cotton mattress protector and is an imported piece. It comes with a plain design with no print and has a super soft body well supporting the baby’s skin and health.

It comes with a highly breathable and absorbent based body designed by Air-Flow Jacquard Technology. It prevents heat and sweat and has been specially designed to be safe from dirt and any accident. It has a certified eco-friendly design and comes with TPU waterproof lamination feature. It is non-toxic and has pretty economical pricing. 


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Super soft body
  • High breathable and absorbent based design
  • Waterproof lamination body


  • Durability issues

#9. Maveek Waterproof Baby Organic Mattress Pad

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Here now we have the other one from Maveek making its entry into our list. This crib mattress cover is one of the spacious ones around and comes with a feature that allows it to be one of the top-selling of the lots. It has plenty of room for your child to sleep peacefully and has a 4 layer of waterproof protection.

It comes with 100% soft organic cotton and has a polyester fibre absorption layer and has a TPU waterproof layer and also bamboo fibre space. It comes with safety to touch and has a natural material and has zero contaminate and can be perfect for the leaky nights of your child. It has a durable and washable design and has a reusable multifunctional pad and comes with an economical and environmentally friendly option. 


  • Spacious design
  • 100% soft organic cotton
  • Polyester fibre layer
  • 4 layer protection
  • Natural material and zero contamination option


  • Durability issues

#10. Baby Crib Pee Mattress Pad Washable

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Now closing our list at the fifth number is the one from LiBuy brand with their crib mattress pad and comes with 4 layers of absorbent waterproof protection and comes with a double-sided use. It has a comfortable natural organic cotton surface and has a breathable and soft absorbent polyester fiberfill.

It also comes with natural skin-healthy bamboo fibre. The moisture in this one gets absorbed quickly and comes with an easy dispersal mechanism. It has a water-absorbent feature and has a unique protection layer against any of the fluids and mites and bacteria. It has a Vinyl PVC free layer and comes with safe for skin type. It has multiply sized and comes as perfect for the crib and mattress cover. It allows your baby to sleep peacefully. 


  • Unique double-sided usage
  • Skin-friendly bamboo layer on the inside
  • 4 layer absorbent waterproof 
  • Vinyl free PVC layer 


  • Availability issues 

 The Benefits of Using Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

It is a waterproof mattress cover that can of great help to you in many ways. It is not just a cost-friendly solution but can save a lot of your money that you may think of spending simply to buy the best mattress. If you are looking for the right one then before that it is important to be clear with why you need one. It is loaded with ample of advantages and talk of few, listed are some:

  • It protects the mattress against dust and dirt
  • There are no dead skin cells get accumulates
  • It ensures no food particular starts getting stored up
  • It ensures no allergens and germs starts rising and affecting your family
  • It can safeguards your mattress keeping it hygienic so that you can sleep peacefully
  • It ensures the balance of moisture needed is maintained well

There are different patterns of waterproof mattress cover out of which the down style one is the popular one since it comes with additional support. Some come with constructed plumes while some can be customized as per the kind and style that you prefer.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Crib Mattress Cover

There are various factors that need to be taken care of while buying a crib mattress protector. We here will list those factors down below for you. Read along.

The Sizes: There are different sizes available for the different patterns of the bed such as king size, queen size, and even the single bed size. Now it is on your bed type for which you want to use the cover once the perfect size can only be useful otherwise buying the queen size one for the king-size bed does not make any sense. You obviously look for a crib mattress pad that can size around your crib mattress of your child’s bed. There are different sizes of crib mattress cover available in the market and you can get one that suits your bed length. There is a long and large-sized mattress pad that comes with a twin-sized capacity

The Materials: There are different types of materials in which you can get such cover or say padding. There is cotton which would give a softer cushiony feeling. It is breathable and clears moisture at a faster pace. Then come the polyester which gives more of a satiny feeling and is weather-resistant and light in weight. Vinyl is more like leather and is used as stain resistant.

The Way It Holds Your Bed: There are different ways in which the cover would hold the bed. One comes the fitted where n the slides over the edges and corners of the matters and is reasonable. Then there is zippered which completely protects the mattress then it is elastic which grabs all the bed corners and holds it in one place.

The Finishing Type: There are two types available. One is quilted and the other is a non-quilted one. The quilted one fibre stays in place while it also gives extra cushioning while a non-quilted one protects the dust from getting stored in the stitched corners. Other than this thread count, breathability, cleanliness and hypoallergic are few of the things along with a price that you must consider before you buy it.

Type of Crib Mattress Cover

Mattress cover comes in different forms with loaded layers of protection and more. There are plenty of variants of crib mattress cover available in the market and you need to look for the one that suits your need. Always go for the one that can come useful to your needs and help provide your baby with ample protection. 

Always Look for Quality

A crib mattress cover comes with varying types of quality. It starts off with the cheapest foams and more to the proper 4 layers protective based crib mattress cover. These come at different price levels and with each of the price increase the material gets more layered and improved upon. Look for 3 or 4 layers of laminates in the form of innerspring mattress lining and polyester anti-drip material along with a bamboo tensile layer for strength and durability. 


One thing that comes around with the mattress crib cover is the durability aspect. Normally the low priced ones can last for a few washes while the 4 layer ones can be durable for a long haul. These days the crib mattress cover comes with over 300 wash cycles. With the material and body come around, the mattress pad has been machine washable also and can be dried off and used for again.

Breathable or Not? 

Crib mattress cover goes through a lot of issues like spills and damages and more. Plenty of child fluids come around and spill on the crib mattress cover. It is why the material needs to be breathable and absorbent. If the material is not absorbent then the material will not soak the entire spill and will keep it wet. So as to make it dry and breathable for your child so that they can enjoy a good night of sleep.  

Noise Levels

Some of the mattress covers come with a plastic or vinyl-like PVC material. This is where the material may create noise as and when the child moves around on the mattress cover. It is why you need to make sure that the material used along within the mattress cover does not make noise or else that may affect the sleep of the child. 

Price and Warranty

Last but not least, you also need to look at the price and warranty when it comes to a mattress cover. Mattress cover comes with a durable aspect but still, they tend to get damaged soon. That way your investment will be in vain. So always look for the one with a proper value for money aspect and something which can offer a good warranty for your mattress cover. 

Final Verdict

There is plenty of mattress cover available in the market and these come at different price spectrums. When we tend to buy a mattress pad, we need to take into aspect plenty of factors so as to get the best quality piece. You don’t want to compromise with the quality when it comes to your child’s health and safety. 

Of course, the buying guide and the list share can be of great help to you. But always remember, to compromise with the quality simply to save money doesn’t make any sense. Don’t just jump on the conclusion. Compare well and speak with the users and get their feedback for the product which they have used. This way you can rest assured that you are dealing with the right product.

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