5 Reason You Need Mattress Protector – Tips & Uses

Many of us buy a high-quality mattress to comfortably sleep on it. However, many ignore the fact that the mattress needs a protecting layer which keeps it new for several years. People usually think a protector is unnecessary for their mattress as they always keep it clean. First, let us know what a mattress protector is. Best mattress protector covers a mattress like a fitted sheet but they don’t cover the entire mattress. However, they protect against bacteria, liquid spills, or some allergens.

Benefits Of Mattress Protector

As they are made of water-resistant materials, you do not need to worry about breathability and airflow. Furthermore, if it has a cooling technology, the protector holds these benefits. The most important thing is your mattress life will increase with the use of protector. In this article, let us see the benefits of using a mattress protector. Go through the benefits so that you will be aware of these incredible uses and protect your mattress for a long time.

#1. Long-Lasting Mattress

One of the major advantages of using a mattress protector is that it definitely increases the life of the mattress. This is done by its capability to protect the mattress from any liquid spills which cause moulds or stains. For instance, if you have beverages on bed like coffee, I will leave a permanent stain on your mattress. Similarly, when we sleep, our body releases some moisture which when dried out causes discoloured patches. In these cases, a mattress protector saves your day. As these contain an absorbent layer which absorbs any moisture that comes into contact. This prevents the moisture to come in contact with the mattress. Also, when the mattress is not protected, the moisture tends to develop mould which is very difficult to remove and bacteria also starts to build up. So, by using a mattress protector, you will have a much safer sleep.

#2. Protecting From Bed Bugs

One of the major concerns disturbing your normal sleep is the bed bugs which are formed due to moisture and dirt. Bed bugs are the most irritating and unpleasant creatures disturbing your normal sleep routine. If their number is increasing, you will have more bug bites, causing sleeplessness, bite marks, itching. Using a mattress protector is the best way to avoid these bed bugs as they absorb the moisture. One more important aspect is that these mattress protectors are washable and they often need to be cleaned to maximise its effects. 

#3. Protecting From Allergens

Other major problems that we face while using a mattress are the dust mites and animal dander which are developed over time causing allergens. These will be aggravated if you own pets at your home. This becomes a serious health problem especially if you have a respiratory disease like asthma, running nose, sneezing or any allergies. In such cases, a mattress protector is like a lifesaver. It acts as a blockage between the allergens and the mattress which helps them from not embedding. The protector can be removed and washed on a regular basis to clean the dust and allergens that might have build up. This ensures you to have a safe and sound sleep without giving you trouble with any allergens or bugs.

#4. Feels Comfortable

A mattress protector not only helps you protect from bugs, allergens, dirt or mites but also provide you with the extra cushioning increasing your comfort on the bed as most of the mattress protectors have an additional layer of padding. The twin mattress protectors with zipper are especially useful when you have kids or pets at home. Kids tend to pass urinals on the bed and pets release some moisture when they are on the bed too. This can be taken care of by mattress protector and it is very useful. 

#5. Keeps Mattress Clean

As the mattress protector acts as a shield for the mattress, it adds life to the mattress. This, in turn, protects the mattress’s warranty by avoiding stains on it keeping it new. You can avoid certain diseases from attacking you due to the poor hygiene of the mattress. A king size mattress protector with zipper provides complete protection from bugs, mites, allergens and most importantly from any moisture getting locked in the mattress itself. Another major aspect is that you can comfortably clean your mattress protectors often to use a clean bed. In this way, you will get sound sleep with the hygienic environment even for your kids who tend to attract many diseases.

Final Word:

You have seen all the benefits that you get when you protect your mattress using a mattress protector. Based on your budget, you can choose any variety of mattress protectors that you wish. There are many types that are available in the market. Some provide extra padding, some encase the whole mattress giving full protection and others are easily washable. Once you have gone through the benefits of using a mattress protector, go ahead and purchase a protector that suits your family for healthy sleeping.

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