Does Putting Mattress Support Board Under Mattress Help?

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about the mattress is its cushion-like feel and the soft nature that gives us a relaxing sleep. That’s why people buy a mattress as it helps to provide support to our body and allows us to rest properly. But there is a downside to the mattress too. A mattress becomes saggy with time after constant usage. And when it becomes saggy, you cannot have the same level of comfort on it.  

What is a Mattress Support Board?

Mattress support board is a bunkie board that is generally placed underneath the mattress to help provide support to it. Mattress support board comes in varying cuts and is designed for all sizes of bed whether it’s a bunker sized, twin-sized or even a queen-sized or a king-sized one. They are readily available and normally come with a height of 1 to 1.5 inches. 

So what can be the solution for this saggy nature of the mattress? Do you have to buy an entirely new mattress or can you mend the old mattress? There are plentiful of answers for this and we here look at one perspective i.e. putting a mattress support board under the mattress. Let’s find out.

What are the Advantages Of Mattress Support Board?

Using a mattress support board provides many advantages and we’ll look to elaborate on them down below. 

Helps to prolong the life of the mattress

Normally with time, the mattress becomes saggy and loses its shape. A mattress is placed on the metal springs or the slats of the bed. This may cause wear and tear on the mattress. Most of the damages that tend to occur in a mattress are due to the wear and tear of it. So placing a support board over the slats or metal springs and then layering the mattress over it will help to provide the support and protection against the slats. That way the wear and tear will not be there and the mattress will last long.  

Stops your mattress from sliding around

Have you ever felt that your mattress tends to slide around? It generally happens as underneath the side of the bed on which mattress is placed is usually slats or a simple frame where mattress tends to slide around. It’s pretty infuriating to see it sliding around and having to put it into place every single time. By using a support board you can remove that friction and stop your mattress from sliding around. 

Gives height to your mattress

One thing about the mattress is that with time we tend to see the decrement in the height of it. This is because of the constant usage and the wear and tear of the mattress. During this stage, the mattress doesn’t provide the same level of comfort, and we often think of buying a new mattress. But getting a new mattress is not an easy option as it will cost you money. So rather than buying a new mattress entirely for the added height, you can simply buy a support board. Just get a mattress support board and place it underneath the mattress. A mattress board will add a height of around 1 inch to 1.5 inches to your mattress. 

Helps to keep your mattress clean 

As we all know that the normal way of using a mattress is to put it over on the metal springs of the bed or the slats. We put our mattress over it and then layer it with the bedsheet and enjoy our sleep. The upper side of the mattress is well protected by the bedsheet but what about the underside that is placed on the metal springs or slats. They tend to be full of dirt or grime as those areas are something where air doesn’t reach out much. It even tends to become moist and even full of allergens. One thing you can do is take out the mattress now and then and let the springs and all breathe air. But that is not practically possible. So instead, you can put a plyboard underneath the mattress right above the springs. That will put up a barrier for the mattress from directly being in contact with the springs and slats. That will help to keep your mattress clean and free of dust and grimes from the underside also. 


A mattress doesn’t come cheap and it’s a reason why we do all in our might to care for it. For that, we invest in tools and other equipment. But in all this, we tend to neglect the importance of mattress support board. And the best part is, they are pretty affordable. Rather than investing money into other things you can buy a mattress support board. That will give your mattress the proper support and will help to boost the performance and the life cycle of it. 

What are the Disadvantages Of Mattress Support Board?

We’ve looked at the benefits of using a mattress support board in the above segment. But we cannot fully comprehend the usability of a mattress support board unless we take a look at the disadvantages too. Let’s check them out. 

May hamper the energy absorption

The thing about the mattress is that they tend to have the energy absorption in them. This is why people love to use the mattress, they tend to be flexible and can absorb the energy to help provide support and cushion to your body. The entire concept of box spring mattress works on energy absorption and flexibility. However, by putting a support board underneath, we will stop that energy absorption and the mattress will not give the same level of comfort as desired. 

May affect the breathability of the mattress

A mattress needs to breathe properly to help provide the proper support and to become durable. Without proper breathability, the life cycle of the mattress will be affected. Normally with the metal springs or the slats, the mattress tends to have a breathability nature, while with the plyboard placed underneath, the breathability tends to disappear. This may in turn also cause the moisture to hold up and may affect it. 

Bottom Line

Mattress support board is a quite useful aid for a mattress and is something that you should look at. It does come with its fair share of benefits and disadvantages but if you look at it, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Having a mattress support board can help prolong the life of your mattress and provide it support. That way your mattress will provide the cushion-like feel for a long haul. 

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