Wowmax Headboard Pillow– Unbiased Review With Pros & Cons

When it comes to the purchase of a headboard pillow, most people opt for top brands. Going with a reputed top brand of headboard pillow might help you find a reliable product but it doesn’t mean that you can expect the best quality or the best value. Among such reliable headboard pillows, going with a product that is made of quality fabric, adequate design, and offers the right colour combination and makes things easier. The purchase of WOWMAX Headboard Pillow might seem like an easy choice. The headboard below is well designed to meet your needs effectively. Whether essential features are also taken into consideration by the manufacturer. In case, you are willing to buy a perfectly made best headboard pillow then this one seems adequate.

Wowmax Headboard Pillow Features & Reviews 

We compared several headboard pillows but this one got our attention. Why? Well, we found some excellent features in this product which are only available in the expensive ones. The inexpensive price tag and functionality are making this product way better to prefer over the other ones. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into some of the quirky features that you can expect from this headboard pillow. 

Material of Choice

The material of choice used by this manufacturer is the most reliable one. It is made of 55% linen where 45% of cotton is blended into the same. The use of two materials to provide an adequate ensure that you are getting the best experience. The durability from such a quality blend provides you with five years of hassle-free usability. In case you want the best material then the selection of WOWMAX Headboard Pillow is phenomenal. 

Size Options

The benefit of buying a headboard pillow that doesn’t fit on your bed. In case you are looking for the right size and the right dimensions then this manufacturer is offering you all the standard sizes. On the selection of twin-size headboard pillows to the custom-sized one, you can choose between a range of size options and that’s a cherry on top. 

An Excellent Alternative

Students and tenants living away from their homes usually find themselves using a bed with no headboard. If you don’t have a headboard then the selection of a headboard pillow like this might give you a significant advantage over having no headboard. This is a decorative and functional headboard that will offer you a great alternative solution to the underlying issues.

Versatile Usability

Even though you want to use a headboard pillow against a headboard or if you want to place it next to the wall, in both situations, you are getting multipurpose functionality. When a product is versatile and comes for such an affordable price point you can expect a great value out of that. 

Wash With Ease

When it comes to hygiene, washing the headboard pillow is necessary. You can buy several types of the headboard and can’t expect cover with the same. Here, the manufacturer is offering you the option to machine-wash your headboard pillow covers and keep using them for years. After washing, the headboard pillow will look new and it won’t fade in colour. This is the key trait. 


Due to having high-density polyurethane filler inside the headboard pillow, you can expect better durability. This material is known for providing excellent support to the back and giving you the right angle for elevation. You can read, write, and sit comfortably with this highly durable material. 

Pros –

After learning about the qualities and features, it is always better to test out a product to learn about the pros. Here, we made a list of pros that you can expect from WOWMAX Headboard Pillow – 

  • The manufacturer is offering an incredible number of colour options. Choosing the right colour seems easier when you have such an intense variety. Even, you can opt for custom colours or the selection of different colour covers for similar benefits. 
  • The breathability of polyurethane filler is genuine and you can find that you don’t sweat while using this headboard pillow. We tested out this product and used it for hours to ensure no sweating issue under room temperature. 
  • Versatility is always better than having a single functionality. This headboard pillow can be used in different forms. From reading books to writing on your laptop, or completing assignments, everything seems flawless when you are using this headboard pillow. 
  • After a couple of days of using WOWMAX Headboard Pillow, claiming the best durability isn’t possible. So, we looked for reviews and found that everything is positive about this product. Most people have heartwarming reviews regarding durability, use, and other aspects. 
  • The option to choose between all the standard sizes ensures that you can get the right headboard pillow easily. There are ten standard sizes available and if you want a custom one, you can opt for the same also. 
  • The use of linen in the manufacturing of this headboard pillow cover provides you easy to wash functionality. With the attach button mechanism, you can open these pillows within a couple of minutes. On the other hand, you can use these pillows for hours without any issue. 

The above-mentioned points are based on our tests and research about the product. If you consider researching for individual reviews, you can try them out and we are sure that you will be on the same train as we are. 

Cons – 

It’s hard to claim that the below-given points are cons or we are nitpicking a little harder. But still, it is better that you decide about it. 

  • Many people received the wrong headboard pillow from what colour and texture they ordered. 
  • The fabric feels rough on face skin as it is made of linen but if you use a headboard pillow cover, this issue eliminates. 

Overall Opinion

If you want the best-in-class headboard pillow under a budget, you can go for WOWMAX Headboard Pillow. There are no major flaws and the reviews ensure that you will never regret buying this product at all. Now if you are assured and you want to buy Wowmax Headboard Pillow buy now – Wowmax Headboard Pillow

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