Vercart Headboard Pillow Review – Unbiased Review With Pros & Cons

Wedge pillows and headboard pillows are similar in terms of their design, appearance, comfort, and other key metrics except for dimensions. Most people willing to buy a headboard pillow can’t find the right product due to poor variety and end up getting a new headboard that has soft material on same. It might be true but VERCART Large Wedge Pillow is a lot more like a headboard pillow and provides the same benefits. This wedge pillow is made of high-quality material and has been a favourite among buyers. The colour options, design, reviews, and everything else seems in favour of this product but is it a good option? To test this claim, we bought a VERCART Headboard pillow and tested it out for a couple of days

Vercart Headboard Pillow Features & Reviews

vercart headboard pillow

 After using it properly and nitpicking flaws, we are here with our review. To begin, we are focusing on the features claim made by Vercart and then mentioning some pros and cons based on our experience. Let’s check it out, whether VERCART Headboard/Wedge Pillow a great buy or a waste of money?  Most manufacturers claim their features with fancy words to attract most buyers and have a skyrocketing sale. And, Vercart is doing the same with their product description section. The features offered by Vercart are – 

Velvet Cover 

When it comes to premium-looking materials, Velvet is getting the first spot with its luxurious in-hand feel. Velvet is extremely soft, cosy and a perfect material to be on your bed. The use of velvet ensures that you get a good vibe while using this headboard pillow and love the quirky feel offered by the same. 

Size Options

This headboard pillow is available in ten different size options and all of them have adequate thickness to meet your desire. The thickness factor should not vary and the manufacturer maintained a thickness of 20-inches among all the size options. From twin-size headboard pillows to custom-sized options, VERCART Headboard Pillow is offering every standard size for its buyers. 

Multipurpose Functionality 

You can use this headboard pillow for several purposes like watching TV, reading books, playing video games, and much more. People with back pain can get adequate support from the softback. On the other hand, you can pick this headboard pillow in a different place and place it next to the wall for additional functionality. 

Decorative Design

Are you looking forward to buying a decorative headboard pillow, VERCART Headboard Pillow is offering decorative options. You can choose between different colour options and sizes to get the desired product. There are fashionable designs to illuminate your home and offer you a perfect vibe every time you are using this headboard pillow. 


The headboard pillow or this wedge pillow is lightweight and it is made in a way that you get easy to store functionality. When the pillow is shipped, it is in a small packing where a vacuum is used to ensure better delivery. After opening the pack, it becomes large but stays lightweight. You can take this headboard pillow anywhere with ease. 

Pros of Vercart Headboard Pillow

Buying a quality headboard pillow can offer several benefits and our experience with VERCART Headboard Pillow helped us knowing many advantages about the same. Let’s have a quick look at some key benefits –

  • Mesmerizing Color Options – You can buy this velvet headboard pillow in five eye-catchy colour options. All the colours are well-thought as the faded colour option will match any colour scheme. The dark-faded colour scheme is the primary reason that we bought VERCART Headboard Pillow. You can buy grey, cyan, coffee, black, light tan, and red wine colour options
  • A perfectly Wedge Design – This headboard pillow has one of the perfect designs. During our use, we thought that the pillow will take plenty of space as 20-inches of thickness is a big number. But, we were wrong because when you use this wedge pillow, you still have enough space. The design is perfectly adequate and practical. 
  • Use of Quality Material – The manufacturer is using High-density polyurethane for filling this headboard pillow. The primary quality of this material is medium firmness. While using the pillow, you will get plenty of comfort and effective usability for hours. 
  • Inexpensive pricing – The functionality is great but the price must be reasonable to make this deal way more appealing. Hence, Vercart also thought about it. They are offering this headboard pillow below the price point of other manufacturers hence it is an inexpensive but a great option. 
  • Excellent after-sale services – The manufacturer is offering five years warranty on this headboard pillow. You can buy this product and expect great use for years. In case you have any issues, the after-sale services are ready to support you. The dedicated team of customer support will replace the existing product without any questioning. 

These are some of the key points that we found about this headboard pillow. If you are willing to buy this product, make sure you understand the need. 

Cons of Vercart Headboard Pillow

As everything has pros, there are some cons also. A product can’t be perfect for everyone. So, we found two issues with VERCART Headboard Pillow –

  • No additional Cover – The manufacturer is not including any cover for this headboard pillow. Even if you want to buy from a third-party manufacturer, it is impossible. You must get a custom cover for this product. 
  • Smaller than Expected – Even the manufacturer is claiming that they are offering all the standard sizes, the claims don’t meet the words. The size is slightly smaller from the claim and you might find a little issue while installing this headboard pillow. These are some of the issues that we discovered while using it for a couple of days. Now if you are assured and you want to buy  Vercart Headboard Pillow buy now – Vercart Headboard Pillow


Buyers willing to buy a good-looking wedge or headboard pillow can consider this product due to building quality and affordable pricing. We hope that you have a great experience while using VERCART Large Wedge Pillow. 

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