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The mattress vacuum storage bag from the VacuFlat brand is an excellent option to move, store, or ship your memory foam mattress with ease. It compresses your mattress to a smaller size so that you can easily roll it and move it in your car with you. Also, it allows you to store your mattress in it safely for a long time. Apart from that, the VacuFlat mattress vacuum storage bag protects the mattress from dust, dirt, moisture, critters, and other harmful things. Therefore, once you packed your mattress in this vacuum storage bag, you can get assured that your mattress is safe in it. The mattress vacuum bag is available in different sizes and supports up to 15 inches thick mattresses. It is ideal for use with foam, hybrid, and other mattresses for easy moving. The mattress vacuum storage bag comes with a double-locked zipped seal to let you store your mattress in it securely. Moreover, this mattress vacuum storage bag is made of heavy-duty material to offer high durability. The best thing about this vacuum storage bag is that it is thicker than normal mattress vacuum storage bags available in the market. So, you can ensure maximum protection for your mattress by using this vacuum bag. 

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VacuFlat Mattress Vacuum Bag 

The VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag has a simple design to enable people to move their memory foam mattresses with ease. When it comes to moving a memory foam mattress in a narrow space, this mattress vacuum bag comes in handy. The durable construction and double zipped seal make this product ideal for most applications. Whether you pack your mattress for shipping, carrying it with you, or storing it at your home, the VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag is perfect for you. With this product, you can easily pack your mattress and store it at home without any worries. Because this mattress vacuum bag is made of low-density polyethylene & nylon plastic materials, it offers high strength and lasts for a long time. Also, it is thick compared to other vacuum bags, which enables you to store and move your mattress conveniently. Further, it protects your mattress from several harmful particles like moisture, dirt, dust, bedbugs, etc. It comes with a translucent colour and a zipper closure for ease of use. The double lock zipped closure helps prevent air from entering inside the vacuum bag so that you can store your mattress in it for a long time.             

Since memory foam mattresses combine several layers of foam of different densities, the foam layers may get separated if you store the mattress on its side. If you do so, then the warranty of your mattress can get terminated. So, it is a better idea to store the mattress in a vacuum storage bag to ensure long-lasting performance. When you are moving to a new home or want to store your mattress at your home safely, the VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag is perfect to use. By taking proper care, you can use this mattress vacuum bag for a long time. The VacuFlat brand is well known in the market for its high-quality vacuum bags. The brand ensures that the users are getting their desired results by producing mattress vacuum bags with multiple features. If you have a memory foam mattress and want to move or store it safely, then you can consider purchasing VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag for better results. Apart from that, you can also use this vacuum bag for storing other mattresses conveniently. However, the brand recommends checking the compatibility of your mattress with the vacuum bag before buying it. This way, you can make sure that you have made the right purchase.      

If you are looking for a solution to move your mattress on the stairways without any difficulties, then the VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag is perfect for you. It can compress your mattress to a smaller size and let you roll it. Then you can easily carry it upstairs or downstairs. With the rugged construction, the mattress vacuum bag offers high performance. Moreover, it offers high value for money because of its simple and lightweight design. In general, people don’t like to move their mattresses with them because of their heavyweight and bigger size. But by using the VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag, you can make this task simpler.  Now if you are assured and you want to buy vacuflat mattress vacuum bag buy now – VacuFlat Mattress Vacuum Bag


  • The mattress vacuum bag comes with a double lock zippered seal to keep your mattress protected from harmful particles. 
  • It is made of high-quality material to last for a long time. 
  • This mattress vacuum bag can be used to move, store, or ship your mattress conveniently. 
  • The VacuFlat mattress vacuum bag is a brilliant product to protect any mattress. 
  • It is available in multiple sizes to suit different mattresses.  


  • Some users have complained that the vacuum bag has not worked for them. 

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