What Is The Exact Size Of Twin Xl Mattress

When it comes to selecting a mattress for your guest room or the kid’s room, the shortlisting always end up with regular twin or twin XL mattress. For most people, the selection process might seem to be easy right? Are you sure it would be easy for you? if yes, you better think again. While most people neglect all the key factors and just settle on a mattress based on the brand and price, they regret afterwards. 

Here is the Size & Dimension Of Twin XL Mattress

Size & Dimension Of Twin XL Mattress

When it comes to a twin XL mattress, the dimension offered by this size mattress is unique. A twin XL mattress, in general, comes designed to be 38 to 38 inches wide and 80-inches in length.

As this mattress’s length is slighted higher than other mattresses, the overall surface area offered by this mattress is almost equal to 3040 inch2. 

Are you planning on purchasing a twin XL mattress today, are you feeling the urge to know everything about the twin XL mattress? You are then on the right page, while the major difference between a twin XL mattress and other mattresses is just the dimension, there are things that you should know.

Why is a Twin XL Mattress Recommended Over Regular Twin Mattress?

There are a lot of reasons why a Twin XL mattress is recommended over other mattresses. One of the main reasons is that a twin range mattress is one of the smallest size mattresses available on the market today. This type of mattress is most commonly designed for single adults, kids, teenagers, college dorm room, guest room. If the customer has a 5-inch more floor space to spare, a twin XL mattress is always the best as teenagers and kids tend to grow, and purchasing a new mattress could be avoided.

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When do You Need a Twin Xl Mattress 

A twin XL mattress is always the best choice for your kid’s room or guest room. If the room is small and a queen size mattress could not be accommodated. While the length of both twin and queen size mattress is the same, the width of a twin XL mattress could be limited between 38 to 39-inches. This makes a twin XL mattress a good alternative to queen size bed if you are a single adult.

If you have a habit of having your pets sleep on your mattress. Since a twin XL mattress’s length is 5-inch longer than other mattresses, this extra length could offer a spot for a pet to rest or sleep. If the user has a height equal or below 6 feet and 6-inches, then a twin XL mattress is the best option. Remember, if the dimension of a mattress is not enough to accommodate the user, then he/she might not be comfortable on the mattress.

Suppose you are planning on purchasing a twin XL mattress for your kid’s room or guest room, do purchase twin xl mattress topper for more softness and comfort. In that case, it is very important that you know the dimension of the mattress and checks if there would be at least 2 feet open space on two sides even after the mattress is accommodated in the room.

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