RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector Review With Pros & Cons

Quality sleep depends upon the ambient of the room, a cozy temperature, comfortable sleeping mattress, and peaceful environment. Having a quality of sleep is easy when all the things right, but having any change in mentioned key factors can make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping.  One of the common issues most people encounter is the comfort level of the mattress. Using a poor-quality mattress may make you feel uncomfortable for the night, decrease sleep quality, and cause issues with body posture. Buying an expensive mattress is an easy choice. You can have a great experience but this mattress will end up collecting dust and dust mites that can decrease the quality. To encounter a wide range of issues, the only and easy option is to use a mattress protector cover. 

Features of RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector

RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector and Encasement is a popular choice among buyers in recent years but is it a good option? Might be tough to say based on the claims only. So, we did our job of ordering this mattress and using it for a couple of days. After three weeks of use, here is our RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector and Encasement review explaining the key aspects that you must know before buying. To make things easier, we have divided the content into two different portions, first for feature and second is about pros/cons. Any kind of fake claims from the manufacturers is also mentioned in the cons section. So, let’s get started by learning about the product’s features first. RestComfort is a popular brand and they are manufacturing mattresses for a long time. Among all the products, RestComfort always claimed the true features, nothing overclaimed at all. So, you can expect the same this time. A wide number of features are mentioned by the manufacturer but the key features are as follow – 

  • Made of Cotton – Cotton is the material of choice with RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector and Encasement cover. Cotton provides excellent breathability and allows the passage of air to keep your body cool while sleeping. 
  • Certified Bed Bug Proof – Bed Bug is a huge problem for mattresses and RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector and Encasement comes with Bed Bug Proof certification. There is a natural process used in protecting the bed from bugs and it is lab-tested also. 
  • Stretchable and Durable – A blend of cotton and a few other materials is used in creating a stretchable cover. It is a durable mattress protector and it can last years without tearing apart from any corner or zipper. It comes in a wide range of sizes also. 
  • Terry Cloth Top – To prevent the bedsheet from slipping, the terry cloth top layer will come in handy. Using the mattress protector becomes easier when you were having issues like slipping the bedsheet on the naked mattress. This protector will encounter such basic but irritating issues. 

Pros Of RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector

After using RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector and Encasement mattress protector, we found a wide range of advantages that are significantly better than the other products available in a similar price segment. The pros of using this mattress protector are – 

  • Easy to Install – Installing the mattress protector is easy and requires the need of one more person only. Two persons can hold the mattress in a standing position and start installing the cover from top to bottom. It will take a couple of minutes and you will be done installing the cover with ease. 
  • Comfort is Top-Notch – While having a long sleep, staying in one position for a long period can make the mattress start heating your body. However, the mattress protector allows the air passage to keep you comfortable throughout the night. You can have a cool bedsheet and your skin doesn’t sweat at all. This thing ensures better usability.
  • Doesn’t let the bedsheet slip – Slipping Bedsheet is a common issue on mattress protectors but not with this product. It has a cotton terry cloth surface that holds the bedsheet in place effectively. While using the mattress, there is nothing to worry about changing position suddenly as the bedsheet will remain intact in position. 
  • Noiseless – While using any other mattress protector cover, you can find an irritating noise. This noise is audible whenever you change the position and it certainly reduces the comfort during a long sleep. However, this mattress protector is way better and RestComfort has encountered such issues effectively. 
  • Easy to Wash – Washing the cover is easy and you can directly get it out of soap water to get rid of anything. However, this protection cover supports machine wash and you can throw this mattress protector into the washing machine and get it cleaned within a couple of minutes. 
  • Zipper for Protection – There is a large zipper to protect dust from entering into the mattress. The zipper is strong and it can hold in place without breaking at all. Even, the zipper is also locking in place effectively and doesn’t allow water to pass through. 
  • Water Proof – This protector is waterproof and you can try throwing water at the top layer. Water won’t be able to pass throw the protective cover and reach the mattress at all. 

Cons Of RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector

Even after weeks of use, we couldn’t find any major issue. However, the key things we didn’t like about this product are as follow – 

  • Hard to Fit – The manufacturer claims that this mattress protector can fit 9 inches to 15 inches thick mattress but it doesn’t. While using this cover with a 15″ thick mattress, it was hard and it slightly deformed the corners of the mattress. So, it requires extra efforts with 15″ thick mattresses. 
  • Smelly – In the early days of using the mattress protector, we found an odd smell. It might be due to any reason but it was significant. So we kept the cover in the open air for few hours and the smell fade away after that. 

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