Fuli Japanese Traditional Roll Up Mattress Review With Pros & Cons

Japan is known for its culture and its technology. The cultural heritage of Japan is something you can learn from. There is a lot that each one of us can learn from Japanese culture. For example, you might be surprised to know that the Japanese also follow a very minimalistic approach to sleeping. They prefer sleeping on the floor, and they often sleep on the sleeping pads. The Japanese mattresses are very comfortable, and they offer quite a fantastic experience to the users. It is impossible for you to feel tired or get a backache after sleeping on a traditional Japanese Mattress. We have reviewed one such Japanese Traditional Roll Up Mattress that you can order in India and improve your sleeping experience. Check out this review about the mattress below.

Fuli Japanese Traditional Roll Up Mattress Reviews

Traditional Style: The mattress has a traditional style, and it is also made just like a traditional Japanese mattress. You can use the mattress on the floor at night, and to improve your comfort level, you can use it along with tatami mats. So, if you are looking for a traditional Japanese mattress, you will be satisfied with what this product offers you.

Material: The material used in the mattress is made of excellent quality. These sleeping pads are designed with cotton, and it has been combined with polyester and polyurethane foam. These materials are mixed in a specific ratio, and this gives the mattress the right combination of firmness and cushion. The material of the mattress remains good for over ten years.

Soft & Smell: These Japanese mattresses are very comfortable, and they offer the right amount of firmness to you. The material used in this mattress is free of toxins, and the mattress also has a sweet smell. You would not feel uncomfortable with the odor, and the mattress always smells fresh. The futon makes you feel very cozy in all kinds of weather conditions.

Portable: Another advantage of using this product is that it is highly portable. Japanese mattresses are designed in a way that they can be rolled up during the day to get additional space in the room. This means that you can roll up the mattress every day, and it would not break or crumble down. So all these things add a lot of portability to the mattress.

Pros of Fuli Japanese Traditional Roll Up Mattress Review

Size: FULI manufactures these mattresses in many different sizes. You can buy a queen size, king size, full size, twin size, and many different options. So you can buy a FULI mattress according to your family’s needs, and you will get the size you are looking for. The brand also sells compatible tatami mats and cotton covers.

Soft: The mattress is very soft. FULI uses high-grade cotton along with polyurethane foam and polyester to manufacture these mats, and this is what makes them very soft. This roll-up mattress would help you with the right combination of firmness and cozy so that you get the best of both worlds while sleeping. It is worth trying FULI Japanese Traditional Roll Up Mattress.

Quality: We always want to buy something that is made of good quality material. Japan is famous for its perfection in the manufacturing industry, and they make products to last for a long time. Therefore, you will be happy with the quality of this mattress. Furthermore, you should note that this mattress is imported directly from Japan, and hence you would not come across cheap Chinese goods which may not last long enough. 

Relieves Body Ache: If you suffer from body aches, there is something wrong with the mattress you are presently using. Sleeping on FULI Japanese Traditional mattress would relieve you of your body ache. It is always beneficial to sleep on the ground, and you will notice the difference from day one onwards.

Sleep Quality: The mattress is very comfortable, and it will improve your sleep quality drastically. You will sleep like a baby because the mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. Every morning, you will make up fresh, and you will feel very active too. You can say goodbye to insomnia once this matt has been delivered to you.

Compact & Portable: If you have space constraints or if you like to fold your mattress when it is not in use, then this is something that you will love. The mattress is compact, and it is also an ideal purchase for people living in studio apartments. The mattress is delivered to you in a vacuum pack. You can instantly unfold the mattress once it is delivered.

Non-Toxic and Smell: The mattress is made of non-toxic material. It has not been treated with any chemical that can be harmful to people’s health. Japanese people are very concerned about their health, and you can be assured about the same when buying this mattress from FULI. Apart from this, the mattress also has a lovely smell, and it will not cause any allergy.

Ventilated: Ideally, the mattress would not make you feel hot, and it is very well ventilated. If you still feel that there isn’t enough ventilation, then you can use it along with tatami mats which FULI also manufactures. 

Easy to Clean: You can use a bed cover along with the mattress, and it will also help you in keeping the mattress clean. If the mattress gets dirty, then it is straightforward to clean it as well. You can clean the FULI mattress just like any other mattress available on the market.

Cons of Fuli Japanese Traditional Roll Up Mattress Review

Expensive: One thing that you would notice about FULI Japanese traditional mattress is that it is more expensive than your average cotton mattress available in the market. But one thing that we can assure you is that this mattress is worth every penny that you will spend on it. The comfort levels will be unmatched.

Not for Bed: The second thing that you might not like about the FULI mattress is that it is not meant for beds. You can only use it on the floor, and you might also have to use tatami mats with the mattress to improve the firmness and the ventilation. These mattresses are the best suited for use on the floor and not the bed.

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