8 Reasons Why You Need Moving Blankets & Where To Find Them

When you think of moving to a new house or your office, have you ever thought about how will you protect your furniture from getting scratched and nicked while moving? If you will ask any reputed moving expert, he will only suggest you use moving blankets. These moving blankets are also known as furniture padding. These moving blanks offer coverage and protect the furniture in easy moving. Additionally, from preventing the damage of different items, this furniture padding also prevents the items from getting filthy during transit. They can be your best friend while moving. Let’s understand more about these moving blanks and why one should have them. The moving blankets are heavy-duty blankets. They are made from a mixture of cotton material and polyester mesh. The batting is properly wrapped inside its durable fabric. It offers complete protection and prevents the belongings from scuffs, scratches, and damages. 

Reasons You Need Moving Blankets & Where To Find Them

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The moving blankets are an ideal option for items that come with a sensitive surface like wood, which needs extra padding. You can find the furniture padding in different weights which include heavy-duty, traditional or lightweight. The thicker these blankets are, the better is their quality. If you are the one who is moving to a new house, then, of course, there will be big items like furniture, a washing machine that is required to be shifted to a new house. In such a circumstance, you will have to drive for a long. Once the truck gets loaded with lots of stuff, they are more prone to damage risk. This is where a moving blanket can help and can offer additional protection.  They safeguard your big fragile items, which can be your washing machine, furniture, microwave, etc. These moving blankets come with good shelf life. They are usable and durable too. Here are the top 8 reasons why you need moving blankets

#1. Helps in Moving Heavy Items

The moving blankets are amazing, as they help in moving heavy items in the home. One has to place the moving blankets on the floor and can place the big items on the same. You can easily drag them into your home and can move them easily. This works well inside the home, but once you are outside, you will have to pick your item high. 

#2. Offers Protection From Dust

One can wrap their furniture in moving blankets. It protects against the dust which gets buildup in a moving truck. Once the items are perfectly wrapped in these furniture padding, it protects them from the dust from inside and outside elements both. Sometimes the weather gets changed all of a sudden, in such a case you don’t have to stress about dust, rain, or snow because the moving blankets offer complete protection in every sense. 

#3. Acts As Buffer

The moving blankets also act a buffer, which means if in case there is a gap between the boxes, you can easily fold your furniture pads and can place between the box for making them sturdy while they rest in the truck. It helps in filling the gap, which prevents your things from moving or shifting. 

#4. Protects the Walls of Your Home

The moving blankets are known for protecting the floors, but you must also know that they also help in offering protection to the wall of your home. When you carry your furniture down from the stairs, or outside your home, it sideswipes the walls most of the time which results in chipped paint or a bang on with a wall. Fortunately with the proper use of a moving blanket, one can offer protection to their walls as they are padded and soft, and don’t cause any damage. 

#5. Prevents Scratches on The Floor

The moving blankets offer automatic protection for your home floors. From consoles to heavy dressers, dining tables, furniture and chairs are very difficult to carry. This causes accidents most of the time. If you slide or drop a furniture item on the floor without wrapping a moving blanket around them, they can scratch your new floors. With the best use of moving blankets, you can take the utmost benefit of an extra protection layer between your floor and item. 

#6. Protects your Furniture Legs From Breakage

The legs of the furniture are highly fragile. If you drop your couch on the ground or slightly swipe a chair against your wall, one or two legs get damaged or break. But if you will wrap them nicely in a moving blanket, then they won’t break off. The moving blankets come with extra cushioning and offer protection to the furniture body and its legs too.

#7. Used for Covering the Shipment

Moving blankets can be used for covering the whole shipment once everything is loaded. They protect from the dust which gets settled on the boxes during transportation. This makes them a must-have for all the people who are shifting to a new place.  

#8. Saves Item From Damage

The primary use of moving blankets is to wrap up the oddly shaped, bulky, and large items, to offer protection to them. Most of the moving blankets are big enough for fitting appliances and furniture pieces, and once you have covered your items, you can wrap them in a plastic wrapping for holding moving blankets in a place. 

How Many Moving Blankets Are Required?

The best way of understanding how many moving blankets you need is, consider the purpose or list of items for which you need them. Generally, small items like nightstands, chairs use one blanket while big items like the sofa and dining table require 3-4 moving blankets. Based on your need, one should go for the number of moving blankets that can fulfill their purpose. 

Where Can You Find Them?

Moving blankets are available both offline and online. As they are heavy, it is suggested to buy from a place which can offer free shipping and direct delivery to your place. 

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