What Size Of Crib Mattress Topper Is Good For Babies

Babies are lovely, cute and soft. Taking care of them with top-notch priority is always the primary focus of every parent. If you have a little infant newborn or waiting for the arrival, then you have to focus on getting all the essential things in advance. From choosing baby care products to bedding and toys, there are a ton of things to look after. Among all the important things like baby soap, shampoos, formula milk and more, one common thing that usually gets less attention is a crib mattress. You might have bought a crib and mattress, but is it adequate in comfort, size and safety? Usually, the crib mattress doesn’t provide what it claims. Adding an extra layer of the topper is common these days and there are several reasons.  Manufacturers are paying less attention to the quality of crib and making people buy crib mattress toppers for better comfort

Crib Mattress Size Guide

In case, you have a poor quality crib mattress for the baby, then buying a mattress topper can come in handy. However, the primary questions are, what type of crib mattress is perfect and what size should you choose. Don’t worry, we are talking about all the important things in this post with a further explanation so you get the best in class product. . If you already have a crib and a mattress, then learning about the existing type is necessary before getting started. There are mainly three different types of cribs available in the market which are as follow – 

#1. Standard Cribs 

The most common and easy to prefer choice among every parent is to buy a standard crib. It has a dimension of 28″ x 52″ or nearby. Most manufacturers follow the same size as standard cribs. This crib is perfect for years of baby’s growth and it will serve great use. Your baby can use the same crib for the upcoming three years from the day he/she born. So, if you are willing to buy a crib mattress topper and you have a regular crib, then you can buy 28″ x 52″ sized crib mattress toppers. The size will perfectly fulfil the need and it will provide excellent usability over the other options. 

#2. Mini Cribs

Mini cribs are comparatively way smaller than a regular or a standard crib. However, if you want to buy something for the initial months of the baby like for a year, then using a mini-crib will fulfil the need perfectly. If you are willing to buy a crib mattress topper for your baby and you own a mini crib, then it would be an excellent choice to buy 24″ x 38″ crib mattress toppers. The size is adequate to fulfil the need and provide excellent usability. Usually, the mini cribs are perfect for infants and we are also talking about the right size for baby between the age of  1 to 12 months. So, choosing a mini crib dimension will help you get the perfect product. 

#3. Shaped Cribs 

Shaped cribs are rare, but due to the fancy look and an initiative to make babies learn new things, many parents buy shaped cribs. You can find a round-shaped baby crib in the popular category and it can fulfil the need perfectly. However, finding baby crib mattress toppers for shaped cribs is less likely and most brands don’t offer shaped crib toppers. In such cases, you might have to opt for custom solutions specially made for the crib you own. The key thing to learn about is, shaped cribs have a larger size than a mini crib so you can easily fit a mini crib mattress topper inside a shaped crib. Learning about the types and the shapes will help you figure out an adequately sized crib mattress topper. However, what to do if you have a custom size crib? Well, there are solutions for the same. 

Are Crib Mattress Toppers Available In Custom Sizes?

When it comes to buying crib mattress toppers in a specific size, you might end up having several issues. Negligible brands are offering specific sizes and choosing a less popular brand might seem risky. Chances are, you won’t risk the quality for a specific size. But, don’t worry. There are a few popular brands that offer specific sized baby crib mattress toppers which are perfect in every single manner and they provide excellent usability. Or you can compromise with the perfect size and choose a mini crib mattress topper as it for most custom-sized cribs. It will also provide excellent usability. 

Do Thickness of Crib Mattress Topper Matters?

The thickness of a crib mattress is playing an essential role when it comes to the purchase of a perfectly comfortable product. If the thickness of the crib mattress topper is above 6 inches, then it might feel like a wrong choice. Why? The mattress topper will lift above the crib and it will be easy for the baby to come outside of the crib. However, if you opt for lower thickness, then you might have to deal with the comfort issue. The thickness of a crib mattress gets poorer when the thickness is lower and the same goes with a crib mattress topper. So, it would be a better choice to find the perfect thickness to avoid having any issue. The perfect thickness of a mattress topper is 4 inches and it will perfectly fulfil all your needs and it will provide better usability in several manners. 


Based on the things we talked about, it is easy to say that mini cribs are perfect for babies between the age of 0 to 12 months. The best part is, you can choose mini crib mattress toppers and they will fulfil the need. The size of 24 x 38 is perfect when it comes to buying crib mattress toppers for your newborn. 

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