RBD Health Blanket Lifter Reviews With Pros and Cons

This blanket support from the RBD health brand is an excellent option for people with sensitive toes. It can lift the blanket off your feet when you are resting in the bed for your comfort. So, if you feel any pain or discomfort while sleeping due to your blanket, then you can consider using this blanket lifter. The best thing about this adjustable blanket lifter support is that it can cover your feet while lifting the blanket off your feet. The RBD health blanket support has an adjustable design that allows you to change its size from 23 inches to 31 inches according to your requirement. It has convenient buttons that you can use to adjust the height of it depending on your needs.

RBD Health Adjustable Blanket Lifter Reviews

This adjustable blanket lifer is ideal for people with burns, sensitive toes, CRPS, restless legs, arthritis, etc. By using this product, they can experience maximum comfort while sleeping because it keeps the blanket off their feet. Moreover, this blanket lifter is easy to use because you can simply insert it between the box spring and mattress to use. You can easily assemble and disassemble it without any difficulties. Because of the lightweight design, you can easily carry it around your home. This way, it is highly portable and enables you to install and use it with no hassle. The main advantage of the RBD Health blanket support is that it is compatible with all types of beds. 

Since heavy-duty alloy steel is used in the making of this blanket support, it is strong and durable. Further, it comes with a smooth painted coating to prevent it from bending. The premium quality alloy steel construction makes it stable and enables it to hold heavy blankets with ease. Also, it has a high-quality paint coating to improve its overall look. Whether you use it for a double, queen, or king-size bed, it can offer high performance to improve your experience. Because the height of this blanket support is adjustable, you can simply adjust it as per your comfort. Therefore, if you buy the RBD Health adjustable blanket support, then you can easily eliminate the pain and pressure while sleeping. Also, have a look at Cotton thermal Blanket for adults for this chilling winters.

This blanket lifter is coated with high-quality materials to prevent it from rusting. When you use this blanket support, it will keep the blanket away from your feet and let you sleep comfortably in the bed. Also, it doesn’t let you feel cold while sleeping. The RBD blanket support is a brilliant option for patients with toe ulcers or foot drop. They will find this product handy because it can eliminate their pain with ease. Therefore, it can be used at homes as well as medicals. Further, it can be attached to your bed easily and removed when needed for cleaning or changing the bedsheet. This blanket support has four pieces of stainless steel, which can be disassembled and stored easily when not in use. 

The RBD Health adjustable mattress topper can hold up to 25 pounds, which is enough to hold most blankets. Also, it comes with instructions to allow you to use this tool without any difficulties. The foldable design enables you to store the tool easily when not in use. The best thing about this blanket support is that it is compatible with electric blankets also. So, you can opt for this product confidently if you are looking for lightweight, sturdy, and high-quality blanket support. Those who use electric blankets can also consider using this blanket support to get the desired results. This blanket support is a brilliant option for any person who has any discomfort in the feet. It will eliminate the discomfort by lifting the blanket and providing maximum comfort. 

This blanket support doesn’t require any additional tool for assembly, which reduces your effort in assembling this product. You can simply follow the instructions of the manufacturer for assembling and disassembling this blanket support. It is white in color, which will suit the décor of any home. It weighs only 3.75 pounds to allow you to move it around your home without any issues. Further, the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this product for the convenience of people. If you are not happy with the performance of the product, then you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement or refund within 30 days of the purchase. So, if you think it is ideal for your use, then you can opt for it confidently. Now if you are assured and you want to buy RBD Health Blanket Lifter buy now – RBD Health Blanket Lifter 


  • This blanket support is large in size, so it offers more space for moving your feet. 
  • It is designed using high-quality alloy steel material to offer high durability and better performance. 
  • The RBD Health blanket support is compatible with hospital and nursing home beds. 
  • It can hold the blanket away from your feet to reduce your pain and discomfort while sleeping. 
  • The manufacturer of this blanket support provides instructions for using this product effectively. 


  • Some customers complained that they received rusty products. 

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