How To Use A Mattress Bag For Moving

Moving from one place to another is challenging because you have to shift all your household appliances. Yeah, there are way present like hiring someone for this task, but in this way, it will become more costly for you. And if you want to do it by yourself to save money and to protect all your household appliances, you should do it by keeping everything safe and protected. But in the case of moving mattresses, it becomes more important for you to do it correctly.

It’s because if you simply throw the mattress at the backside of a truck or anywhere else while shifting, there is no doubt that it will become dirty and bend in an uneven shape. And sometimes, it happens when mattresses get completely damaged while moving. If you don’t want this to happen to you, make sure to use the mattress bag for moving.

How Can a Mattress Bag Protect a Mattress While Moving?

Almost all people ask this type of common question, who never used the mattress bag before. So, a mattress bag works as a protective covering for the mattress to protect it from dirt, damages, and cuts. If you have the memory foam mattress, so it can absorb the moisture while moving, and if you want to prevent the moisture-absorbing problem, then a mattress can serve reasonably well in this situation.

But the only term is that you always should choose the right type of mattress bag. There are many types of mattress bags present in the market that can easily confuse a normal user. But if you want to buy the best one, make sure to go with an option that comes with considerable thickness and flexibility.

Use A Mattress Bag Properly

Yeah, you can use the mattress bag as you want and according to your needs, but here we are going to share the safest and the convenient way to do this whole process. It is a guarantee that by using this method, you complete this task faster and easier.

Choose The Right Type of Mattress Bag

Your first and foremost approach should be to choose the right type of mattress bag for better protection. If you don’t have a good quality mattress bag, it won’t be enough to provide excellent protection from several damaging factors such as dirt, moisture, shape things, etc. As we mentioned earlier, you should always go with a mattress bag with considerable thickness and flexibility to easily allow you to use it.

A Friend’s Help Would Be Beneficial

If you are willing to move the twin size or twin xl size of mattresses, you do not need any friend or family member’s help. But in case if you are dealing with the large size of mattresses such as full, king, and queen size of mattresses, then you definitely need the help of your friend.

It’s because these big sizes of mattresses usually come with very heavy design and believe it or not, but it is quite difficult for a single person to handle these bulky and large sizes of mattresses.

Lay the Mattress on the Ground and Wipe Down it Properly

So, the actual process of using the mattress bag starts from here, or you can say the process of packing mattresses by using a mattress bag begins from here. First of all, you need to lay down the mattress on the ground so that you can move forward to the actual wrapping process. Make sure to lay it down on a clean surface to avoid any dirt exposure; for this, you should place some plastic sheets under the mattress. After that, wipe the mattress correctly to remove all the dust and other things from the mattress surface.

Wrap The Mattress Bag Around The Mattress

Now take the mattress bag and start wrapping on the mattress; in other words, you have to place the mattress inside the mattress bag. Before making sure that the bag is completely dry and there is nothing present, it can damage your mattress after you pack it inside. It is the process that can take some time, but make sure to do it properly without damaging or ripping the bag itself.

Folding The Mattress

The folding step completely depends upon you because if you don’t want to fold your mattress to keep it in its original shape, you can skip this step without any issue. However, if you fold your mattress after putting it inside the mattress bag, it can save a lot of space then its original shape. This is how it will become easier for you to move the mattress from one place to another easily.

Tightening the Mattress

If you followed the last step, then it is recommended you use the ropes or tie-down straps to tighten the mattress to keep it in its position. If you are doing this whole process with a big size of a mattress, make sure to use at least three ropes or tie-down straps.

That’s it; this is how you can easily use a mattress bag while moving, for more convenient you can use mattress bag with handle to move the mattress by yourself and follow this method step by step, as we mentioned above. Now let’s move forward to the essential points that you should never ignore while doing this whole moving process of mattresses.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using A Mattress Bag

Of course, there are some special things present that you should always keep in mind and should never ignore while using the mattress bag. So, while using this method with the mattress bags, make sure to keep these below-listed things in mind.

  • You should avoid folding the mattresses with the spring coil design because it can damage the spring coils.
  • Always make sure that there is no moisture present inside the mattress before you use it. It’s because your mattress material can easily absorb moisture, so always try to dry out the moisture from the mattress bag before using it. 

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