Different Types & Size of Crib Mattress Topper

When a baby is on the way then you spend most of the time designing the nursery and this will involve lots of decisions making from paint colours to the storage of the diaper. Along with the designing decisions, you have to think of the most crucial thing where your little one will spend most of its time i.e. crib. The selection of the right crib mattress and the crib mattress topper is important not only from the perspective of the nursery but also for safety purposes. In this guide, we will discuss the right type and size of the crib for your newborn.

Below Are Types of Crib Mattress Topper

Along with the safety perspective, there are some other details that you must consider before buying the crib mattress topper. Dual-sided You can get the crib mattresses that are dual-sided. It states that they are designed in a manner that on one side they are firm to provide a comfortable sleep to infant and on another side, they are slightly softer surface, you can use this side once your little one is a toddler. 

Breathable Material

You will find some of the brands that advertise that our mattress is breathable one like mesh. This breathable mattress topper will not trap much heat and will lower down the risk of infant sweating. Although, even if you are having a breathable mattress your baby should put down on the back so that they can sleep comfortably.

Green Guard Certification

Some of the parents look for the mattresses topper that is green guard certification. This is because parents want to get the material that will emit no harmful chemicals. These chemicals are known as VOCs.


Mattresses are made up of the many layers, it includes a core i.e. Foam, and it is topped with the barrier layer which is to prevent the liquid and also a top cover i.e. made with polyester or cotton or blend of both the material. You have to select the product according to the needs of the newborn. 

Selection of the Right Crib Mattress Topper Size

If you have picked the crib for your baby then the last thing is to select the right crib mattress & crib mattress topper. While you might think that it is easy to find the right mattress then there are few things to consider. The important thing to consider is selecting the right side of the mattress topper. When it comes to the crib mattress safety and size of the baby, you should make sure that the mattress topper fits perfectly in the crib. If there is a large gap between the crib mattress & crib mattress topper then it can be risky for the baby. As a rule of thumb, a mattress that is inside the crib should be able to fit more than two fingers between the crib topper and it. Let’s talk more specifically.

Standard Size Crib Mattress Topper

As the name suggests, the standard crib size mattress will be almost the exact size for the baby cribs. As stated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a regular or standard crib mattress should not be thicker than 6 inches and it should measure at least 51 ¼ inches long and 27 ¼ inches wide. If you are having a standard crib for your little one then you will require a standard size mattress topper for it. The size of the crib mattress is regulated. The size of the standard crib is 5/8 inches long. If you get the standard mattress then it will fit exactly to your standard crib topper. But, you must measure the size of a crib before getting the mattress as a small variation in the size can prove to be unsafe for the baby.

 Mini Size Crib Mattress Topper

The mini size is smaller than the standard crib mattress. The government doesn’t support the mini crib mattress as they are in favour of the standard ones. However, the size of the mini crib mattress is almost 38 inches long and 24 inches wide. When you purchase the mini crib mattress and expect it to fit your mini crib, you still should double-check it because there are some of the mini cribs that are narrow.

Shaped  Crib Mattress Topper

There are no specific dimensions for this. Shaped cribs vary according to the size and most likely you will get the mattress with the cribs. The different shaped cribs might be better in usability but they definitely lack in term of few features which might affect your decision.  The size and type of the crib mattress are very important to check. You have to get the mattress that will go well with the crib. So, check out the points that you should consider before buying the crib mattress. With the help of these tips, you will buy the perfect match for your newborn baby.

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