How To Fill the Gap Between Two Mattresses with Mattress Connector

It is a pretty common fact that most people connect their twin-bed mattresses to create a king-size bed for better use. This method is helpful in using old stuff and saving money from the purchase of a new bed and mattresses. Using two similar-sized mattresses seems easy, and you can get great use, but when it comes to comfort in the middle of the bed, you can find a significant difference in the comfort factor. The middle part of the bed starts sinking, and it can cause some of the major issues.  A chain of the new problem starts causing trouble in daily life, and the common issues are like back pain, improper sleeping, the issue with sleep quality, and whatnot. If you want to reduce these problems and want to get better use of old twin size mattresses, then you can use connectors. 

5 Simple Steps To Fill The Gap Between Two Mattresses With Mattress Connector

Mattress Connector

There are best mattress connectors available in the market which can fulfil your need in a better manner, and using them seems like the easiest task. You can find several ways to use a mattress connector. But the simple method is to follow the instruction offered by the manufacturer. Here, we are talking about the right method to connect two mattresses and never facing any issue with the use. Let’s begin – 

#1. Putting Everything in Place

The whole process begins by adding both the mattresses on a bed, connecting them properly, and checking if there is no extra space at the sides. Before getting started, you should be sure about the size of mattresses and make sure that you don’t opt for mattress connector if you have different sized mattresses. You should be having similar mattresses so that you don’t feel any issue like discomfort. Using two different mattress brands for twin-mattress can definitely affect your overall experience, so staying selective is important to avoid facing any problem with the sizing. Make sure to check the size and dimension along with the thickness of the mattress. 

#2. Buy the Right Type of Mattress Connector 

Always choose the right mattress connector based on all the essential factors. Always consider that – 

  • The size of the mattress connector bridge should be equal or extra from the existing mattresses. 
  • Always check the length of the strap and how long it is. If you choose a small size connector, you might face some problems in the future. 
  • Get to know about the type of padding in the mattress bridge because it affects your experience in several manners. 

After getting all these things, you have to look after putting everything in place, which takes time and requires one more person for the job. 

#3. Begins with the Bridge Part 

No doubt that bridge is used to fill the gap, and if you are using some quality mattress, then go for a similar connector bridge to never face any issue. The mattress connector bridge is important for a better comfort layer. Choosing different or cheap quality material is a wastage of money, so be selective here. Place the mattress bridge in between of both mattresses and keep it tight. If there is any extra length, then you can cut it short, or you can go for different methods. Make sure that the bridge fits in properly and do not leave any space in between the mattresses. 

#4. Strap it Up from All Sides

After connecting the bridge into the bed space, you need a strap to tie both mattresses. From the side part of the mattress, which is toward the wall, you can start putting the mattress connector strap. This strap should be in the right shape, size, and alignment. Take a round tour of the mattresses to evaluate the effective wrapping. Now, use the belt to connect both ends properly and tight it up. Now, there are no chances that the mattress will move on its own. You can jump, sit, play, and do lots of things on the bed, but there will be no issue. If you find that the mattresses are at higher force, the sides start getting the damage, so do not use intense force. 

#5. Do Not Push Strap Too Much

Do not push the strap too much because if you are applying extra force, then the mattress sides start deforming, and it is a bad sign for mattresses. So, if you don’t want to face any issue, then strap it up to an adequate amount of force. While strapping twin mattresses into one unit, you need the help of one more person so that you can tie it effectively. Make sure that you take some time and adjust everything before getting started. You can connect mattresses and try moving it. This time, you can feel that the mattresses are skid-free, and you will get a comfortable experience during the use. 

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