Casper Essential Mattress Review – Check Size & Types Before Buying

Casper the sleep company started by intricately creating a comfortable mattress and delivering it right to customers’ homes in a tiny box. Till now, they have wonderfully served over one million people, but their mission of offering their customers the comfiest mattresses is ongoing. In Casper, the professionals have outrageously studied the science and magic that lies behind sleep. They have focused on creating their mattresses smarter, friendlier, warmer-and-fuzzier. Furthermore, Casper Sleep has set the belief that if everyone in the world gets to have a good sleep, we’d be living in a brighter world. 

Casper Essential Mattress – Complete Buying Guide

Casper Sleep Mattress Reviews

There are many designers, engineers, and researchers who work at the Casper Labs. They focus all their time studying the feedbacks and needs of all of their customers. If you choose Casper mattresses, you will be set to get the best sleep that you surely dream of after a tiresome day. Casper makes mattresses shopping as easy as crawling on your bed. Their customer service is so sophisticated and top-notch that they have even received awards for it. Their store team will answer your questions commission-free and help you choose the mattress that will help you rest easy. As we are now finished with Casper Sleep Mattresses’ Overview, let us study everything about Casper Sleep’s astounding mattresses below –

What is Casper Sleep Mattress Made of? 

Casper mattresses come with an exclusive design in their Wave Hybrid mattresses, where you will get to see the gel pods in the mattress’s design. All these gel pods are sized and placed so excellently that they offer the maximum and the most feasible support to your back muscles. Casper has focused on strategically placing these gel pods in the places that target your lower back as well as your waist. This prevents the sinking of your spine and instead keeps it always aligned. Along with foam, these gel pods work to offer your body the support it needs.

Advanced Supporting Design

The Casper mattresses come with continuous ergonomic zones in their designs so that whoever sleeps on them gets full-body relief and relaxation. Other than that, the user will also find his/her shoulder feeling more relaxed as they continue using mattresses from Casper. All of this is made possible with the help of the softer foam placed in positions that target the user’s shoulders. This way, whoever sleeps on it feels the maximum comfort no matter the position they choose to sleep in. Furthermore, this means that you will never wake up with back pain in the morning. 

Advanced Cooling System

Most of the exclusive Casper mattresses also come with a highly advanced cooling system, which helps your body enjoy the perfect temperature as you sleep peacefully. Casper focuses a lot on its three-layered foam with a perforated design. Because of such design, Casper mattresses allow air channels to be formed and the heat to escape easily. By adding cooling gel in the mattress’s design, they take the mattress’s cooling system to another unparalleled level. Eventually, this helps you sleep well on the hot summer days without the need to buy gel layers for your mattress.  

Pressure Relief

After a tiring day, you won’t want your mattress to be something that adds pain to your back muscle tension. Therefore, Casper offers you mattresses that dissipate the entire pressure of your body and help you slip into a deep and relaxed sleep every night. Besides having excellent quality foam in them, Casper mattresses also come with a plush top layer, which does not compromise the fact of being softer to your skin and comfortable for your body. This cover does not minimize the cooling system’s working and yet offers you a more delicate touch on your body. 

What are the Different Types of Casper Mattress?

different types of mattress


Casper mattresses generally come in three types, which we are going to describe for you today. All three types of these Casper mattresses are designed to focus and give relief from different issues. So let us understand well so that you get to know the kind of Casper Mattress that you will need:

Wave Hybrid Casper Mattress: This type of Casper Sleep Mattress is build and designed especially for those who have their struggles with body ache and back pain. However, there are many types of mattresses designed to give relief from such problems. Then why should you pick this Casper Mattress? Well, you should pick it because other than working amazingly to reduce aches, it also offers maximum cooling and support features. It comes with gel pods in its design that relieves pain and makes you feel the comfort. For that added lift and airflow, you will get to see the springs combined with the foam in this mattress. And guess what? This mattress has its cover made using 121 recycled bottles. Eco-friendly? For sure!

Nova Hybrid Casper Mattress: This Casper Sleep Mattress also focuses on the needs of specific types of people. They are the ones who wish to have a plush cover on their mattress without needing to sacrifice cooling and support. The top layer of this mattress is so velvety that you will never complain of skin redness or scratches on your skin. Its targeted support features seven zones for a healthy and relaxed spine alignment. Other than that, the tiny holes on it are for perforation so that body heat could always come out of it quickly, and you never wake up with night sweats. Like the previous one, this mattress also comes in a hybrid design, which means that it has a combination of both springs and foam in its spectacular design. This mattress has its cover made using around 70 recycled bottles.

Original Casper Mattresses: The Original Casper Mattresses are the most famous ones from all the lines of Casper Sleep. This probably is because it is created in the Casper Labs so that no matter the sleeper, this mattress will suffice his/her needs and help sleep peacefully throughout the need. Customers often want to get done with buying their mattresses as they do not have specific health and skin needs. Therefore, Casper Sleep focused on the Original Mattress in such a way that it helps everyone have a good time on it. Its foam is quite firm, but it is firmer under the waist, hips, and lower back. Therefore, it works as more of a preventative mattress so that you never get to experience backaches and body pains.

In What Sizes are Casper Mattresses Available? 

different size of mattress

One of the major things that you, as a customer, should focus on and keep in mind is the size of the mattresses that you get to pick for your bed. The right size of the mattresses will fit perfectly on the bed you have. Here are the sizes in which the mattresses from Casper Sleep are available:

King Sized Mattress

King Sized Mattresses have remained to be the most loved and highly purchased size of mattress among all. They offer enough space for you to toss and crawl on your bed throughout the day. You will get to choose this size in all versions of the Casper Sleep Mattresses. Over the years, people who have chosen King Sized Mattresses by Casper Sleep have remained one of the most satisfied customers as the size is truly perfect. The dimensions of a king-sized mattress generally go around – 183 X 203 cm.

Queen Sized Mattress

The Queen Sized Mattresses like the King size offer you the maximum comfort as you set to sleep on your bed. This mattress size is chosen for guest bedrooms as it has got dimensions smaller than the king size. However, people who live alone find this size perfect. The Queen sized mattresses from Casper Sleep can also be chosen from all versions of mattresses that offer. The dimensions are known to go around 153 X 203 cm.

Twin and Twin XL Sized Mattress

Yes, Casper Sleep will provide you options for the Twin and Twin XL sizes of mattresses. While people choose Twin-sized mattresses for their dorm and hostel rooms, you must know that it will be slightly smaller than the Twin XL. This is because the Twin size dimensions are around 96 X 188 cm while that of Twin XL goes around 96 X 203 cm. however, the difference is not too much, and you should choose the size according to your bed’s size after all.

Full-Size Mattress

It is often confused that the Full-size mattresses are smaller than the Twin versions of mattresses, but that is not correct. The dimensions of a Full sized mattress will generally be around 134.5 X 190.5 cm. you can see how this mattress size is smaller than the King and Queen sizes, though. One can choose to have a Full sized mattress by Casper sleep if they wish to have a mattress that will offer them extra sleep. The Full Sized Mattress is suitable for everyone as its dimensions lie in the middle range of the mattress’s sizes by Casper Sleep.

CAL King Mattress

One of the CAL king mattresses’ sides is known to be smaller than that of King sized mattress while the other one is larger. Therefore if you cannot find the right size of mattress for your King Sized bed, you will maybe need to look for the CAL King size. Such mattress size availability is not seen in many brands, but Casper Sleep is here to suffice such needs that one might have with their bed. The dimensions of a CAL King mattress is near 193 X 203 cm. Again, this size is also available in all three versions of the Casper Sleep mattresses. 

Should You Buy Casper Sleep Mattress?

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Many people have thoughts that make them confused as they set to buy a Casper Sleep Mattress. After all, buying a mattress from Casper Sleep requires you to have a reasonable budget, and it all feels like a long term investment. While most of you must think that Casper Sleep mattresses are like other mattresses in the market, we have a few factors that will convince you to get a Casper Sleep mattress now. We have listed them all below –

Excellent Hybrid Design

The Casper Sleep mattresses are designed to have hybrid features, so you are capable of getting them in a design that offers both the foam and the spring. Both of these elements are used in manufacturing the mattresses in a way that you get to enjoy your sleep time, and this makes your body feel a lot energized as you wake up. Other than that, the spring and the foam are used so that you get to have the best of both the elements that too in a single mattress.

Cooling Features

All the three versions of Casper Sleep Mattresses that we have reviewed offer you the perforated foam design. Because of this, the heat that your body releases gets out of the mattress quickly. This means that such heat does not get trapped and make your body sweat as you sleep. Therefore, people who do not like buying gel covers for their mattresses in the summer will be benefitted a lot if they choose the Casper Sleep Mattress.

Casper Sleep Offers Different Mattresses For Different Needs

While some people want mattresses that provide back pain relief along with cooling features, we see how some of them wish to have mattresses with a velvety cover along with such heat dissipating features. Therefore, you will see Casper understanding the needs of everyone. Additionally, those who wish to have a mattress that comes with necessary features will also find solutions if they set to choose the Casper Sleep mattresses. 

Casper Sleep Believes in Offering The Best

All Casper Sleep mattresses are designed by expert designers and engineers at the Casper Labs. Additionally, Casper also has a team of researchers that are set to focus on all the needs of all their customers and come up with the right kind of mattresses. We also love that Casper Sleep uses bottles to recycle them and manufacture their mattress covers. This is a huge step towards sustainable living, and we do not see many mattress brands doing such things for the environment.

Customer Service of Casper Sleep is Top Notch

You can have all your questions regarding Casper Sleep mattresses at their store, and their team will never charge you any commission for your suggestion. After all, Casper began their journey by delivering their products, so they had to be focused on the entire process altogether. As Casper Sleep mattresses are made by keeping in mind the comfort and sleeping patterns of the customers, we see them growing a lot. They have also incorporated the use of gel pods and pressure relief foams in many of their mattresses.

Casper Sleep Mattress Complaints From the Customers

Customers say

While we saw a fantastic amount of work that Casper Sleep always puts in the design of mattresses, we have seen that a few customers want the range of mattresses to be more extensive. Other than that, we can also say that Casper should focus on manufacturing mattresses that suit the single bed sizes a little more. As many people get their Casper Mattress online, they have noticed a delay period sometimes. All of this can be easily solved as we do not live in a time where transportation and packaging are issues.

Besides the problems that we just mentioned, we also see how some people do not find Casper Sleep mattresses to be friendly for their pockets. We understand that Casper Sleep puts a lot of their money into the research for the best mattress design, but they can still focus on offering qualitative mattresses that can be owned by numerous people. Casper Sleep mattresses feel like you are sleeping in a dream, and we think that everyone should get to experience the amazingness of these mattresses. However, the return service of Casper Sleep is superb when it is about their trial mattresses. Yes, Casper allows you to use their mattress for 100 days so that you could decide for yourself whether you happen to like it or not. They have got many stores in New York (and other places in the USA) where you could experience the fantastic build of all their mattresses quite easily.


With Casper Sleep, you are bound to get the sleep that will be continuous, and it will additionally help your body reach a relaxed state every night. We chose Casper Sleep mattresses for our reviews because we believe they are the best of best as they also focus on the ides of recycling and sustainability. Quality is never a thing to worry about when you are set to choose the products from Casper Sleep. They have built their whole business on sheer excellence and top-notch service for their customers. We are hoping that you get to choose their mattresses soon.

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