5 Things to Know Before Buying A Headboard Pillow

Do you read or work while sitting at your bed and feel the need for a comfortable headboard? Well, it is such a common issue, and most people find it terrible. Using a pillow as an alternative might seems effective, but it is also an awful idea. Why? No one likes to keep adjusting the pillows and fixing positions to eliminate the dreadful problems. There are many ways that such issues can be corrected, and one of the easy methods is to use a dedicated headboard pillow. You can buy a headboard pillow online as well as offline at such a great price point. But, the thing is, you can’t make the right decision without sufficient knowledge about the important aspects. 

All You Need To Know About Headboard Pillow

Normally a headboard pillow will serve an important role in enhancing the comfort on your back while sitting with the support of the headboard. It is also giving you the right inclined angle so that you sit properly instead of sitting with your back curved. But, a lack of knowledge regarding the important points might make you buy the wrong or less compatible headboard pillow. So, what we did is, we looked for some of the best products and their qualities. After comparing a range of products, we landed on this verdict that, not all headboard pillows are not made the same way. If you want to buy the optimal or the best one, you should look after the below-given points – 

The Material of Headboard Pillow

While looking for top headboard brands and their products, you will find that they are offering plenty of material choices. The popular material and their key traits are – 

  • Leather – One of the astonishing designs with a premium look is the primary quality of leather. The stitching and patterns give you the option to choose stunning-looking designs. If you have a brown and white color, then the leather finish will easily suit your room theme. 
  • Cotton– Cotton is a well-liked material of choice due to its breathability and provide a much cooler experience. In simple words, breathable material allows air to pass through, and then it makes you have a sweat-free experience. Leather is bad with breathability, so sweating is a common issue after hours of sitting. 
  • Memory Foam – When you are using memory foam, you can expect similar benefits to cotton, but the cushioning is better. Memory foam is a widely used material for mattresses, and they provide incredible usability. 

These are some of the top-layer materials that are available in the market. The leather-made headboard pillows are better looking, but they aren’t best for comfort. Whereas, going with cotton and memory foam can provide better comfort but a slightly poor look. 


Material plays an important role in the firmness of the headboard pillow. No doubt that the variety available in the market for headboard pillow are calibrated to medium firmness for optimal comfort. Extra firmness might make you feel the hard headboard, whereas less firmness is also unreliable. The best option is to go with the medium firmness option. Choosing firmness based on your need can play an important role in the overall comfort you can expect. 

Form Factor

You can find that most headboard pillows have a simple design, and they are designed to place right next to the headboard. However, you can find other options like headboard pillows which are directly installed on the headboard. When you are using the pillows, which have straps to stick with the headboard then you will be getting better comfort. The best part of pillows with the strap is, they won’t move and you can expect a better experience. If the headboard pillow is like a normal pillow with a large form factor, then it will be usable but not excellent for convenience. The best option in such a situation to avoid buying anything else than a headboard pillow that has a strap and they are directly mounted on the headboard. 

Full body or Half Body Headboard Pillow

There are mainly two sizes available in the headboard pillow and it is based on the bed also. If you are using a twin bed then you will be good with a half-body headboard pillow. But if you want to use it on a double, queen, or king-size bed, then going with the full-body headboard pillow seems like the best choice. You can also expect better usability with the large size because they are not going to move too much. If you find any issue with sizing, you can use a replacement policy and get a different size. 

Look for Top and Reputed Brands Only

Going with a new brand might help to support a new talent but if you don’t want to take any risk then it is always better to go with a reputed and top brand. The best option that comes in handy is looking at the top five headboard pillow manufacturers. Some of the top brands that you can consider are – 

  • Milliard
  • SnugStop
  • WhatsBedding
  • Vekkia
  • Relax Home

While choosing the brand, you can consider the one which has better after-sale services, positive reviews, and other features. 

Bonus Tip – Looking for your bed dimension and considering the right form factor can make things simpler. The best part is, you can avoid the hassle of replacing the product in case of having any issue in the future. One more bonus tip always goes with a product that is secured by a warranty. Most headboard pillow manufacturers offer five years of warranty to make you feel safe regarding the purchase. 


A quality headboard pillow will have genuine firmness, premium builds quality, the use of adequate form factor, and it also suits your need. Most headboard pillows available from top brands tick all the important boxes, but it doesn’t mean they are right for you. It is always better to compare every product and check out some of the reviews to learn in deep. This method will come in handy and provide you the best option of all kinds. 

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