Top 10 Best Mattress Of 2020 – Reviews, Price & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Linenspa #2 Signature Sleep #3 Best Price Mattress
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Why’s there so much fuss about the mattress? We often tend to think why mattress are given such a thought? Well, think of it. We often spend over 50% of our life in the bedroom and most of that goes on the mattress. It’s like the mattress is our home for sleeping, binge-watching and much more. 

The way you wake in the morning often defines how you tend to look up in our life. It decides how you tend to perform during the day and how your health perceives. Good and sound sleep is most vital when it comes to good health. And that’s where a good mattress plays a vital role. 

A good mattress lets you have a comfortable sleep and you can certainly see the improvement of sleeping on a good mattress. We have often seen how the modern fast-paced world is moving ahead. There’s hardly any time for a good amount of sleep and that has been creating quite a problem for the current generation. It then affects the work-life and the personal life of the individual.  

We have seen people taking punts on mattresses and not giving it much thought when it comes to choosing them. We here will allow you to seek the best mattress that is available online in the US and will help you out in deciding for yourself. There certainly goes a lot when deciding for the mattress and we here have covered them aptly in our review. Join us as we look through the list of the best mattress and follow it with the buying guide. Read along.

Best Selling Mattress Of 2020

We’re finally on to the list of the best mattresses in the US. We had a pretty peculiar test method where we put them to the test against multiple parameters and ranked the best ones accordingly. Join us as we depict the best one of the lot. 

#1 Linenspa Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

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Taking the first claim in our list is the one from Linenspa with its sheer precision and performance. There aren’t many orthopaedic based mattress available around and even if they are around, not many are made up with detailed noting. It’s a reason why people tend to feel uncomfortable with these after a while. But Linenspa takes that aside 

This one comes with a technically sound feature and is made to offer a restful sleep that will offer comfort levels to the body and neck region. It will also help relieve any of the stress and will work well to relieve the pressure from the body. It features an excellent bit of high quality based memory foam that uses the best of technologies to ensure best sleep results are derived. It also comes with a 20 year of warranty. 

It has the best of all with excellent durability, comfort levels, support for the body and providing optimum temperature for sleeping. It features quality cotton fabric and has a desirable outlook to it. 

Here’s what we like about it
  • High-density memory foam 
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Firm and durable 
  • 20 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#2 Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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The second one in our list is the one from Zinus with its Orthocare Memory based mattress. This one is one of the softest mattresses you’ll ever see around and comes with the soft level on top and the medium firmness at the back. It has a dual comfort option that allows for the usage of both sides as required. It features a deluxe cushioning level of 2’ cool memory foam that allows for the memory of your body shape so that you get the proper pressure points while sleeping.

It also has temperature regulating option and features support layer for the body. There’s a high resilience foam placed at the bottom that allows for the support from the head-to-toe of the person and also gives them a proper quality sleep that you’re so in need of. It allows you to sleep nicely and wake up fully refreshed. It has a high quality knitted fabric that is stitched in a hexagon shape for better design aspect.

With high performance and better design aspect, Zinus memory foam mattress takes up quite a peak performance. it certainly ranks in as one of the best selling of the lots too adhering to its high-quality performance. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Here’s what we like about it
  • Memory foam
  • High quality knitted design
  • Dual support with soft and medium firmness
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty 

#3 Tuft & Needle Box Foam Mattress

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Placed at the third podium for our best mattress is the one from Tuft & Needle, a major mattress company that specializes in the making of a memory foam mattress. It is made up of foam not too soft and not too hard which allows us to compress our mattress to fit into a small box and ships quickly. The mattress has a full refund guarantee with a 100 Night Sleep Trial. It not only marks a good night’s sleep with this one but also allows for the proper health care.

Tuft & Needle Box Foam Mattress comes with a certified fabric that allows for the good breathable mattress and keeps the dust and bacteria away from it. It also makes sure that you have a proper sleep when you’re on it.  It also adjusts pretty well to the body and makes sure that it supports your body frame and back properly. It also has a 10 years manufacturing warranty.

Here’s what we like about it
  • Comes in a Box
  • High flexibility 
  • 10 years of warranty

#4 Sweetnight Gel Foam Mattress in Box

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Sweetnight is at fourth in our list and comes with quite astonishing performance metrics. It has 2 inches of gel memory foam on the top to keep you cool and 5 inches of comfort foam with 3 inches of high-density support foam on the bottom for durability and performance, strengthens edge-to-edge support which resists sagging.

Sweetnight is a gel memory foam as the name suggests Sweetnight offers quite a luxurious feel to it. It comes along with the right support for the good night of sleep and makes sure that you get both the softness and the firm nature of the mattress. It has a premium quality of gel memory foam that allows it to remember the pressure points and makes sure that your body and health are naturally aligned so that you get to feel the better-controlled sleep.

Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress also comes with certification marks and sure that it’s a trusted piece with high-quality performance. It promotes health benefits to you and is the perfect piece to have a good night’s sleep. This mattress in a box offers 10 years warranty and shipped in a box with Super-easy delivery solution 

Here’s what we like about it
  • High-quality memory foam
  • 100 nights of trail
  • 3 layers of comfort
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#5 Best Price Memory Foam Mattress

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Best Price Mattress will help beat the sleep issues and will allow you to have a proper night of sleep. It comes with a high density based foam. It’s foam density also marks that you have a great sleep experience and can last for quite a long time.

Best Price Mattress is CertiPUR US Certified with a 10-year warranty. It is made up of 1 inch Memory Foam top then 2 inches Super soft foam and last 3 inches Supportive Layer.  We suggest you use a mattress protector for good and smooth sleep.

Here’s what we like about it
  • Memory foam
  • Best in Price
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#6 Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

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Next up we have the one from Casper Sleep in our list. This one is one of the top models around and is much loved by many people. We have already seen this being talked about as one of the best ones around and we couldn’t leave it out. This one comes with features and performance metrics that make it a worthy piece. 

Casper Sleep is a lightweight feature making it quite a good option for enhanced airflow and more. it has a longer lifespan and makes sure that the mattress lasts quite long. It has the base of a top layer of super-soft foam and has premium comfort designed with it. It also offers enhanced levels of sleeping benefits and you wouldn’t lose any sleep even if you tend to turn around or toss around in your bed often.

Casper Sleep gives 100-night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment on this mattress.

Here’s what we like about it
  • Ergonomically designed model
  • Award-winning mattress
  • Super soft foam support
  • Reinforced spring support

#7 Signature Sleep Charcoal Gel Foam Mattress

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Signature Sleep Mattress remains one of the major names in the mattress industry and they have really come a long way. Their products are always on the top list and been made to serve the needs of people. They also tend to bring in sleep-inducing health-promoting mattress over the years and this one from them ranks among the same. 

This one is a perfect blend of the new modern mattress with softer and firmer both aspect taken care of. It also comes with optimum support for sleep and body positions. It has a high tensile with strong load support so that it can bear any heavyweight upon it. It also comes with the encasing of the Thermo that allows for the mattress to stay intact for years and not rupture at all. It also helps alleviate better sleep for the people. 

It comes with thick based foam and has a maximized sleeping surface that allows you a comfortable sleep. It also allows you the perfect alignment of the body spine and more and allows you to take in proper posture while sleeping. It also makes sure that the dust and mites don’t bite along. It has 10 years of warranty with it. 

Here’s what we like about it
  • CertiPUR Certified Foam
  • Heavy body
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty

#8 AmazonBasics 8 Inch Coil Mattress

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The next entry comes in from AmazonBasics, a brand that is accustomed to offering good products. This product and mattress, in particular, is the result of extensive research that was conducted by the AmazonBasics on the sleeping pattern and conditions of its users. The incorporated all these into their product and offered something that is sure to create major health benefits for all.

This mattress comes with a high number of beneficial features and is certainly worthy of being the top 10 all over the world. It incorporates comfort and support into one making this a good choice.

It has an intelligent sleep based technology where it allows the maximum comfort to the user while sleeping. It has multi-layer support and each layer layered on top of each other is designed in such a way that you get the maximum amount of sleep-inducing feature with it. It comes in pre-assembly state and can be used right from the front. It is the perfect option for anyone with heavyweight and backache along with others. 

Here’s what we like about it
  • Made from high-grade foam & coil
  • Comes with Intelligent sleep based technology
  • Multi-layer design

#9 Home Life Euro Pocket Spring Mattress 

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Placed at ninth in our list is the one from LIFE Home. It comes with a regular kind of mattress but what differentiates it is major polar apart. It has an 8-inch 15-gauge pocket coils box spring mattress with thickness but makes up for it with an attractive and fine performance due to added Euro Top for softness.

It’s a good economical choice for people looking for a good mattress. It has an active bond material combination where it comes with expanded polyethylene foam and the combination allows for the best levels of comfort whilst sleeping. It also comes with enhanced comfort levels and is laden with side quilted upholstery cover. It is one of the major options for people who are heavyweight and want to look for the kind of mattress where their weight can support the mattress and they can derive a good night sleep.

It also has plenty of health benefits in the form of better blood circulation. It comes with Beetle Coir mattress that allows for the improved blood circulation in the body and also offers a good amount of health support to your frame. It makes sure that you don’t have anybody pain or ache and you don’ tend to dwell on tossing around in the night due to lack of sleeplessness.

It also offers ready to use option with no assembly required for the same and comes with an economical price tag.

Here’s what we like about it
  • Economical & Best Brand
  • 100% Green Foam Certified Foam
  • 20 years warranty

#10 Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has plenty of features that make it quite a premium choice for many. It has a high level of comfort and can be used along at multiple surfaces. The mattress comes with qualities that match the memory foam and also comes with an anti-microbial option that makes this mattress fresh and breathable as ever.

It also has a roll option which makes it easy to store at any place. It comes along in different colors and designs and the user can select based on the ones that support their liking. It also comes with a feature which makes it easy to place anywhere in the house and use as per the liking. 

Here’s what we like about it

  • Adjustable based mattress
  • High levels of breathability

How to Choose Best Mattress – Ultimate Guide

We here would talk about mattress buying guide in-depth taking into consideration different factors. There are different things you need to factor in like the size of the mattress, types of mattress, what type of sleeper you are and much more. We here would brief in-depth about all these as part of our buying guide for you. 

  • Different Size of Mattress

It’s something we all know about. Mattress comes in different shapes and sizes. There’s the larger ones, the shorter ones, or the mid-size ones. These tend to be one of the major concerns whilst buying a mattress what size should we opt for. It’s a reason why we took upon ourselves to help you decide on the same via our in-depth buying guide here. As it all starts with the size, we placed our focus on the size part at first. 

  • How Size Plays a Major Role?

Think of it, you may have a small room and you’d want a smaller kind of mattress that will fit into your room and will also support the room’s space availability. Or you may move into a big house and want a king-size or a queen-size mattress. Or there’s a new addition to the family and you want a smaller mattress for your blooming baby. 

There are different factors that come into play while buying the mattress. Sometimes you’d want to increase your mattress size or sometimes downsize or sometimes go for the same size. We here will list the common size of the mattress that is available online for you. So that you can have a good look at it and go for the one that suits you. 

Mattress Size Chart  – All You Need to Know

Bunk Bed Mattress SizeSingle or Twin Bed Mattress SizeDouble or Full Bed Mattress SizeQueen Size Bed Mattress SizeKing Size Bed Mattress Size
Bunk bed is named for the ones that are majorly used in the kids room. These beds are often in stacked form and are placed one on top of another and there’s a ladder that helps in climbing to the top bunk. These are used for rooms where you tend to create more space and make it a more larger room.

Dimensions for Bunk Bed mattress – 39 x 75 inches

Single beds are made for only one sleeper or occupant. These are the best option when it comes to bachelor people or for even the kids that have grown a bit larger for the bunk bed. These are also placed in the guest rooms too. These tend to suit best for the smaller rooms and are often the most selling of the lot. It is just a bit smaller than the bunker bed mattress.

Dimension for Single or Twin Bed mattress- 36 x 75 inches

But there does come extra long edition of the same in form of longer single or twin bed mattress and this one is preferred option for taller guys and for people who are extra large in height.

Dimensions for longer Single or Twin Bed mattress- 39 x 80 inches

This one is quite a larger one and accommodates two people. It is actually one and half times of the single bed mattress and is most suitable for the mother with kid and for the newborn kid with mother. 

Dimensions for Double or Full Bed Mattress – 54 x 75 inches

Queen size beds are for the people who are in need of larger bed mattress and is the best choice for the master bedroom and others. It is also a good choice for couples who tend to love to snuggle and sleep. It also takes pretty small space and is a good choice to have. If you’re looking for a mattress to suit your master bedroom go for this one.

Dimension for Queen Size Bed Mattress – 60 x 78 inches

This is the ultimate on with the most larger bed mattress and is all loved throughout. It is used in the bigger master bedroom and is preferred as it provided more width and feel to the people who sleep on it. It comes in two different variants known as the Eastern King Bed and the California King Bed. California King Bed is also known by Western King Bed and we’d use the same name for our listing below. 

Dimension for Eastern King Size Mattress – 76 x 80 inches 

Dimension for Western King Size Mattress – 72 x 85 inches

6 Common Types of Mattress – Explained

There are multiple types of mattress available in the market. And knowing them is vital before you want to decide on which one suits you the best. Not all mattress are the same and each one comes with their own set of benefits. Our mattress buying guide will help you around with what type would suit you the best as we look deep into each of them and enlist the best ones for you. Join us down below for it here.

Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is made with the use of coconut coir and is one of the most ecofriendly ones among the available lot. It features a firm stance and is economical to use for. 

But the firmness makes it a bit uncomfortable to sleep for those who want something soft ones. It also tends to sag soon as the weight-bearing on this one is certainly less than what is available in other mattresses. Since it does not have any elasticity and spring it does not get back into shape. It is most likely to run for 5 to 6 years on optimum performance. 

Spring Mattress

Next up we have the spring mattress with us, which is quite popular and is one of the most loved ones among the available online. It is also one of the bouncy ones and can exhibit motion whilst sleeping and moving around in the mattress. It is much loved by couples as they tend to give the bouncy effect and aids in intimacy.

It is also known by as the coil mattress and these days they tend to come with additional foam on the upper layer to support better comfort for the person. It also offsets the motion transfer and makes it more comfortable. 

They tend to have a lifespan of over 6 years but people tend to use a mattress topper to aid the increment in the shelf life of the mattress. As that helps to keep the spring intact. 

Foam Mattress

Currently, the best supported and most loved of the mattress around, these are the ones you should go for undoubtedly. It comes with foam base inside rather than the could one and thus is soft and comfortable on the ski. It also has multiple layers of foam added on top of it to make it more comfortable and supportive.  

It is also good for the ones who are suffering from back pain. As that supports the comfort levels and adjusts to the contours of the body. It’s also perfect for the cold weather where there is the need to keep the body heat intact. Foam mattress allows that for you and your partner. It also has a longer shelf life than others and runs up to 7 to 8 years. 

Memory foam mattress

This one is the new innovation in the mattress industry and is something that everyone is quite raving about. They tend to come with the foam buildup like the earlier one but also features the memory base. 

It works on an open cell structure where the mattress helps to retain the pressure the way your body put onto it and remembers the same even after you’ve left the bed. It helps remember your pressure points and is thus known by as the memory foam mattress. It’s a perfect one for both the stomach and the side sleepers and gives equal support to both of them. 

These ones have a high quotient when it comes to moulding as per the body pressure and helps spread the weight on an equal basis to all surface. It also helps keep a perfect body heat temperature and allows you to have a comfortable all-night sleep. You can also have a relaxing sleep as this eradicates the pressure that has built on your body over time. It also has a polyurethane that makes a protective barrier to keep it from the dirt and allergies. 

Latex mattress

Next up we have the latex mattress with us. This one is based on the latex material that is achieved from the rubber tree and more. The latex is then used to create a synthetic poly-foams along with other types of materials that help in the forming of the latex mattress. It suits multiple types of sleepers and is a good one to have for. 

It comes with features like temperature regulation along with the natural bounciness and features like adaptability to the contours of the body. It also allows you to have a relief from the back and shoulder pain that you tend to have. It is also the preferred choice for many who are heavyweight as these tend to be denser than the normal mattress. It comes in two different forms like the Dunlop latex and the Talalay latex and both of these tend to last over 8 years on the run. 

The latex mattress is made up of natural material and that helps create a relaxing sleep without affecting the body heat and it also tends to be more eco-friendly ones. They also tend to have the feature of motion isolation that allows you to have an undisturbed sleep even if you are sharing the bed with the partner.

Air-bed mattress

These are the new recent trends among people and is known for it is easy to store and portability options. It’s an inflatable bed which is making new raves all over as this can be folded when not in use and placed aside. All you need to do whilst using it is to pump the air and there you go. It also tends to be more famed as the camping beds. 

These are generally made from the PVC material or rubber material and comes with different shapes and sizes. These tend to have their own set of benefits and is easier to people who are bedridden as they don’t tend to cause any sores on the body. It can also be used for various usage as for massage and water toy. 

It’s quite a flexible piece as you get to decide the level of air inside it which makes it worthy to make it either firm or loose based on the choice of yours. You can also make it bouncier and enjoy your time. The mattress is more suitable for side sleepers. It also tends to be free from odor and sag and is a good choice to have for. 

What Kind of Sleeper You Are?

Often the choice of the mattress depends on the way you go about your sleep.  We already have discussed the size of the mattress and different type of mattress that are currently available around. The next stop of buying guide for mattress depends on the sleeping pattern of yours and we’d look to brief on the same down below. Read along.

There are people who sleep on the sides whereas some go for the sleeping on their back or stomach. Whilst in cases of pregnancy, there’s much care choired during sleep. We here will outline all of these down below. 

  • Side Sleepers

There’s many of us who side sleepers. Side sleeping is often one of the most comfortable sleeping positions around and most of tend to do so. For side sleepers, it’s often recommended that we go for the soft to medium sort of mattress as that will help relieve the pressure from the back and the neck region of your body. 

 Side sleeping often requires a need to have a proper alignment for the spine and neck region along with the back. Your mattress should tend to support your body for the same. Avoid the likes of water or spring mattress as that may push your body’s rhythm and may provide lesser support for your lumbar region. There does not tend to distribute your body weight properly. 

Pro-tip for side sleepers:- Use a pillow to help you better whilst sleeping. Sleeping on your sides creates a unidirectional body weight where all of your body weight is forced onto one side. So opt for a soft mattress as that will allow you a better relaxation. Also, use a pillow and place it in between your legs as that will allow you to prevent any of pelvic rotation and strain
  • Sleeping on the Stomach

For those who love to sleep on the stomach, it’s worth noting that the mid-section of the body is what carries the most pressure during the day. It’s always best advised to have a mattress that provides ample support to your back without causing an ache in there. Look for the ideally firm mattress that will help keep the gap between the body and mattress to as minimum as possible. You can also either seek an advanced foam type of mattress or a soft mattress. 

Pro-tip for stomach sleepers: Look for foam mattress as they tend to help confine to the shape of your body and allows you to have better motion transfer whilst sleeping. It also makes sure that even if you tend to change position while sleeping, it won’t affect your sleep quality. Also, go for thin pillows for better sleep.

  • Sleeping During Pregnancy

It’s one of the factors that you should take in when it comes to deciding for a mattress. Sleeping whilst pregnancy needs quite a care and delicate nurture so as to keep both the baby and the mother healthy. They need sound sleep more than anyone.

It is advised going for the sleeping on the side pattern as that allows for better blood circulation and also helps in preventing the body from pushing much of the weight on the liver. Don’t go for the lying on your backside or on the stomach during the pregnancy time. Also, go for the softer mattress as they are the ones that would facilitate a good night sleep for you. 

Pro-tip for sleeping during pregnancy: Go for the memory foam mattress in the softer mold as they tend to keep the balance ongoing during the sleep and will also help you out in having a proper sleep. Also, look for the thick pillow to support your sleep as that will help you from straining your neck.

Mattresses For a Different Type of People

Here we take on the aspect of different types of people and classify their needs and the desire for the type of mattress under different subheads. Read along as we have taken on this aspect. 

  • Mattress for Couple

As a couple, it often depends on the choice of both the partners as to what sort of mattress one should prefer. There happens quite a motion transfer with couples and they tend to change the patterns and sleeping positions in the night. A motion transfer act from one partner tends to create a ripple effect on the other partner too. It’s a reason why there should be a mattress with optimum dissipate movement so that the motion transfer is eliminated.

To be fair, this makes the spring mattress out of the equation and most preferable would the ones in the form of memory foam or latex mattress. These come with heavy support for the couples and also offers the bouncy quotient that the couples look for when it comes to spicing their intimacy quotient. You can further go for different size of mattresses like king-sized for better space or the small ones if space is a bit scarce.

  • Mattress for Kids

Kids are of a different ilk than the adults and there should always be something different for their sleep remedy as they tend to go through the growth spurt. A simple mistake in choosing the mattress may affect the sleep and growth of the kid and therefore it is advised that you go for selected ones only. 

Look for the spring mattress as they tend to support their bouncy nature and also offers good support. But there may be an odd chance of tearing through it and affecting the body. It’s best advised to go for the type of mattress which lasts for a while and something in the type of latex as that is based on natural chemical and is pretty harmless. 

  • Mattress for Heavy Weighing People

This one is dedicated to those who are a bit on the heavy side of weights. If you have something like more than 75 under your belt, then you should look for some thick mattress to wear the teardown. Normally people look for the 8-0 inches deep mattress but you can also go for 10-12 inches if you feel good about it. With a heavyweight, you tend to push on the mattress more creating more pressure so opt for something with more firm weight than the normal mattress. 

Also, look for something that will not shag when you roll over while in sleep and also for something that is more breathable. A latex-based mattress would be the best ones for you. 

What to Look in Mattress for Back Pain

We’ve often heard much about how a bad mattress can ruin the sleep and the next day of yours. There are numerous stories of getting a backache because of the bad mattress. It certainly is one of the most annoying parts of our life. And we here would look to dedicate a special section to this one. Read along.

Our sleep is defined by the type of the mattress we use, the firmness and the comfort levels afforded by the mattress. Also to take in the points should be how the mattress adapts to the contour of your body and helps you or not with the good sound sleep. 

Look for a firm mattress as the more firmer it is the more it will hold your sleep and support your body. Mattresses tend to dissipate after some time so if your old mattress has regressed over the past you can change it back then. Also if you tend to wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep then it’s time that you should look for a new mattress.

Go for a perfect combination of the mattress based on your sleep pattern and needs. If you’re a side sleeper go for a softer one if you’re one of those sleeping on stomach or back go for a firm piece. 

How to Clean Mattress – Cleaning Guide

Just buying a mattress and sleeping on it isn’t the end of it all. You also need to take care of your mattress and clean it once in a while to keep it going on for long. Cleaning your mattress will also make it more excellent and newer to continue along. It doesn’t take much of professional work, just a few things to take care of and you’d be good to go. Here we run the rule on the cleaning guide for a mattress.

#1 Know Your Mattress First

It’s important that you know your mattress at first and gets to know what constitutes it. Mattress normally takes up dirt and more with time and they also tend to take in the mites, pollutants, sweat, oil and even blood and other chemicals from your body. We’ve also seen that cuddling with the pets and more can put animal furs and more onto the mattress. Get to know your mattress and then you can go easy about the cleaning afterwards.

#2 Cleaning the Mattress

You can start off with the basic ways like stripping the bed and cleaning off your bed linens by washing it. You can also look to clean the mattress pads. You can do so in different ways of which we’ll list them down below: 

#3 Vacuum Clean It

One major way to clean the mattress is by using a vacuum cleaner on it. You can look to work your way from the top to the bottom and them go for the sides. Use different attachments and brush that comes along with the vacuum cleaner to get the best results.

#4 Use a Disinfectant Deodorant

We’re not saying to load onto the deo that you use on your body. Not at all. Go for something that is disinfectant and that will do your job. You can go for baking soda as that is one excellent disinfectant and works wonder. Just rub the baking soda on the scrub brush and then rub it on the mattress. Then let it sit for a while you go about your business. You can then vacuum it again so that the vacuum cleans off the dried baking soda and along with it takes in all the humidity, oils and moisture making your mattress clean and tidy. 

Cleaning the Different Type of Mattress Stains

Often times there are stains that get attached to the mattress and cleaning them off is a hard task. But if you take a bit of closer effort to the type of the stain, then you can easily clean it off. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Find the Type of Stain

Stains can be of different types ranging from sweat, blood, oil, urine and other body fluids. These tend to create a stain on the mattress. So look for the type of stain and then you can treat it accordingly. Remember each strain is different from the other one so treat them differently. 

  • Cleaning the Bloodstains

It’s not unusual to get the bloodstain on the mattress. It may be because of the wound or the periodic blood or other reasons. You can clean them off easily with the combination of hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap mixed with the table salt. Mix the mixture well and apply it on the fabric. Let it rest for a while and use a rag to remove the stain by gently applying circular motion to it. Use a white rag as that will stop the transfer of color of the dye to the mattress. 

  • Cleaning the Urine Stains

If you have children back at home, then it’s not unusual that you have the urine on the mattress time and again. You often dry them out in the open and let them seat out. It does clean off the odor but the stain may remain yet. So here’s how you can clean it off.

Go for the combination of 3 tbsp of baking soda mixed with the hydrogen peroxide as that will help clean the stain. Also, mix in some liquid soap an apply the mixture to the stain with the use of the white rag. The stain should be removed in no time. You can also use the detergent for cases when the stain persists. Apply the paste of detergent and water to the stain and let it be there for half an hour. You can then clean off the stain with the use of white rag and later vacuum it for sucking in the dirt. 

  • Cleaning the Vomits

There’s nothing to be ashamed of this one. It does happen, there are times when vomit tends to end up on the mattress and creates a stain on the mattress. These require a bit different treatment than the normal stains so as to clean it up. We advise you to open the window and let the air breathe in.

Use undiluted ammonia and take a white rag along with you. Dip the area with the ammonia and clean the surface of the stain with it. After cleaning off the surface with ammonia you can use the baking soda to help remove the odor and moisture from it. Apply the baking soda mixture and let it dry. You can then vacuum it and it would be cleaned off.  

Having a sound sleep is must if you want to have better health and lifestyle. Sleep is often the precursor for greater health benefits and it’s always advised to rank in as much proper sleep as you can. Here’s where mattress comes into play. They tend to facilitate proper sleep and helps you achieve better goals and feel more refreshed after a long night haul. 

Don’t ever compromise on your mattress as that is where you tend to let go of the major health benefit. Look for the best one as per your suitability and need and you can then enjoy a relief sleep over the night. No more tossing around due to lack of sleep thereafter for you.

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