Regalo Bed Rail Instructions – How to Set Up Perfectly At Home

Babies are cute, funny, and limelight of every house. A newborn can bring thousands of reasons to smile and become the priority of parents. The responsibilities keep getting high with time as the baby grows. From buying diapers to setting up rails on the crib, everything is necessary and should be considered by every parent. Once the baby starts growing out of the crib, it is time to make a shift and buying the first kids’ bed. These small beds are great for toddler babies. The design is impressive, the footprint is compact, and the mattresses used are comfortable. Everything follows the quality standard and is certified. If you are buying a kid bed, you might be wondering whether to buy a regular bed or a bed with rails installed. 

No doubt that beds with rails are going to cost extra bucks, and the need is also worth considering. When a baby grows, the toddler age begins, and the baby can easily fall from the bed. To avoid such problems, the use of rails is necessary. You can hire a carpenter to install rails for the protection of the baby. You can get rails for kid beds from a local store and get them installed for safe use. DIY method feels simple and convenient when it comes to installing rails, but it isn’t. There are some minor details that you should be looking after. Below mentioned are all the five steps that you have to follow for a proper installation of kids bed rails. Let’s have a look –

Step 1 – Start by Removing Mattress

To expose bed slats, you have to remove the mattress out of the place. There are mostly crib mattresses used by the manufacturer to provide a similar comfort level to the baby. Make sure that you avoid using a box spring to remove the mattress otherwise you might end up tearing it apart.  While getting started, you should prepare every tool from markers to power drills and screwdrivers. Once you have all the necessary equipment, you can get a better flow while working, and there will be less hassle completing the work. 

Step 2 – Positioning the Bed

In this step, you start by positioning the legs on bed slats. This time, you have to be sure about the outside position of the bed rails as they must sit against to side rails. Even, you must stay mindful by keeping 9 inches of gap between the bed rails and the headboard for safer use. In case, you are not putting any kind of space, your baby will be having an issue while climbing up. There is fall protection as the rails are set high, and the baby can play. If you don’t leave space for the baby to climb, it will reduce curiosity and make your baby less active. To increase your baby’s activity, such things are necessary.  

Step 3 – Placing Brackets, Corner Braces, and Slats

To begin placing 4-inches of braces for corners, you should align everything first. Start from the centre as you should keep the legs of bed rails in the middle and then use corner braces along with L-brackets. Put it against the bed rails as well as on the top of the bed slats for convenient use. This time, you should centre the brackets, and it must be on the slats as well as on the rail legs. Use a marker or sharp object to mark bracket screw holes. You will be marking the holes at the slats, and these same marks will be on the bed rail legs. You can use a pencil or a marker for a better convenience rate during the use. 

Step 4 – Find Stable Work Surface

As if the work surface is not stable or there is any movement, you might end up getting injured. Even if you follow all the measurements right, the chances of missing screw holes or poor-measurement still exist. This issue is easy to resolve by finding a stable work surface. You can move the whole bed rail on a reliable and solid surface for work. Start by lining up bracket screw holes now and use marks. You will be using the mark of bed rails, and now you can use a screwdriver to equip both parts. Using Philips bits will allow you to drive screw easily into the wood. The brackets used for legs and slats will install perfectly now.

Step 5 – Reposition Time

After drilling holes and driving screws into the slat, you have completed half of the work. Now, it is time to turn the bed in a different position. Put kid bed on bed slats for a better flow of work. You have to line up the marks of the slats, and it will be done against the holes that you have drilled for brackets. Make sure that you attach the bed rails properly to the slates and use the remaining brackets for the screw. Keep in mind that you double-check every screw. If the screws are loose, there are further risks to the baby. The process will repeat to get all the rails installed properly. This is a slow process so, keep doing the same, and you will install all rails in less than a few hours. Check Also – Narrow Twin Mattress for kids

Important Note – Use sandpaper to get rid of any sharp slivers on the surface of slats, railing, or any other part. Cleaning the kid’s bed properly and using a protective layer to prevent sliver is important. 


Once you have installed all the rails, you are done with this DIY project. The whole project requires more than 3 hours of time and knowledge of equipment. If you have no past experience of wooden work, then try to avoid it. As you are working on something which is for the baby, do not take the risk. Otherwise, you might end up leaving some sharp objects, nails, or screws in the bed which might injure the toddler.

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