Top 5 Medical Uses of Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

There is nothing beneficial than having a comfortable sleep. If you don’t know, let me tell you that your sleep will affect both physical and physiological health. A memory foam wedge pillow is one of the tools that will help in improving your sleep quality. It doesn’t matter how flat, or new your mattress is; you should add the best wedge pillow to make your sleep comfortable and relaxing.

A versatile and lightweight wedge pillow will be a great alternative to adjustable beds or using risers to elevate the head of the bed. If facing any health issues, then try out the wedge pillow to eliminate your problem. There are certain medical uses that one can have while using the medical foam wedge pillow. So, let’s take a close look at the key factors which can help you gain more detail – 

#1. Reduce Back and Neck Pain

You can place the memory foam wedge pillow in a position to reduce the pressure off from the cervical spine i.e., vertebrate. The pillow can be adjusted in a manner that the lower end will face the headboard and use the upper end to give support to your neck while lying down on your back or side. Due to compressed or inflamed nerve, if you are facing lower back pain, then place a thick memory foam wedge pillow between your knees and lay down on your side. People find it better to have two wedge pillows rather than one to support your neck. You can place one pillow at the lower end and others at the upper end of the bed; make sure that the tapered ends face each other. If you correctly use the wedge pillow, it will help lessen the pressure along the length of your spine. This thing will provide you with a night of more restful sleep and lower your chances of getting awake with your backache.

#2. Eradicate Acid Influx Related Issues 

You might know about the burning sensation if you have directly laid down just after eating. If you don’t know this, it is acid built up from the food in your stomach that is finding its way to the food pipe. This problem is known as Gastroesophageal. It occurs when you position your body in such a manner that the acid will flow out directly from your mouth. You can prevent this situation by using a mattress elevator which is specially designed for GERD & Acid Reflux place your body in such a manner that food or acid will not turn backwards. According to the experts, there are many other health benefits to the stomach if you use this mattress elevator. Check out Top 5 Best Brand Mattress Elevators with Expert Reviews

#3. Help with Post-Nasal Drip or Cough

Postnasal drip is the situation when mucus production is vicious than usual. It is caused when the mucus is dripping down back at the throat. Apart from the bad congestion, postnasal drip also leads to cough receptors and cause coughing. When you use a memory wedge pillow, then it will elevate your upper body. While sleeping, if facing a problem like coughing or postnasal drip, then it is very frustrating and will spoil all your night. Regardless of the reason why you are facing coughing, when you sleep on a wedge pillow than it will help the sinuses drain and reduce congestion, inflammation, and irritation. You can also save the money which you spend on buying decongestants and antihistamines. 

#4. No More Nighttime Asthma 

Are you the one suffering from nocturnal or nighttime asthma? So, sleeping on a memory foam wedge pillow will help in the improvement of quality of sleep. There are higher chances a person can experience asthma during their sleep. This is because when you lay down, it will lead to the accumulation of secretions in the airways, decrease lung volume, increase blood volume, or increased airway resistance. When you sleep with a wedge pillow, you will get inclined support that will assure you less obstruction and greater airflow. This will help you breathe properly. 

#5. Sleep Apnea or Snoring

A person suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) faces the problem where breathing stops suddenly during sleep. For this, if you sleep in a semi-upright position, then it may help you. If you elevate your upper torso or head, then it will keep your airways open and will result in preventing disruption while breathing. When you sleep propped on the pillow will help in the prevention of snoring. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 50% of people snore because they are facing sleep apnea. 


If you are facing a sleeping problem even if you just got a new mattress, then maybe it is time to get a memory foam wedge pillow. These pillows are easily available in the stores and will help in transforming your sleeping patterns. 

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