Air Mattress Repair Kit – Best Kit to Fix a Leaky Air Mattress

If you are a person who always goes camping or spends a night at a friend’s place, then you might be knowing well about air mattresses. An air mattress is an easy way to carry a bed to such places and sleep peacefully. It is nothing but an inflatable mattress. However, when you are spending such wonderful moments with friends or in the woods, imagine that after getting a few hours of sleep if you find yourself touching the ground as the air mattress has got a leak somewhere. That would be such a disaster in the middle of the night at some other place. This will ruin your whole night. Do not worry, for this very purpose, and a repair kit was invented. These repair kits can save the air mattress and you could continue your activities as planned. 

Top 5 Best Air Mattress Repair Kit & Patch

Now that you know the importance of a repair kit, it is always good to carry one with you while you take an air mattress with you. To have a smooth experience with repairing your air mattress, it is essential to buy a reliable repair kit for the mattress. There are so many kits available in the market and it is really hard to choose the best one. To help you with this, in this article, we are providing a consolidated list of top 5 air mattress repair kits available in the online market for you. We are also listing the pros and cons of each product along with the description so that you can compare the product at a single go. Let us get started.

#1. Vbestlife 6pcs Patches Air Mattress Kit

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The major aspect of repairing an air mattress is to patch up the leaking areas. It is vital to get the patches that are suitable for the mattress as well as stay for a longer period. After putting the patch, the air mattress should be back and the leak should not be there anymore. Such types of reliable and durable patches are available from Vbestlife, which is the first product from our list. You will get a total of 6 pieces of high-quality patches with a single order. The patches are made of high-grade PVC material. So, the patches are long-lasting, safe, strong and are also waterproof.

You can confidently patch your air mattress and be satisfied with the result. They are pretty simple to use and you can even cut the patches to the desired size and the remaining patch can be used for later. Although we are focussing on the air mattress, these patches can be used for other different purposes. For instance, if you own any inflatable items like rafts, kayaks, swimming pools, sofas, canoes, or even toys. The patches are perfect for repairing these items too. So, if you have multiple inflatable items at home, you can buy a bunch of these repair patches and easily make them right. Also, you get 6 pieces of these patches, which is more than enough. You can select patches from 3 different colours. 


  • 6 Pieces of durable, high-quality PVC patches with a single order
  • Simple to use and can cut into different sizes based on your requirement
  • Multipurpose usage – can be used for other inflatable items like rafts, kayaks, swimming pools, sofas, canoes, or even toys in addition to the air mattresses
  • Available in 3 different colours. 


  • Some customers did not like the fact that the patches did not come with glue. 

#2. Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit

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The next repair kit from our list is from Tear-Aid. This kit can be used wherever you find tears or holes. It also works as a protective film solution. Each patch in the kit has a matte finish and is very tough. Once you patch an area, it is quite difficult to tear it or puncture it. This makes it quite durable patch and many people prefer to use such types of tough patches. It is made of elastomer. These patches can be used for a wide range of different patchings, including umbrellas, acrylics, almost all fabrics, nylon, rubber, canvas, polyethene, non-oiled leather, polyurethane, aluminium, polyester, dacron, plastics, polypropylene, and many more. Many people are concerned about the colour of the patch and mess.

The major advantages of tear-aid repair patches are that the patch is transparent without any colour, it instantly sticks to the problem area without using any glue and they can be patched easily on irregular areas as well. Also, the patches are UV-resistant and do not turn into yellow after a few years. The patch measures 3 by 12 inches and can cut into smaller pieces. For repairing the edges, a 12-inch reinforcement filament is also supplied. Along with these, alcohol prep pads, and instructions are also provided. The repair kit can be easily carried around too.


  • Patch has a matte finish and is tough which makes it durable
  • Wide range of uses repairing fabrics or any other kind of material
  • Transparent patches
  • Instantly sticks to the problem area without the need of glue
  • UV-resistant


  • Some customers complained about the quality.

#3. Sea to Summit Mat Repair Kit

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Next, on our list, is a repair kit from SeaToSummit. The company is popular to create durable and reliable products for a very long time. The patches in the kit are self-adhesive. The adhesives are quite strong, which are 3M VHB sticks. They stick easily and are hard to remove which means they stay in place for a very long time and you do not have to worry about leakage again from the same tear. The outer side of the fabric is nylon in the material.

It has a beautiful grey colour which can match any colour. In the kit, there are a total of 10 patches. 4 circular-shaped patches each measuring 1 inch / 3 cms. 4 square-shaped ones each measuring 1.5 inches / 4 cms. If you want to fix sleeping mat air valves, you get 2 replacement silicone patches. 


  • Self-adhesive patches with 3M VHB adhesive sticks
  • Easy to stick and stay for a long time which makes them quite durable
  • The outer side of the patch is made of nylon
  • Comes in grey color
  • 4 circular and 4 square patches and 2 replacement silicone patches.


  • Some customers complained about the quality.

#4. Therm-a-Rest Instant Field Camping Mattress Repair Kit

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The next repair kit from our list is the one from Therm-a-rest. It is a popular company for manufacturing mattresses and hence the repair kits. For long-lasting repairs and happy sleeping, a reliable and durable patch is paramount. This company provides such high-quality patches in the kit. In the kit, you get the patches. There are 3 patches included in the kit. They are circular in shape and have a neutral white color. For you to prepare the damaged area, 3 alcohol prep pads are also included. The patches are self-adhesive, and for the purpose, 6 glue dots are provided in the kit. They stick strongly on the tear. In emergencies, this repair kit is a great solution. Thus, if you want your air mattress to last for a longer period, it is strongly recommended that you buy this repair kit.


  • High-quality self-adhesive patches
  • 3 circular white color patches in the kit
  • 3 alcohol prep pads to prepare the damaged area
  • 6 glue dots to perfectly stick the patches.


  • Some customers complained about the quality of the product.

#5. Eugeneq 10PCS PVC Glue for Air Mattress Inflating Air Bed

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Last but certainly not the least, on our list, is a repair kit from Eugeneq. It is a perfect kit for inflatable objects like air mattresses, inflatable sofa or boats. You will get a total of 10 pieces of PVC patches that are durable enough and last for a very long time. Also, it has strong adhesion power. Along with the patches, you get glue which is used to patch up the damaged area.

Remember that the adhesion is quite strong and it is advised to cover the opening with a cling film after use on the opening of the glue to avoid drying of the glue. The patches can be cut and used if the damage is a small tear. You get different colors of patches and can use any. Thus, with its features, the air mattress repair kit by Eugeneq is one of the most sought-after brands of repair kits on our list. 


  • Perfect for inflatable objects like air mattresses, inflatable sofa or boats
  • Strong adhesion 
  • 10 colorful patches and these can be further cut and used
  • Comes with strong adhesive glue for tough sticking



  • Nothing as such

Buying Guide To Choose Best Air Mattress Repair Kit

Choosing the correct air mattress repair kit is of great importance. However, if you cannot decide the best air mattress repair kit, then do not worry. It is but natural to get confused when you have several choices at your disposal. In the section that follows, there are a few important factors that you should keep in mind when you go to the market to purchase an air mattress repair kit. This is a comprehensive buying guide which will help you in your decision. We highly recommend that you go through these factors thoroughly before you arrive at a particular decision:


To begin with, an air mattress repair kit is an important accessory to own if you want your mattress to continue for a long time. You should be able to look into the brands of the product that are available. A good brand is the one that has established itself in the market. Apart from that, it is also something that has been trusted upon and is around for quite some time. All the products mentioned in the list are from the best-known brands in the industry. Thus, you should choose an air mattress repair kit based on the brand that offers the kit.

Type of Glue:

One of the most important factors in deciding the type of air mattress repair kit is the glue with which the air mattress is made of. The two different types of glue used include hot glue and normal glue. Each of these is different from the other. Each of these has properties that are different from each other. Apart from that, each of these is used in different types of mattresses. In the case of hot glue, you need a different approach to using it. For example, hot glue can be used only when you heat it at a higher temperature. When the glue cools down, it then sets itself.

This process of the glue setting down only takes a couple of minutes. On the other hand, if you are using the other type of glue, you have to wait for a longer time for it to settle and show results. This might take as long as a couple of hours to even over four hours. Hence, as is clear from above, if you want your task to be done quickly, you would want to go with a repair kit that uses hot glue. If, on the other hand, you are in a position where you can wait, then going with a repair kit that uses a normal glue would be your best bet.

Reasons for Use:

An air mattress might need repair for a variety of reasons. While a few instances may require the need to repair with the help of a repair kit, there are instances when it is not important to have a kit at all. You have to understand the reasons carefully in the beginning. If an air mattress is used incorrectly, there is a strong possibility that the mattress may be damaged even further. Thus, to start with, you must ascertain the need for a repair kit. Only in circumstances where it is necessary, should you try to use it. Once you make a decision of using it, it is then that you should decide which is the best kit for your mattress.  

The Material of the Repair Kit:

An important factor that should be considered when you have to make a decision for the repair kit is the material that goes into it. A good product is the one that can completely perform its objective without causing any harm. This is required for an air mattress repair kit as well. A good product should be made of a material that can not only fix the damage but do so without causing any harm. Some of the best materials used include PVC. Good material also means that the product can last for a period longer than some of the other brands.

Weight of the Repair Kit:

Apart from distinct features, you will want to go for a product that is easy to carry and portable. For the mattress repair kit to be portable, it must be made from a lightweight material. Some of the good quality repair kits are the ones that are lightweight. As such, you can carry them conveniently from one place to another.


Investing in an air mattress repair kit is a one-time thing. You will want to invest in a product that helps you get the true value of money spent. Hence, you should look for material that will make the kit go on for a long time. High durability is also a symbol of good material used. 

Ease of Use:

When you purchase a product, you will want that the same is easy to use and handle. The same is true for an air mattress repair kit. The repair kits should be convenient to use. Also, a desirable air mattress repair kit is the one that can easily be cut into the desired shape and size. This, in turn, helps to repair the mattress in a better way.


Finally, it is important to choose a product that fits within your budget. There are many brands and each has its definitive features and characteristics. However, not all these features will be of importance to you. You need to carefully analyze which is the best repair kit that is suitable for your needs. This should also fall within your price range.    

Final Words:

Now that you have seen different details of repair kits, it is time for you to purchase one and keep it at hand. Thus, next time you suffer a leak, you can easily fix the damage within minutes. Compare all our best products and finalize one. You can go through more details from the links that we have provided and be sure to check the reviews and images as well. Also, do keep in mind the factors from the buying guide section. With all this information handy, we are quite sure that you will be able to make a wise choice. 

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